Spells For Power

I have decided – the hell with it. I’m no longer going to hold myself back by being a namby-pamby, it is 2018 and in a few short years, I’ll be half a century old with few accomplishments to my name. I refuse to go out a loser, a total failure at the Game of Life. Fuck that shit. It’s time to unleash the power within me and get everything that I am entitled to. You should, as well. Why not? I’ve tried to be a good person but all that’s done is get me shat on from all directions. Only the wicked thrive – just take a look at those corrupt politicians, CEOs, leaders of financial institutions, and drug kingpins. We nice people never get ahead. Don’t think you’re going to heaven where you’ll get to wear a crown of jewels for being such a ‘nice little girl/boy’ either. This life on earth is all we have so make the most of it.

Today I have researched the ‘Net and discovered several spells to aid me in my quest for power. Feel free to check them out yourself – they are out there for anyone to use. I don’t recommend paying for a spell, those charlatans are only out to scam the naive out of their hard earned money. You’re better off using basic candle magic which requires little else but the candle, some oil, incense, and your own will. One individual who has some very good spells available for the interested public is Black Witch S. She has videos on YouTube and spells on her website, and she is an advanced spellcaster. Her spells work – believe me, because I have tried two of them but neither were money spells, they were more for revenge and stopping someone from harming himself. A few of her spells follow:
To bind a spell

Always bind your spells! On completion of the spell, use one of the following chants to bind it well.

“For the greater good of all and with harm to none,
This spell is bound, and will not to be undone.
By the power of three times three, As I will, so mote it be.”

“By karmic power number three, This spell tied and knotted be,
so that its contents stay together, and can’t harm human, beast or weather.”

“Now’s the time of the three times three;
This spell I bound.
So mote it be!”

Enemy Binding Spell


* 1 ice cube tray
* 1 piece of paper
* Water
* Sugar
Write your enemy’s name on several small pieces of paper. Put the papers in an ice cube tray, using one paper/name for each hole. (If you have their signature that would be even better.) Fill the tray

with water and put in freezer (this prevents them from taking any energy against/towards you.) If you want to sweeten them up, add sugar or honey to the water before freezing.

To give a spell more power

Say before the spell:

‘By the power of three times three

This spell bound around shall be
To cause no harm, no return on me
As I do will, so mote it be.’ – Black Witch S


Over your cup of tea, move your hand in a clockwise direction 3 times and say:

“I am the tool you are the fire fill this cup with all I desire.” Swirl the tea in the cup and drink it.


Items Needed:

  • purple candle
  • pen and paper
  • vegetable oil
  • fireproof dish
  • cayenne pepper

Inscribe the candle with your name, then draw the infinity symbol (a horizontal figure 8), both above and below your name. Anoint the candle with vegetable oil and roll it in cayenne pepper. Write a brief description of the situation on the paper and place it under the candle holder.

Light the candle  and say:

“Wax and herb, now bring me power  That grows with every passing hour.  Bring control back unto me.  As I will, so mote it be! “
Let the candle completely burn down, then burn the paper in the fireproof dish. Flush the ashes down the toilet, or bury them under a tree.

This simple spell can be used for any purpose – whether it be to empower a person, to heal them, to bind them etc. Simply choose the appropriate color candle and scribe the person’s name and your intent upon it. Anoint it with an appropriate oil. Light the candle and while watching it burn, repeat the following chant, focusing upon your intent as you do so.

Powers that be, Powers of 3, Let X be all I see.




  • Purple bag or cloth
  • Vervain
  • Dragon’s blood resin
  • Rosemary
  • Frankincense
  • Galangal or ginger root
  • High John oil, personal power oil or Dragon’s blood oil
  • 1 Clear quartz crystal
  • A personal talisman
  • Purple Candle



I suggest making up your own directions and spell for this one because it is a very personal pouch. Add ingredients or objects that have meaning to you. One suggestion: Try to sew on some small semi-precious stone chips or a stitched personal symbol.


Fill one jar with the following:
Cinnamon [for dream Magick]
Nutmeg [for good luck]
Allspice [healing]
Ginger [lunar Magick]
Basil [protection]
Fennel seeds [spiritual healing]
Garlic [spiritual purification]
Marjoram [protection]
Sage [spiritual purification]
Cloves [protection]
Mustard seed [protection]
Before you do any scrying or any kind or psychic work, inhale the scent
deeply and shake the jar gently. – Khakani

‘Awakening The Darkness Within’

Close your eyes and visualize yourself with a mask on and black robes on. Visualize the mask slowly disintegrating and yourself awakening. When you awaken, visualize getting up and black wings spreading out. See another you in front of you with white wings and white robes. Visualize the one with black wings and black robes entering the normal you and fusing with the normal you, becoming the same being. Then visualize the one with white wings and robes burning in black flames. Imagine that the new you is awake with a mask on like the mask out of bleach. Become one with this and accept it is you. Visualize the flames and mist being absorbed into the new you and then move the new you around a bit use its dark powers in the visualizations.

‘Conjuring Raw Energy’

Sit down with your legs crossed. Clear your mind and become one with yourself. Your mind truly needs to be clear in order for this to work. Then hold out both of your arms, and have your recessive hand hand and your projective hand in a fist, both arms parallel to each other. Feel the energies of the universe entering into your recessive hand and flowing through your body towards your projective hand. Let the energy build up in your projective hand until you feel you have an immense amount of energy. Then fling your arms to the right, open your projective and while doing this, and envision the energies flying towards your goal. This, if practised, will become a very powerful and useful talent.


‘Crystal Energy’

  • A crystal
  • Water
Pour water into a bowl or a cup. I suggest warm water. Next, take a crystal of your choice. Hold it for a minute and imagine light flooding the crystal. Put the crystal in the water and let it sit there for a few minutes. After a while put your hand into the water. Grasp the crystal tightly and slowly pull it out of the water. Imagine energy flowing through it and open your eyes. – Spells of Magic


Selections from the New York Times‘ article Donald Trump’s Racism: The Definitive List by David Leonhardt & Ian Prasad Philbrick, 15 January 2018 – 

Trump falsely claimed that President Obama “issued a statement for Kwanzaa but failed to issue one for Christmas.”

He often casts heavily black American cities as dystopian war zones. In a 2016 debate with Hillary Clinton, Trump said, “Our inner cities, African Americans, Hispanics are living in hell because it’s so dangerous. You walk down the street, you get shot.” Trump also said to black voters: “You’re living in poverty; your schools are no good; you have no jobs.”

He is quick to highlight crimes committed by dark-skinned people, sometimes exaggerating or lying about them (such as a claim about growing crime from “radical Islamic terror” in Britain). He is very slow to decry hate crimes committed by whites against dark-skinned people (such as the killing of an Indian man in Kansas last year).

He frequently criticizes prominent African-Americans for being unpatriotic, ungrateful and disrespectful.

He called some of those who marched alongside white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va., last August “very fine people.”

After David Duke, the former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, endorsed him, Trump was reluctant to disavow Duke even when asked directly on television.

In the 1990s, Trump took out advertisements alleging that the “Mohawk Indian record of criminal activity is well documented.” At the time, he was fighting competition for his casino business.

In a 1993 radio interview, he suggested that Native Americans in Connecticut were faking their ancestry. “I think I might have more Indian blood than a lot of the so-called Indians that are trying to open up the reservations.”

Trump has trafficked in anti-Semitic caricatures, including the tweeting of a six-pointed star alongside a pile of cash. He has also been reluctant to condemn anti-Semitic attacks on journalists from his supporters, and he echoed neo-Nazi conspiracy theories by saying that Hillary Clinton “meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends and her donors.”

In a White House meeting with a Korean-American intelligence analyst briefing him on Pakistan, Trump wondered aloud why she was not working on North Korea policy.

Trump once referred to a Hispanic Miss Universe as “Miss Housekeeping.”

Trump’s real-estate company tried to avoid renting apartments to African-Americans in the 1970s and gave preferential treatment to whites, according to the federal government. Trump treated black employees at his casinos differently from whites, according to multiple sources. 

A former hotel executive said Trump criticized a black accountant: “Black guys counting my money! I hate it. … I think that the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault, because laziness is a trait in blacks.” 



In 1989, Trump took out ads in New York newspapers urging the death penalty for five black and Latino teenagers accused of raping a white woman in Central Park; he argued they were guilty as late as October 2016, more than 10 years after DNA evidence had exonerated them. 

He began his 2016 presidential campaign with a speech disparaging Mexican immigrants as criminals and “rapists.” In December 2015, Trump called for a “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” including refusing to readmit Muslim-American citizens who were outside of the country at the time.


In June 2017, Trump said 15,000 recent immigrants from Haiti “all have AIDS” and that 40,000

Nigerians, once seeing the United States, would never “go back to their huts” in Africa. 

At the White House on Jan. 11, Trump vulgarly called for less immigration from Haiti and Africa and more from Norway.

Trump today: “Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty.” Fascist code for “Jews”

Just out report: “United Kingdom crime rises 13% annually amid spread of Radical Islamic terror.” Not good, we must keep America safe!

An ‘extremely credible source’ has called my office and told me that @BarackObama‘s birth certificate is a fraud.

Obama has admitted that he spends his mornings watching @ESPN. Then he plays golf, fundraises & grants amnesty to illegals.


Money, Money, Money Spells

Who doesn’t need money? Everything on earth, except the air we breathe, costs money. You just can’t do a damned thing without it. Fortunately, when all else fails, a money spell comes in quite handy. The downside is, you won’t win the Powerball or PCH’s $5000 a week for life with these spells, but you will bring in the amount necessary to pay your mobile phone bill, your rent, your car note, or to pay back the loan you got from your cousin to buy presents for your family & friends for Christmas.

I have performed a number of different rituals/spells to attract money. Sadly, many of them did not work because I was doing them to win lotteries, scratch off tickets, and sweepstakes. I never did them to get just enough money to make ends meet, for example. Not in the beginning, at least. I would sit there in the candlelight dreaming of a lifestyle only those with millions can afford to live – a mansion in SoCal, a few luxury cars and several classics, trips to places I have only dreamed of traveling to, dining in fancy restaurants dressed to the nines, helping my immediate family, and giving to charity…

When I performed spells when I truly needed the funds, I received them. I remember worrying about gas money one morning as I walked a path through a local tobacco magnate’s estate, exercising to take my mind off the financial woes, and right before me on one segment of the trail was a neatly folded $20 bill. Another time, I received an Ebates check for around $60 at a time when we were low on grocery money. Several years ago, when I first got into Wicca, I got an insurance check – from a workplace accident – right when I was about to give up my apartment because I couldn’t afford it. All of these incidents happened after I had performed money spells, and the spells worked because I truly needed the money.

I traded in my Witchcraft books years ago for credit at a used media store after I lost interest in Wicca but I still use spells to bring about results both positive and negative. One of my resolutions for 2018 is to be more positive, so I hope not to need to do any rituals like those I posted yesterday (except to end the relationship I’m currently in because I am not happy with it), but sometimes you’ve got to cross bitter waters before you reach the sweet. If it means doing something that others might call negative to achieve your desired results, so be it. I’m all for personal gain, yet I don’t intend to kill a person or do anything else illegal get what I want!

Here are a couple of spells and rituals to perform at those times in your life when you simply need a bit of cash flow in order to get by:

Prosperity Spell – The Treasure Chest

This is a prosperity spell which involves making a sacred treasure chest. After making it, this chest should be put on your altar if you have one, or kept in a special place where it won’t be disturbed. 

For this prosperity spell, you will need: 

A small box (this box will be special to you, so choose one that you like. You can either buy something like the one pictured below, or make one on your own – if you choose your own treasure chest, get creative with paint and embellishments!) 
A magnet 

Things to fill the treasure chest with – anything that resembles money or gemstones is good. They don’t have to be valuable objects if you can’t afford it, but they should be things that you like that remind you of treasure. 
A few ideas: small coins, beautiful beads, crystals (especially money-attracting crystals like jade or tiger’s eye), Christmas tree baubles and tinsel, jewellery, and any metallic or glittery objects.

There are three parts to this prosperity spell: cleansing, consecrating and charging. 

Part 1: Cleansing the Prosperity Treasure Chest Gather all your spell ingredients, and cleanse them. A few good cleansing methods include: Smudging them with sage, or using other incense smoke to clear away any residual energies Putting the objects on the ground in the moonlight to purify them Placing orgonite or a highly cleansing crystal, such as black tourmaline or amethyst under or on them. Placing the objects in sea-salt water (if the objects shouldn’t be placed in water, then putting them in a bowl of sea-salt will do. Throw the salt away after using, don’t put it on your food!) Cleanse them with your own personal energy. This can be effective especially when combined with a physical cleansing of the object with a small brush or cloth. 
2. Consecrating the Prosperity Treasure Chest Once you have cleansed all the objects that will go into your treasure chest (and the chest itself), you will need to consecrate them during a simple ritual. First, prepare the area you will be performing the spell in – have enough space for you to sit in your circle with all the objects you’ve gathered, and mark out your circle area ( you can do this by placing candles at the four cardinal points, or crystals, flowers salt, or other sacred objects). Light some candles in the room, and make the space feel sacred. You might want to put on meditation or shamanic drumming music to create the mood you want. Now cast your circle. You can perform a more elaborate ritual for this, or you can simply visualise your circle space filling with white light, and set a strong intention of protection and divinity, calling upon any spirit guides or guardians that you have. Now, sitting in your sacred circle with all your treasure chest items in front of you, take some time to centre yourself with a few minutes of meditating, and come to a place of complete stillness in your mind. Breathe in deeply seven times before continuing. Then place the magnet in the box, in the middle. 
Next, take up one object for the treasure chest, and before you put it in, gaze at it and imagine it to be a valuable object. Praise it in your mind, think of how beautiful and precious it is, and know that it is safely yours. Say the following incantation: Prosperity, flow to me, In abundance, three times three. As you put the object in the box, imagine prosperity flowing to you, as if it is already happening (which it IS – if you do this spell properly, you are opening yourself up to the energy of prosperity, – the fastest way to close yourself off to this energy is to doubt it, so have faith and trust that it is happening for you). Now repeat this with all the objects to be put in the treasure chest. Do not rush this – take your time with each object, as if you were admiring real treasures in a real old pirate’s treasure chest that had just come into your possession. If this happened, you would look at each gem and old coin with wonder and gratitude, so do this now. Once you have put all your treasures into your treasure chest, close it, put your hand over it, and say: May you be a magnet for prosperity May wealth flow through you, to me An it harm none So mote it be 
3. Charging the Prosperity Treasure Chest This is the part where you charge the treasure chest with magical energy. There are a few methods to this. If you are adept at the skill of raising your own energy to charge objects, then do this while you are still in the circle. If not, you can put the treasure chest in either moonlight or sunlight for one full day or night (be careful, as very strong sunlight may bleach colours on your box, depending on the materials). Once the prosperity treasure chest is charged, place it on your altar or in your special place. Try to avoid letting other people touch it if you can, and do not open or disturb it unless you must. It is now a magnet for prosperity in your life, and it should be treated with respect and appreciation.
Easy Wealth Spell

Use this easy spell to increase your wealth and to make your income grow. This spell should be performed on a waxing or full moon. For this wealth spell, you will need: 

A brown candle 
An orange Paper (A5 size) and pen 
The following herbs: cinnamon, dried orange peel, basil, patchouli and vervain 
A coin (preferably gold in colour) 
Performing the Wealth Spell 
Gather all your supplies, and cast your circle. Take the brown candle in your hands, and put your focus on the concept of ever-expanding wealth. Visualise a golden light filling your body and your circle, and see this as the energy of abundance entering your life. This abundance and wealth is always available to you, as long as you are open to it. The problem is that most of us close ourselves off to abundance with the emotions of fear, worry, or subconscious dislike of money. In this short meditation, try to open your heart up fully to the energy of abundance, and feel gratitude and appreciation for it as you feel it fill your aura. Now put the candle down, and light it. 
Next, write on the slip of paper: Money come, Money Flow, Money Dance, Money Grow. 
Put the coin in the middle of the paper, and sprinkle a pinch of each herb onto the coin in the paper. Then, fold the paper around the coin tightly. Make an incision in the orange and place the paper-wrapped coin inside it. Now, repeat the wealth incantation that you have just written down out loud three times, while performing your abundance/golden light visualisation and holding the orange in your non-dominant hand. After you have finished the spell, keep the orange on your altar for seven days. On the seventh day, remove the coin from the packet, and give it to a charitable cause.

Wiccan Gambling and Lottery Spell

This spell is used to draw money towards you when gambling or playing the lottery. If you often find yourself frustrated because you lose money when gambling, then this spell is perfect for you. It can be used for lottery wins, casino gambling, raffles, or any type of gambling. Now bear in mind that you might not necessarily get a big win, but you will find yourself winning more – and many small gains can add up to a lot of money! 
This Wiccan gambling spell is also very effective for stabilising a difficult financial situation. This spell should be performed three nights in a row in the week of the new moon. The best time to start this spell is at 11 PM, but do not start after midnight. 

For this gambling and lottery spell, you will need: 
A photo of yourself 
Four yellow candles 
A green candle 
An essential oil representing your astrological sign 
Frankincense or lavender incense 
3 leaves from a pineapple 
3 amber stones 
5 different coins 
An offering bowl 

For this spell, you should dress in green to represent money and abundance. If you do not have green, then all white is ideal, followed by all black. Purify yourself by washing your hands in water mixed with a few drops of the essential oil. Draw your circle, and place the yellow candles at each cardinal point, and the green candle in front of where you will be placed while performing the ritual. Put the pineapple leaves, the amber stones and the five coins in the offering bowl, and place it in front of you. 
When you have created and entered the circle, light all the candles, and then the incense. Take the green candle and drop a little bit of wax onto the photo of yourself, then put the candle back in front of you. Take the offering bowl in your right hand and concentrate on your photo. Recite the following incantation five times: 
“I invoke thee, Goddess of abundance, Draw money and luck towards me, May abundance flow freely in my life, Now and forever.” 
As you recite the incantation, see money and financial abundance flowing towards you effortlessly. Picture yourself having lottery and gambling wins, and imagine the pure joy that you would feel when doing so. When you feel that you have built up enough energy through the visualisation and incantation, blow out the green candle, and as you do so, see all that energy flowing out into the universe, as if it were a magic genie flying away to collect riches for you. Then extinguish all the other candles, and close the circle. – Wiccan Spells

If you truly desire to keep a constant stream of money in your life, get a brown or red (ruby red) wallet. These colors tend to attract more money, have the same vibrational frequencies as money, and have, in terms of money, a very positive effect to keep cash flowing consistently into your wallet. The color red in color psychology means tremendous power, promoting ambition, leadership and passion, while brown color represents nature and everything associated with nature, serenity, perfection, and sense of security.

My grandmother called this “a spell of mirroring” and even though it’s a very simple trick, it works like a charm. The point of this magic trick is to put a small mirror into your wallet (between the banknotes), so the number of your banknotes will multiply. Never leave a mirror in an empty wallet without banknotes, as this may cause a shortage of money.

Visualization is extremely powerful and effective when harnessed and used correctly. Every day before going to sleep, close your eyes and imagine that you go through a big white palace with blue walls and floor. Walk down a long corridor until you come into the large hall where is the large wooden chest with your name. Open it and and start collecting money. Imagine that the bottom of this chest is endless, and continue collecting money from the chest until you fall asleep.

Obtain white birch bark and write on it your desire. You can use a pen and pencil; bark material is very similar to paper. When it comes to money, write on it the exact amount you desire. Then put this birch bark on a stone or any other place that can’t catch fire and ignite it. Once your birch bark starts to burn, imagine you already have your desired amount of money in your wallet/bank account. Once the bark burns, say thank you three times, and let it go. The Universe will always find a way to deliver it. For best results, use this spell during the full moon period (full moon lends great power to manifesting it). – Chi Nese

Black Magic Spells

In 2007, I decided to become a Wiccan. I was serious about it – I went to a local witchcraft shop (they are now exclusively online) and spent about $50 on items for an altar, including a ‘Witchcraft For Dummies’ book, and researched all that I could find on the Internet about Paganism. Wicca, and other related belief systems. I celebrated every Esbat and Sabbat as a solitary practitioner, even though my dream at the time was to start my own coven. Sometime during 2010, my enthusiasm waned and I eventually returned to being agnostic.

Why did I lose interest in Wicca? I found that for me, it was really too tame – like a hippy version of Christianity. There were some within the community who used the religion for fame & fortune, much like the infamous prosperity ministers, and others who felt that only those of European ancestry should follow Wicca and Paganism. The Wiccan Rede is more like a Judeo-Christian mantra than many who follow Wicca will admit, as you can read for yourself:

The Wiccan Rede
(Full Version)

Bide within the Law you must, in perfect Love and perfect Trust.
Live you must and let to live, fairly take and fairly give.
For tread the Circle thrice about to keep unwelcome spirits out.
To bind the spell well every time, let the spell be said in rhyme.
Light of eye and soft of touch, speak you little, listen much.
Honor the Old Ones in deed and name,
let love and light be our guides again. 

Deosil go by the waxing moon, chanting out the joyful tune.
Widdershins go when the moon doth wane,
and the werewolf howls by the dread wolfsbane. 

When the Lady’s moon is new, kiss the hand to Her times two.
When the moon rides at Her peak then your heart’s desire seek.
Heed the North winds mighty gale, lock the door and trim the sail.
When the Wind blows from the East, expect the new and set the feast.
When the wind comes from the South, love will kiss you on the mouth.
When the wind whispers from the West, all hearts will find peace and rest.
Nine woods in the Cauldron go, burn them fast and burn them slow.
Birch in the fire goes to represent what the Lady knows.
Oak in the forest towers with might, in the fire it brings the God’s
insight.   Rowan is a tree of power causing life and magick to flower. 

Willows at the waterside stand ready to help us to the Summerland.
Hawthorn is burned to purify and to draw faerie to your eye.
Hazel-the tree of wisdom and learning adds its strength to the bright fire burning.
White are the flowers of Apple tree that brings us fruits of fertility.
Grapes grow upon the vine giving us both joy and wine.
Fir does mark the evergreen to represent immortality seen.
Elder is the Lady’s tree burn it not or cursed you’ll be.
Four times the Major Sabbats mark in the light and in the dark. 

As the old year starts to wane the new begins, it’s now Samhain.
When the time for Imbolc shows watch for flowers through the snows.
When the wheel begins to turn soon the Beltane fires will burn.
As the wheel turns to Lamas night power is brought to magick rite.
Four times the Minor Sabbats fall use the Sun to mark them all.
When the wheel has turned to Yule light the log the Horned One rules.
In the spring, when night equals day time for Ostara to come our way.
When the Sun has reached it’s height time for Oak and Holly to fight. 

Harvesting comes to one and all when the Autumn Equinox does fall.
Heed the flower, bush, and tree by the Lady blessed you’ll be.
Where the rippling waters go cast a stone, the truth you’ll know.
When you have and hold a need, harken not to others greed.
With a fool no season spend or be counted as his friend.
Merry Meet and Merry Part bright the cheeks and warm the heart.
Mind the Three-fold Laws you should three times bad and three times good.
When misfortune is enow wear the star upon your brow.
Be true in love this you must do unless your love is false to you. 

These Eight words the Rede fulfill:
“An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will”


Another reason for my displeasure with the religion is that, for me, the spells just did not work. I had a neighbor who was very much an asshole – he beat his dog, sold drugs from his apartment, used women for sex, and often played loud music when he was getting ‘high’ (after the untimely death of Michael Jackson, he played the entertainer’s biggest hits, with the Jackson Five as well as solo). He even came on to me when he was drunk! I could find no true Wiccan spells to help me, other than a simple binding spell that simply would not work. I had no success until I performed a Black magic ritual to get me away from this jerk – and before I knew it, I had found a much nicer place, though the neighborhood wasn’t so great.

Black magic, in my opinion, works better and faster than does White magic. Whenever I had an issue with someone, and by this I mean a serious problem, like I had with my former neighbor abusing his dog and being a petty little drug dealer, I would turn to Black rather than White magic. (I hate to use these terms, however, because it implies that ‘White = good’ while Black = bad’ but it’s easier to just use them rather than come up with something of my own.) There is nothing wrong with Black magic just as there’s nothing wrong with being a Black person, Black animals, or preferring Black clothing.

This is why I have included a few Black magic spells in today’s blog, for those times when ‘turning the other cheek’ simply will not do.


Before casting any dark spells, think about your motives and reasons. Basically, these are the kinds of spells you would use if someone has already wronged you in the first place. That’s their purpose and they function based on that relationship with a person.

In the Dark of Night 

This is a real black magic spell specifically to bring nightmares to another person. You should cast this spell after midnight but before dawn, and be aware that it will make a bit of smoke. Have a window handy. You need:

  • A black candle
  • Mugwort
  • Dragon’s blood resin
  • Charcoal tablet
  • Heat-proof dish
  • Large piece of white paper or cloth
  • Black ink (a marker will do)

On the paper or cloth, drawn 3 concentric circles and an x in the center. Set up the dish and charcoal on the x, and the candle outside the circles. Light the charcoal and get it smoldering, put a pinch or two of mugwort on it along with a chunk of resin. When they are both smoking, light the candle.

Watch the smoke rising from the dish and visualize it floating through space to your intended target. It brings nightmares and fear into their sleep, and picture that scene for several minutes and focus on the person.

After a few minutes, put out the charcoal and switch the dish and candle so the candle is on the x. Leave it until it fully burns down. Your victim will have bad dreams starting the next night and it will last for 3 days.

Reflect and Revenge

Mirrors are very powerful for returning energy back to someone, and are perfect for revenge spells like this. You’ll need a few supplies:

  • A small mirror
  • Black permanent marker
  • Long piece of black ribbon
  • Whole bay leaf
  • Burnt wood ash

If you can, cast this spell on a Saturday night. First write the person’s name on the face of the mirror is big letters, then set the bay leaf over the name. Wrap the mirror and leaf in ribbon a few times, then add a generous pinch of ash over the leaf. Wrap a few more times and then tie with a solid knot.

Place one hand on either side of the mirror, and say:

From me to you,
Comes back times two.

Keep the wrapped up mirror charm under your bed, until you feel that your revenge has taken place. Don’t leave it forever though. Once some bad luck has fallen on your adversary, remove it and dismantle the spell.

Black Moon Revenge Spell

Check the calendar for the next new moon, and plan to do this dark spell on that night. All you need is:

  • 1 black candle
  • Sharp tool to scribe the candle
  • Piece of onyx or jet

Carve the name of your target into the candle and set it into a candle holder. Focus on the wrong this person did to you, and watch the flame burn. When the candle has melted down enough to start melting where you wrote their name, take it out of the holder and drop several drips of melting wax over the stone.

While the wax is still soft, mark the person’s first initial into the wax then let it cool and harden. Let the candle finish burning down, and leave the stone in a safe place (but out of sight) until your revenge has occurred. After that, bury the stone in the earth to end the spell.

The Garlic Bane

This spell is to capture someone’s energy and put their life on hold. It doesn’t really cause any harm, but they won’t be able to really get anything accomplished until it’s broken or you end the curse. You will need to have:

  • 2 glass jars with lids (a small one that fits inside the larger one)
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • A few pinches of wood ash
  • A few pinches of dirt
  • Water
  • White paper and a black marker

Choose your jars so that the little one will fit entirely inside the big one, including when lids are on. A pickle jar and a small jam jar would work fine, for example. Use a heavy black marker (no pencil or ball point), to draw a pentacle on a piece of paper, then cut it out to fit inside the bottom of the big jar. Place the garlic cloves inside the smaller jar, and tighten the lid. Repeat the first words of the spell:

Moon will wax, moon will wane,
Now I cast the garlic bane.

Set the little jar inside the big one, on the piece of paper. Now mix ash and dirt in water, and pour into the big jar enough to cover the smaller jar. Doesn’t have to be completely full, just enough to cover the jar with the garlic. Say:

My power and my might,
I bring it out this night.

I trap you in this jar
Now your luck is far

Suffer in an empty space
Living at a slow snail’s pace

Nothing works, nothing gains
I cast on you, lots of pain

As the ink washes off the paper into the water, the spell will gain energy and start to work in a few days. Leave the entire thing on your altar for it to keep working. Repeat the words again over the jars to recharge the spell after a month, if necessary. – Free Witchcraft Spells

Spells For Beauty

I have done a couple of spells for beauty, and in my opinion, they all worked except the hair one – but maybe I simply chose the wrong spell to do. If a spell doesn’t work within 3 months, it’s not going to, is my mantra. I move on and either try another spell, or make up one of my very own. Sometimes the spells I cast on myself just won’t work, probably because I’m being ‘selfish’. Whenever I cast a spell for someone else, it seems to work. The money spells I perform have only worked once or twice, for instance, and I never received large amounts of money – only enough to get by.

I don’t always eat properly, nor do I take very good care of myself. I know this and can admit to it. I have my failings like everyone else! No one on this earth is perfect, no, not a one. There was a time in my life when I was lazy, overweight, and deeply depressed because I felt very unattractive. Yet I did little to make myself presentable and attractive. Sure, I bought diet pills but dieting alone never works. I rarely exercised and when I did, it was usually on weekends when my brother, cousin, and I went walking out to a local mini-mall. I stuffed my face with junk food, then wondered why my face was spotted with acne and my thighs were so big.

When I finally went to community college in another city and had to live away from home and all that was familiar to me, I lost weight. I had no choice because I had to choose between junk food and foods that would keep me full, I had to walk most places like to the store a few blocks away from the YWCA where I stayed, because it didn’t make any sense to take the bus and I had no car, and also I had free access to the Y’s amenities, and I began going down to the weight room after classes for an hour each day, except the weekends when I would walk to the park and stroll around. I didn’t realize I had lost so much weight until my pants started to become loose and relatives remarked upon my newly slimmed down figure. This motivated me to keep at it, and I eventually went from size 16 to 9.

Sometimes we need a lot more help than mere diet and exercise. Beauty spells can be a very powerful motivator, so long as you don’t depend entirely upon the spells to transform your life. You must do some work yourself along with casting the spell. I have collected a few spells to help you on your journey to a newer, more attractive you.


Weight Loss Potion

  • Apple
  • Pomegranate 
  • Lime or lemon
  • Mint
  • Rain water
  • Salt (optional)
First peel the apple then remove the core, put the apple in a bowl and smash it to get juice out, it wont be a lot but itll be enough. Put the juice in a small but big enough cup. Cut a lemon/lime and only use half of it and put it in, add a pinch of mint and a couple drops of pomegranate juice. Mix it together. Then chant while mixing On the power of Aphrodite I command beauty Say it as many times as you want to feel comfortable Then get a couple drops of rain water and while adding it in chant: et pulchritudinem, super me falli praecipio.
Beautiful Hair Spell
  • Brush
  • Pink Candle
  • Goddess Oil
  • Venus Incense
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Dash of Lemon Juice
  • Three tablespoons of Flaxseed Oil
  • One Brown Egg
  • Three tablespoons of Maidenhair
  • Pinch of ground Ginseng
  • Plastic wrap
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Three gallons of rain water

Instructions: Bend over at the waist and brush your hair upside down for one hundred strokes ,making sure the scalp is stimulated and all residues of styling aids are gone. Anoint the candle with the oil. Light the candle and the incense. Place the lemon juice, flaxseed oil, egg, maidenhair and ginseng in the mortar, and grind with the pestle until the potion is gooey. When Venus hour approaches, recite the incantation over the potion.


Potion of witches with beautiful hair, Adorn my head beyond compare. Rich and thick the potion goes, Absorb the sunshine and the glow. Maidens weave the gorgeous threads, That creates the hair upon my head. Combine the the egg, magick, and grain, and rise me beautiful with iris rain. So mote it be!

Work the potion into your hair until it is saturated. Place the plastic wrap over your hair and let it sit. Go outside and soak up the sun. Feel the potion tingling and revitalizing your hair. After a hour in the sun, shampoo and condition your hair, but before your final rinse of the conditioner thoroughly rinse your head in the rain water. Allow your hair to air dry naturally. You will see a improvement in your hair instantly.

Healing Skin Spell
  • Belief
  • Focus
  • Visualization
  • Your mind
Go to a place that gives you access to a mirror. Look at yourself in the glass. Focus on the place where you want your skin to be healed. Take in two or three deep breaths (just to clear your mind), and focus on the spot as you say quietly (or in your mind, that works, too):

“Fix this place on my skin, make it whole and perfect again.”

The first time, say this five to ten times. Each time you say it, visualize the place healing and becoming how you want it. Imagine how happy you’ll be when you get the results you desire. Remember to continue taking in deep breaths. If you find yourself getting a little dizzy, that is okay, just stop for a moment and refocus. This doesn’t have to be done all at once. Spend at least three to five minutes a day doing this as many times as it takes until you achieve what you want. You should be thrilled with the results!

(You can also say this to yourself just before you fall asleep at night and as soon as you wake up in the morning.)

Blessed be.

Anti Aging Spell
  • Visualization
  • Voice
  • 12 white candles
  • Face of a clock(non-digital)
Place the face of the clock in front of you with one white candle aligned with every number of the hours. Light each candle counter-clockwise, starting with the candle for the twelfth hour and moving backwards to the eleventh, tenth, ninth, etc. You may chant the following before lighting each candle and after lighting the last;

”Reverse time for this spell of mine.”

After each candle is lit stand with your arms outstretched and spin counter-clockwise. Visualize yourself getting younger and healthier. As you do this chant;

”I turn back time on this body of mine. I am a young, healthy, vibrant [desired age]”

For [desired age] say what age you wish to look and feel again. For example if you want to be twenty, say ”I am a young, healthy, vibrant twenty year old.” Do this two times daily, once just after you wake up and once just before you go to sleep. It works best if you do this exactly twelve hours apart, such as once at 9Am and again at 9Pm.

Glamour Spell
  • 1 Small, handheld mirror
  • 3 Candles
  • Rose oil
  • Patchouli incense
  • Dark cloth

On a night when the moon is full, find a secluded outdoor spot. Light your incense and your three candles. Select one color of candle for the strongest effect, or mix and match to get a bit of each:

  • Red if you are going for sex appeal
  • Silver if you want to be the center of attention and display star-quality charisma
  • Orange if you are going for general attractiveness and likeability.

Disrobe and anoint the parts of your body you would like to change with the rose oil. For example, if you think your feet are too big, anoint the tops of each foot. If you are going for an all over make-over, then anoint your forehead, your breast bone, the center of your belly, each wrist and behind each knee. Pass the mirror through the smoke of the incense, then raise it over your head, reflective surface facing the moon. Recite: Wood and Wind, Ember and Mist. Grant your blessed childs wish. Sacred Mother, charge this mirror. Let your light make beauty clearer. Wrap it in your gentle glow so that tis all it ever shows. Then lower the mirror and gaze into it. Visualize the way you wish to look and how you want others to perceive you. Repeat the following: As a blossom in your glade, let my beauty never fade. Now use the mirrors reflective surface to shine the moonlight on the place(s) you would like to make more pleasing to the eye. When you are done, wrap the mirror in a dark cloth. Snuff out the candles. For an extra boost, like before a big date, business meeting or audition, annoint yourself again with rose oil and spend 10 minutes gazing into the mirror. While doing so, focus on the things you find attractive about yourself and the things you want others to see when they look at you.

Teeth Whitening Spell
  • Tooth brush
  • Tooth paste
  • Voice
Brush your teeth once with out looking at your teeth or it will not work. Then still not looking at your teeth say – 

Male my teeth white,
Give them a shine,
Make them strait,
Like parallel lines
Hear me spirits this is my plea,
This is my will so mote it be!

Now smile!

Shithole Countries!

Haiti, El Salvador, unnamed African nations, and probably most others that aren’t European, are ‘shitholes’, as revealed by the Gospel According to Trump. This latest outrageous remark has resulted in condemnation the world over; Democrats and even many Republicans are appalled by the racist comment vomited forth from the unholy jaws of The Donald, though the orange buffoon has never been known for his acceptance of minorities, particularly Blacks and Latinos. I wonder what those misguided, brainwashed minorities who voted the cretin into office are thinking now? I hope they are living with their regrets because they deserve to be as miserable as possible.

Trump’s racist bullshit not only makes him look more awful than he already does, but also makes this country – as well as her people – appear to the world as White supremacist assholes. I have never in my life been more grateful to not have been born a White American than during this reality TV show presidency. There has never been such a person in the White House – and there have been a lot of pale faced Southerners in the Oval Office – and never will be again, one can only hope. I am not sure how this character ever got elected – those that voted for him certainly had more than a few marbles loose, and those that continue to support him are definitely playing with a few cards short of a full deck.

Trump’s own ancestry is European, he married two women from Eastern Europe – which used to be called the Second World in addition to being Iron Curtain lands – and he has the gall to put down these nations? What kind of world leader does this, and what does it say about America globally? I never heard anything like this even from other Republican bigots like Ronald Reagan nor both George Bushes, though the elder Bush did make that ‘spear thrower’ remark. Trump’s juvenile words make me wonder why he allowed his precious daughter Ivanka to marry a Jew & convert to Judaism.

While Trump’s remarks are enough to piss off anyone with a sense of moral decency, including yours truly, he has former and current leaders, as well as others in high positions, in an absolute uproar:

The United Nations human rights office called the reported comments “shocking and shameful”.

“I’m sorry but there is no other word for this but racist”, a spokesman in Geneva said.

The African Union (AU) said it was “frankly alarmed” by Mr Trump’s statement. “Given the historical reality of how many Africans arrived in the United States as slaves, this statement flies in the face of all accepted behaviour and practice,” AU spokeswoman Ebba Kalondo told the Associated Press news agency.

Rene Civil, a left-wing activist in Haiti, demanded the US president apologise “before the entire African continent, as well as before Haiti, the country whose blood has been used by ancestors who have served with their minds and bodies to liberate the United States itself from slavery”.


In Nigeria, one resident in Lagos told Reuters news agency: “Calling [every] African country shithole is really, really, very bad and I think every African country should just learn from this and probably just stay in their country and work with their resources.”

In South Africa, ANC deputy secretary general Jessie Duarte said: “Ours is not a shithole country and neither is Haiti or any other country in distress. And it is extremely offensive for President Trump to make statements about other countries that are really not complimentary of the US’s position or policy positions on those countries. ”

“We always knew that President Trump doesn’t like people from certain countries or people [of] certain colours,” Congressman Luis Gutierrez said.

“We can now we say with 100% confidence that the president is a racist who does not share the values enshrined in our constitution.”

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky added: “Just when you thought Donald Trump could not get any more racist, he digs down to an even deeper low.”

Some Republicans were also up in arms over the remarks.

Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who was born in Cuba and whose south Florida district includes many Haitian immigrants, said: “Shame on him. It is reprehensible, it is disgusting, it is racist.”  – BBC


Representative Cedric L. Richmond, Democrat of Louisiana and the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, called the president’s closed-door comments “yet another confirmation of his racially insensitive and ignorant views” and said they reinforced “the concerns that we hear every day, that the president’s slogan, ‘Make America Great Again,’ is really code for ‘Make America White Again.’”

Senator Richard Blumenthal, Democrat of Connecticut, described the comments as “the most odious and insidious racism masquerading poorly as immigration policy,” and argued that they would make it more difficult for the two parties to reach consensus on an immigration deal. – NY Times

Former Haitian President Laurent Lamothe said the “world is witnessing a new low today” and called Trump’s remarks “totally unacceptable!” “It shows a lack of respect and ignorance never seen before in the recent history of the US by any President,” Lamothe tweeted.

El Salvador’s Foreign Minister Hugo Martinez responded to Trump’s comments by tweeting about Salvadoran contributions to the United States, saying “a good part of those who helped rebuild New Orleans after Katrina were Salvadoran. I feel proud to be Salvadoran.”


Nepal, which became a TPS nation after a major earthquake in 2015, said authorities were discussing their response to the matter. The South Asian country’s Foreign Minister Bharat Raj Paudyal told CNN “we are aware of President Trump’s comments, and our ministry is discussing the matter.”

A senior official from Somalia, also on the US list of TPS nations, told CNN that Trump’s comments were unworthy of a response. “It sounds like fake news to me,” said Somali Information Minister Abdirahman Omar Osman, speaking by phone from Mogadishu. “If it’s real, it doesn’t need a response. Those comments do not deserve a response.”

On Twitter, former Mexican President and longtime Trump critic Vicente Fox said the US leader’s mouth “is the foulest shithole in the world.” “With what authority do you proclaim who’s welcome in America and who’s not. America’s greatness is built on diversity, or have you forgotten your immigrant background, Donald?” he said.

David Miliband, president of the International Rescue Committee and former UK Foreign Secretary, said the “Trump Administration (is) leading a race to the bottom on refugees and immigrants that is a betrayal of America’s future as well as of its history.”

Kenyan activist and politician Boniface Mwangi said “how America elected a narcissist, racist, white supremacist to be their president defies logic.” “Africa sends love and light to America,” he added.

South African journalist Leanne Manas tweeted “good morning from the greatest most beautiful ‘shithole country’ in the world!”
 – CNN
Who does The Donald wish would emigrate to the USA? Norwegians and the like, of course. But they are having none of that!

987 People Killed by Police in 2017

According to most news sources, 987 people died after encounters with police during 2017 (though the website Killed By Police has a tally of more than 1,000 – already, there have been 34 killings this month so far). 735 of the total number were armed with some type of weapon, either guns or knives or in some cases, a machete, a pitchfork, and a sledge ax. White males made up 330 of those armed who were killed, while 160 were armed Black males. There were 236 cases where mental illness had a role to play in the encounter – 88% of these involved a weapon of some kind.

One of the youngest police victims was Jason Pero, only 14, of the Bad River Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa. Back in November, Jason called 911 to report a man with a knife, but gave a description of himself. He was shot by a sheriff’s deputy when he lunged at the officer with a knife, as stated by news reports. The oldest victim was Frank Wratny, 91, of Union Township, PA, who was shot back in March when he confronted police with a gun. A woman had called 911 after Frank fired the gun at her, according to reports.

Black males were slain by police at rates higher than their total numbers in the US population, though the numbers of those killed, armed or not, have fallen. 22% of all those shot and killed last year were Black men, who make up just 6% of the population. Hispanic males came in at 18%, and White males accounted for 44% of police fatalities. 66 officers were killed in the line of duty in 2016; that number dropped to 44 in 2017. This means that the numbers of police slain by civilians is down, yet the number of civilians slain by police is up. 45 females were murdered by law enforcement last year; 182 of those shot were trying to flee by car, while 124 of those killed fled on foot. Toy weapons figured in the slayings of 26 victims.

In November, Oklahoma City resident Dustin Pigeon, 29, threatened to set himself ablaze. A police officer shot Pigeon five times after he refused to drop a lighter and lighter fluid, according to prosecutors. In an unusual outcome, prosecutors charged the officer with second-degree murder in the death of Pigeon, saying that Pigeon was unarmed and had posed no threat to the officer.

Mental-health advocates said they have been encouraged by the number of police departments that have created intervention teams to help people in mental distress but were dismayed at the persistence of the number killed.

“We call 911 for other medical emergencies and they bring specially trained medical technicians, but when it’s a mental-health crisis, we send the police,” said Ron Honberg, a senior policy adviser at the National Alliance on Mental Illness, a grass-roots mental health-care advocacy group.

In Los Angeles in 2015, the police department began to emphasize that officers should strive to preserve life in all encounters. Last year, the department began to award a preservation-of-life medal to an officer who makes great efforts to avoid a fatal shooting. The move was derided by local police unions.

Top managers in the department said they think it has made a difference: Last year, Los Angeles Police Department officers fatally shot 15 people, down from 18 in 2016 and 21 in 2015. First Assistant Chief Michel Moore said the LAPD has provided officers with more training to emphasize de-escalation and has taken steps to hold officers more accountable. “Our officers are in 1.5 million volatile encounters a year, so shooting someone is an incredibly rare event,” Moore said. “Yet we pull each instance apart and see what factors might have played a role and train our officers to make that rare event even more rare.”

For a third consecutive year, The Post documented more than twice the number of deadly shootings by police that were recorded on average annually by the FBI. – Chicago Tribune