Kindred Spirits: Ghost Hunters ‘Spin Off’

I just watched the premiere of the new paranormal show Kindred Spirits and I must admit that I wasn’t at all impressed. It was all I could do to keep my attention focused on this dull duo, who are already getting EVPs galore (the usual words from static) and even seeing shadows creeping about in the woods – and this is just the first episode! Who knows what they will see or hear next?

Amy and Adam are graduates of the hoax show Ghost Hunters and they are the Executive Producers of this one, both facts which make me rather suspicious of their intentions. Are they seriously, truly doing this to help these mentally ill people who claim to be ‘haunted’ or is it just for material gain?

Whatever the case may be, they need a drastic personality change because they are two of the most boring individuals I have ever seen on any paranormal show. I couldn’t even laugh much at the so-called EVPs they got – a ‘male voice’ saying ‘Adam’ and ’33’ for example – and I normally find EVPs a source of hilarity.

Of course, they discovered that the source of the alleged activity was not family, as the two women (a mother and her grown daughter) had thought, but the spirit of a little girl who died tragically in a sawmill accident at the age of 3 and some months. (Lo and behold, Amy has a child the exact age!) This may be the case, but I’ll wager that most if not all Christians would state that the so-called spirit is actually a demon in the guise of a little girl. The homeowner actually gave the spook permission to reside in the house because she and her daughter felt sorry for it! Wow, I thought White people were nuts before but this really takes the damn cake.

Based upon the first episode, I am not at all sure I will continue to watch Kindred Spirits particularly since these two were prominent on Ghost Hunters, which was full of fake moments just as most of these shows are, as per the instructions of the producers. They are EPs of the show which is highly suspicious to me…more fame and fortune and glory from the gullible while pretending to be helpful to the crazy people whose homes they are investigating for supposed paranormal activity. It’s too boring and I doubt, based upon the personalities of Amy and Adam, that it will get more intriguing.

My Haunted House: FAKE!

Here is another show featuring ‘eyewitness’ accounts of alleged paranormal events re-enacted in a style similar to Paranormal Witness’ over-the-top manner, and it’s a show that is not really scary to be honest. I want to think about these incidents when I turn off the lights at night – and I turn off every one because even a tiny nightlight will bother the hell out of me. However, I can laugh off the stories I have heard on My Haunted House because they simply do not ring true for the most part.

I have read reviewers’ comments about the show, and apparently there is one episode which details the crimes of a serial killer. According to a reviewer who happens to live in the town mentioned, no such serial killer ever roamed the streets of his town, and he did thoroughly research the story. Someone else also pointed out that this ‘Cul De Sac’ killer did not exist because My Haunted House’s producers evidently put together the violent activities of 2 different killers to create their very own!

How they can get away with this is beyond me, but there are sheeple out there that believe everything they are shown and everything they are told. I take it all with a grain of salt. I certainly do not believe that there are demons waiting to come up from Hell and infest our abodes, nor do I believe in ghosts as far as people coming back from the dead to haunt us. I can sort of believe that someone murdered or who died tragically and suddenly may still be seen, but it’s not because they are haunting anyone. They are in a sort of limbo because their deaths were so unexpected, and they died without finishing some goal or other, that they just kind of exist here on earth until someone with compassion moves them on, which is not that difficult to do.

When I saw the first episode a year or so ago, I thought it was rather fake and lacking in credibility but like I have already mentioned, I always watch these shows with a healthy dose of skepticism. You know if I cannot believe fully in the fables of the Bible, I am not going to nod my head and agree with everything these people claim about their supposed encounters with spirits, devils, and angels. FYI has this to say about the show when you Google the title:

People will spend money for an admission ticket to walk through a haunted house attraction, but would those people embrace the idea of a haunted house if the scary domicile was their own? “My Haunted House” tells of owners who say their homes have ghosts. Interviews with those who have experienced paranormal activity — coupled with dramatic re-enactments — bring the spooky stories to life in each of the hour-long episodes, which include two stories of such cohabitation with spirits.

My Haunted House is a fake show with paid actors telling the stories as if they are the actual people that the events happened to. If you do not believe me, go to IMDb and read the reviews of watchers who discovered the deception that the show’s producers have played out in their own Carnival of the Gullible, probably laughing all the way to the bank.

My Ghost Story

My Ghost Story was an American TV show – there was an Asian spin off which featured encounters of the paranormal in Malaysia and Singapore on the Biography channel in Asia – where people talked about their alleged confrontations with otherworldly beings. Nearly all of them offered video, EVPs, and photos as evidence of their encounters which are the main reasons I found this series far more compelling than Paranormal Witness, a show that has too much CGI going on to make it seem factual – I really hate corny re-enactments.

Some of the ‘evidence‘ has been disputed such as The Impound Ghost” – Puckett’s Body Shop & Wrecker Service in Oklahoma. There are ‘experts’ who claim the specter floating over the wrecked cars in the lot is ‘authentic’, whilst others are more skeptical. One story I found difficult to swallow was the ‘ghost’ of a murdered woman – a blonde waitress – coming through the TV screen. I mean, the image actually appeared 3D! I have tried to find the title of the episode that contains this segment but I can’t recall it to save my life. At any rate, I found the story just too far out there to be even remotely believable.

Another story involved an obvious gay couple, one of whom resembled a weird marionette, who retired to a home in Florida that was said to be built over the mass graves of KKK victims. This is “Above a Mass Grave” on the episode Screams in The Dark and I found the two guys truthful because they were serious and very troubled by the fact racist hate crimes had been committed on their property. Another good one is “Tortured Souls In The Hollywood Hills” which is about the spirits of Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, and others murdered during that fateful night in August of 1969. As I wrote in the previous post, I am inclined to give those who experience the restless spirits of Sharon Tate and her companions the benefit of the doubt, more so than I would someone who claims the Devil has entered their home and possessed their little girl’s Cabbage Patch doll.

I like a good ghost story as well as the next person, and My Ghost Story was probably one of the best paranormal shows to ever air. Hell, they should bring it back just for the entertainment value alone, I particularly enjoyed listening to the ‘voices’ of the spirits and demons that the individuals discovered. Imagine that, EVPs from mere static! Well all right, some of them did sound like voices and quite scary voices at that, which really gave me shivers when I watched the episodes at night on my laptop via YouTube or Daily Motion. 

My Ghost Story was better than Paranormal Witness, where the individuals sometimes won’t even meet the camera and thus come across as having something to hide – such as a bullshit story. Plus the CGI and how they always end an episode with some sort of ‘scare’ makes it seem more like a horror movie and less like a true paranormal encounter. My Haunted House, which I will write about later, is another show that details the confrontations people have with beings not of this world and it’s also a step above PW but below MGS in my opinion. Bring back My Ghost Story so I can get freaked out over those EVPs, video, and photos again. 

The Demon Files

I got the channel Destination America free for 2 weeks and The Demon Files was on so I decided to have a look to find out what these ‘paranormal investigators’ were up to. I found it to be your typical series, full of self-promoting crap and ‘expert’ bullshit and the fact most of the team are males – and White to boot – just makes me suspect the usual is going on: fake shit passed off as ‘real’ and sheeple tuning in, totally believing it as they always do.

The Demon Files is the brain child of ex-cop turned author (Deliver Us From Evil, a book so boring that I passed on it when I came across a copy in a local used bookstore) now demonologist, Ralph Sarchie. Sarchie has the normal New York City attitude and despicable accent, the type of guy whom if I met him in real life, I’d turn tail and run in the opposite direction as fast as I could. (I’m prejudiced against New Yorkers for obvious reasons.) From my past research, only ordained clergy or Jesuits or such can become trained demonologists, and the fact that Sarchie claims to be one is wholly suspect. It is apparent that this guy is the usual self-promoting con man, and an asshole into the bargain,

Ralph Sarchie’s life is divided between two very different worlds. In one he’s a decorated sergeant for the N.Y.P.D. who proudly protected and served his city for over 18 years. In the other he’s a highly regarded demonologist, helping real American families who fear they may be threatened by the demonic. His book, Beware the Night, details how he uses his cop-hardened savvy to combat supernatural evil at every turn and served as the inspiration for the 2014 movie Deliver Us from Evil. Now, in “The Demon Files,” Sarchie and his team travel across the country meeting with people apparently suffering from demonic activity.

If you were thinking that The Demon Files sounds a lot like The Dead Files from the Travel Channel, you are correct but they are closer to Ghost Hunters than Steve Di Schiavi and Amy Allen, though with that disgusting New York attitude coloring every investigation. I watched a few episodes and I really thought it was rather boring, other than Sarchie’s smart aleck remarks – there were the usual fake incidents with someone going “What was that?” and supposedly paranormal phenomena that you can tell easily was the action of one of the team members, fake EVPs and all. The most interesting episode was the one were Sarchie and his guys, who look like a bunch of ex-Marines or Navy Seals, discovered that the family was faking the ghostly activity for fame and fortune. 

Apparently, Sarchie and his band of godly demon slayers believe that there are actual demons running rampant in America, infesting our homes and invading our businesses and ruining our lives. Sounds a lot like the late Ed Warren and the eternal Lorraine Warren…

Get real, people. There are no freaking demons – other than your friendly neighborhood sociopath or the guy down the road who drowns his dog’s puppies, or the woman on the next street who chases little kids out of her yard screaming and cursing. Demons live in the nation’s prisons where they ought to be, having killed someone or raped someone or whatever they did to get there, not in normal homes. There are no demons, there is no Satan, there are no angels, and there is no God. Stop all that self-glorification and go find yourselves a real job. These channels need to stop all the ‘paranormal’ crap too because there is no such thing and I will prove it to you one day soon. It’s all fantasy damn it!

Paranormal Witness

Paranormal Witness is an American television show produced by a British company, which presents purportedly ‘true’ firsthand accounts of people who have experienced bizarre phenomena in houses, apartments, cemeteries, and other places. I just watched the latest episode – The Mojave Encounter -yesterday afternoon, which I had recorded the night before; it featured a couple who had supposedly been abducted by aliens while camping in the Mojave desert. I kind of believe they were abducted but not by aliens – it was probably US military personnel because I doubt it could have been the Russians (or Soviets as they were then called).

While I do not believe most of the stories revealed on the show, I do find it highly entertaining like a lot of those paranormal shows, mainly because it isn’t about a team of intense (or goofball) Caucasian ‘investigators’, typically all male, trying to turn static into voices a la EVP and claim a shadow is a ghost or floating dust is an orb. However, there are hardly any accounts on Paranormal Witness (now with True Terror added, as if this makes the show any more believable or frightening, which it is not) that provide documented evidence other than the eyewitness stories of the people who experienced the spirits or demons or aliens.

Two of the most believable accounts I have ever seen on Paranormal Witness are the episodes titled ‘The Manson Curse’ and ‘The Abduction’. The latter is particularly compelling due to the independent witnesses involved – law enforcement and even lie detector test results. I don’t believe there is life out there on other planets but I do believe that people have been abducted and tested – by our own US government for whatever reason(s). As for there being a curse involving Manson’s victims, I feel that this could possibly be an honest account just because I have the belief that those who die violently and suddenly can sometimes stick around because they are in limbo, which is why you may see the specter of such a person in or near the place where the incident occurred.

It is not really a haunting to me and there are some who will state that those beings are demons in the disguise of human beings but demons aren’t real – other than the sociopaths who are out to hurt others any way they can – but I think that if you are killed somewhere, you may stick around for a time. This is especially true of those who died before finishing something. Sharon Tate was not allowed to have her child – is it any wonder her spirit may still be seen roaming the canyons above Hollywood? She was murdered in such a violent, gruesome manner – and her killers (other than the abominable Susan Atkins) are still alive. Sharon’s life was cut short and that of her unborn son never was realized. I find it despicable the way some idiots worship Charles Manson but that’s a subject for a later post.

Going back to Paranormal Witness…it’s got a high IMDb rating but ratings mean nothing to me. Just watch the show. Some of the accounts ring true, at least far more factual than any of those hauntings that the late Ed and his widow Lorraine Warren were involved in.

Annabelle The Haunted Doll

Annabelle is a doll – a Raggedy Ann, not some demonic-looking thing with a wicked smile as created by Hollywood – that was claimed by the Warrens to be haunted (infested by demons, I’m sure. Another way for the Warrens to make money off of gullible, superstitious sheeple). Apparently it still is, for the silly-faced doll resides now in the collection of ‘haunted items’ Lorraine Warren keeps in the ‘occult museum’ in her home in Connecticut.

The story behind Annabelle begins in 1970, when student nurse Donna was given an old Raggedy Ann by her mother for her birthday. Hell, I was just a baby then! Anyhow, Donna lived with another nursing student, Angie, in a small apartment. Within days of receiving the doll, the women start to notice that there was something eerie about it. Allegedly, it moved – by itself – and even was able to write messages for them on parchment paper that was not kept in the apartment: “Help us” and “Help Lou” according to the Warrens‘ site.

Eventually, Donna and Angie get in touch with a medium who tells them, during a seance, that the spirit of a little girl, Annabelle Higgins, was on the property. The child was only 7 when she was found murdered in a field, apparently right where the apartments stood. Donna and Angie felt sorry for the slain child’s spirit so they gave it permission to reside in the doll. What a mistake!

The two women had a male friend named Lou who had always felt that the doll was evil. He was purportedly attacked by some invisible being when looking for the source of a rustling noise one day when he and Angie were about to embark on a trip. As he moved closer to where Annabelle lay in a corner in Donna’s room, suddenly he was clawed – there were seven distinct marks as stated by Lou and Angie later – on the chest, which stained his shirt with blood. Within 2 days the marks were gone.

The Warrens were called in and came to the conclusion that Annabelle was not the spirit of a dead child but a demonic entity and it had possessed the doll and was causing all this strange havoc. They managed to get the doll and apartment exorcised by an unwilling priest, and took Annabelle home with them to their ‘museum’. They leave us with a warning on their site: a young couple comes to the museum and the male half of the pair makes fun of the doll, banging on the case and making nasty comments. Ed tells him to leave. Well, the couple gets into an accident on their motorcycle and the young man is killed instantly. What a story, huh? Total nonsense. Why anyone believes whatever b.s. comes from the mouths of the Warrens is beyond me, but since doing my research on this couple I’ve come to believe that everything they have done as far as the occult/paranormal is concerned has been to generate them a lot of cash.

The Snedeker Family Haunting

Here’s another entry to the Paranormal Hoax Hall of Shame with a movie based upon the ‘true events’ (A Haunting in Connecticutt) and a book that was coauthored with – who else – the Warrens (In a Dark Place), as well as Carmen Reed formerly Snedeker continuing to insist that the haunting was fact even though the late Ed Warren supposedly told several coauthors to ‘make the story scary’ when the writers could not find enough truth to the statements of those who claimed to be under attack by supernatural forces. Ed also has been reported as calling the Snedekers ‘crazy’ which explains a lot about the self-styled ‘demonologist’ as well as his clients.

I of course totally disbelieve the Snedeker family claims. They had a son who was being treated for cancer and cancer treatments are very expensive. They had actually moved to this house – a former funeral home – in Southington, CT so that their son could be near the hospital where he was given cobalt treatments for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – and moving isn’t cheap. They learned that the house had been a funeral parlor (in the film version, they claim to discover this by accident but in real life it was apparently a neighbor who informed them of this) and they thought about the Amityville Horror and realized that they could make some money.

So they came up with this story about their home being haunted by the dead that had been embalmed during the time the place was a funeral parlor. ‘Infested with demons’ was the Warrens’ declaration – but isn’t that what they always say about every house they have been called in to investigate? Carmen Reed maintains these days that she has ‘intuitive abilities’ and her photo on a website for managing paranormal investigators has the look of a Glamour Shots spread. I can’t believe this woman takes herself so seriously.

According to the coauthor of ‘In a Dark Place’:

“The family involved, which was going through some serious problems like alcoholism and drug addiction, could not keep their story straight, and I became very frustrated; it’s hard writing a non-fiction book when all the people involved are telling you different stories” (“Ray Garton” 2009)”

And this from the landlady, who had served the Snedekers with an eviction notice for non-payment of their rent:

“Personally, my husband and I do not believe in ghosts and to us, the whole issue seems ridiculous. I find it ironic that after more than two years as tenants, suddenly we are told about these alleged ghosts and then read in the paper that the Warrens will be conducting a seminar and will be charging the public for it.

“If the ghosts really are there, then why did the Snedekers stay there over two years and why are they staying there now? Are they looking for publicity or profit, or what?” the landlady said (qtd. in DiMauro and Starmack 1989).

Sheeple, try not to believe what you see from those money-hungry schmucks in Hollywood. They will claim that anything is a true story in order to make a buck. Honestly, the Snedekers don’t sound even a fourth as credible as the Smurls, and barely half as truthful as the Lutzes.