Paranormal Phone Calls

Yesterday morning, my mother checked her cell phone for any missed calls. There were only a few, and one of these bore the name of her recently deceased older sister. My mother then called her niece (my cousin) to ask if she’d called the previous night from the house phone, and for what reason. My cousin informed my mother that the house phone had been disconnected since last year, shortly after my aunt passed away. When my mother told her niece that she’d received a phone call from that exact telephone number, my cousin was so shocked that all she could do was repeat the word ‘What?!’.

My mother apparently received a ‘telephone call from beyond‘, also known as ‘phantom calls’ and ‘calls from beyond the grave’, among other titles. My mother is not one to make up a story, and she was quite perturbed by the fact that her oldest sister had contacted her from beyond the grave. My aunt called my mother daily, often as many times as three or four calls, and they always spoke before going to bed. (My aunt did the same with my late great aunt and my grandmother.) It is almost a family tradition with the women of our clan, to call each other and chit chat about whatever comes to mind, though usually it was gossip which I’m not too fond of.

It is not surprising that my aunt would attempt to call my mother, ostensibly to let my mother know that her sister is ‘okay’. It’s not a revelation either that my aunt would call my mother the day after their only brother’s funeral. My uncle was in poor health the last few years of his life, and I only saw him at funerals – his wife of 45+ years, and his oldest daughter. When he was told of his sister’s passing, he had a reaction serious enough to warrant a hospital stay, and he simply never recovered. I would not be shocked if one of his surviving daughters receives a telephone call some day from him.

I am not a firm believer in paranormal phenomena, I tend to be very skeptical and will research a topic till I am truly satisfied that it’s genuine and not some hoax for fame and fortune. During my study into this particular matter, I discovered that none other than best-selling author of various weird goings-on himself, Dean Koontz, allegedly received a call from beyond by a woman whose voice Mr. Koontz determined to be that of his mother, dead twenty years at the time, warning him to ‘be careful’ and that’s all she said – from a distance – before hanging up. When Koontz went to visit his father at a mental health facility a few days later, for no inexplicable reason, his father attacked him with a knife. Koontz wrestled the knife away from his father, but then was accosted by cops who bore a gun on him, demanding that he drop his weapon! Koontz did and the memory has remained branded in his mind ever since.

During my first trip overseas, one of my travel chums told of a mysterious phone call from her grandfather, who was her companion’s uncle of some such odd relationship. Shortly after the man’s death, the telephone would ring at a certain time and when someone answered, s/he would hear a male voice that sounded eerily like the deceased man’s through static, as if it were coming from far away. It happened a few times and then the calls stopped. I’m not sure what brought about this morbid turn in the conversation, but I do remember that we were having dinner at the hotel in Innsbruck, it was a rainy night, and I had to sleep alone in that rather unsettling hotel room with the big wardrobe in which a creature unseen could have been hiding, ready to pounce upon me in my slumber…

Do our deceased loved ones really call us from beyond the grave? I have no idea but I plan to look into this matter further until I am satisfied, one way or other. At any rate, it’s more possible than a Bigfoot or whatever you wish to call that mythical, hairy creature (despite the constant ‘I know Squatches exist’ from those three silly asses Moneymaker, Barackman, and Fay).

Killing Bigfoot

Destination America does it again! With all the other trashy fake ‘reality’ shows out there, they had to dream up some pure and utter bullshit like this. Will wonders never cease?

The show features a couple of redneck White guys and evidently, one redneck White gal – as usual – that call themselves the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. These idiot , many of them with law enforcement and military backgrounds, have one goal in mind, and that is to kill a Bigfoot once they find and capture one. Well, good luck with that! How can you kill something that doesn’t exist? (Why are White people so damned smart they’re stupid? They have got to be the craziest damn race on the planet, yet they have a nerve to look down their skinny noses at others, sneer, and call us the dummies. I’m laughing my fucking ass off while shaking my head.)

The team leaders Bobby Hamilton, who purportedly saw a Bigfoot when he was a child, and his bud Jim Lansdale believe that in the South, Bigfoots are ‘sleeker, faster, and more aggressive’ than elsewhere and are attacking livestock, pets, and even people’s homes. Therefore, the creature must be stopped at any cost. That’s where the GFBRO steps in with all their combined might.

Apparently, what sets this show apart aside from these fools wanting to get their hands on a Bigfoot is the opposition they meet from Bigfoot enthusiasts who support a ‘no kill’ approach to the elusive critter. According to descriptions of the show on the Destination America website, witnesses share findings that are sent off for DNA analysis: a tiny primate-like skull (probably from the corpse of someone’s dead pet monkey), hair samples from a woman’s shoe and from a rural family who claim that several of their mutts have been killed by a Bigfoot. There are also reports of eerie night screams, enormous casts of animal tracks that can’t be identified, and a gigantic hand print in mud that’s twice the size of a human’s.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or shout or sigh, but Killing Bigfoot sounds like a rip off of Finding Bigfoot in the same way that The Demon Files is a piss poor rip off of The Dead Files. Most Destination America shows are very boring – at least The Demon Files is, and I am sure Killing Bigfoot will be as well – and while I do not have access to that channel, the shows pop on the ‘Net on a certain video sharing site that isn’t US-based, so Destination America generally cannot get them removed the way they do the videos that pop up on YouTube. I’ll check out an episode and see what its like, but I already can tell from reading the show’s descrip that it’s typical ‘reality show’ manure.

Someone should shake some sense into Fay Wu and all the rest who put out shit shows like this but it’s apparent to me that they are in it because anything that involves the paranormal is highly lucrative. Just ask Ryan Buell, Zak Bagans, Theresa Caputo, and all the rest that put one over on the dumb masses with totally fake shows.

Stormfront: The Internet’s First Hate Site

“White Pride World Wide” is the motto of Stormfront, an online forum where White Nationalists & Supremacists, neo-Nazis, and others of like mind (as well as skin color) can share their bigotry without fear of censorship or being labeled a ‘hate monger’ by Facebook and other social media sites that don’t honor the Constitution of the United States.

Stormfront began as a bulletin board back in the early days as an online support for David Duke’s political campaigning. By 1996, it was Don Black’s organization for White Supremacy, the name Stormfront taken from the German storm troopers (Sturmabteilung, or SA) and the weather fronts that bring about a sort of ‘cleansing’ of the area after such – as do tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. A former Grand Wizard of the KKK and member of the National Socialist White People’s Party of the 70s, Black is also an ex-felon who spent time in prison after attempting to overthrow the Dominican government.

Stormfront is a resource for those courageous men and women fighting to preserve their White Western culture, ideals and freedom of speech and association—a forum for planning strategies and forming political and social groups to ensure victory. — Stormfront mission statement

Stormfront has had more than its share of controversies. As stated by several sources, including Wikipedia – I know scholars don’t believe this site has impeccable credentials but a lot of theirmaterial is actually factual, because I research it before I cite it:
According to a 2014 two-year study by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)’s Intelligence Report, registered Stormfront users have been disproportionately responsible for some of the most lethal hate crimes and mass killings since the site was put up in 1995. In the five years leading up to 2014, Stormfront members murdered nearly 100 people.[23][24][25][26] Of these, 77 were massacred by one Stormfront user, Anders Breivik, a Norwegian terrorist who perpetrated the 2011 Norway attacks.

In 2006, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reported a discussion on Stormfront in which white nationalists were encouraged to join the U.S. military to learn the skills necessary for winning a race war.[37][38]The 2008 United States presidential candidacy of African American  
Democrat Barack Obama was a cause of significant concern for some Stormfront members:[33] the site received 2,000 new members the day after Obama was elected as President, and went off-line temporarily due to the increase in visitors.[39] Stormfront posters saw Obama as representing new multicultural era in the United States replacing “white rule”, feared that he would support illegal immigration and affirmative action, and that he would help make white people a minority group.
During the 2016 election season, site founder Don Black said that the site was experiencing huge spikes in traffic corresponding to controversial statements by Donald Trump, who is popular among white supremacists. In response, Black upgraded the site’s servers.

There is a great deal of Hitler worship with Stormfront members, even though whose nationalities in the past would have qualified them as ‘sub human’ with the Nazis of old. Swastikas, members with Odinist, Nordic, and Nazi avatars abound. While the use of racial slurs has become muted (it used to be that members could employ these loathsome words at their will, so that one saw ‘nigger’ and ‘spic’ and ‘kike’ in every other post), one can still tell what a poster means and they often incite racial hate by posting links to fake news sites where supposedly, ‘statistics’ prove that White women are dating Black men in droves, being sexually assaulted by ‘gangs’ of Latinos, and Muslims are ‘terrorizing’ Europe and English-speaking lands like Australia, Britain, and the United States.

Current topics on the site include: The argument for WN going forward is why do Asians get to have homogeneous countries without being called racist. The sure way to beat the JewsThe Asian IQ Hoax. Becoming a step-parent to a non-white childI really hate Mexicans. Why is it that so many whites are willing defend non-whites to the bitter end? The Lie of Negroe Equality. How the Left pushes pedophiliaMetallica Guitarist Kirk Hammett Anti-Trump Meltdown: SJW idiot.

While I don’t agree with Stormfront and its members’ constant racial bashing, I am not in favor of Political Correctness either, as you can tell from my own posts. If people want to rant and rage about minorities ‘taking their jobs’, certain kinds of men ‘raping’ or ‘stealing their women’, and select groups of people being ‘allowed’ into the country, that ought to be their right and no Jewish-led organization or other should be permitted to stop them.
The truth of the matter is, you will never force anyone to accept you and it’s pointless to even try. I do not care whether a person likes me or not, I’m not on earth to please them or anyone else but myself and those I am close to, who love me and want the best for me. What a bunch of ignoramuses think about me means jack shit. But I guess the ADL and SPLC and NAACP, among others, beg to differ.

Jewish ‘Nazis’

Mischling Horst Geitner

Most people will be totally stunned to learn this, but as many as 150,000 soldiers who served in the military during the Hitler regime were actually part-Jewish, thereby classified under the Nuremberg Laws of the time as ‘Mischlinge’ (half caste). At least 60,000 of these men had one Jewish parent while 90,000 had one Jewish grandparent, and though they did not serve in the SS, they were in the Wehrmacht – probably under the assumption that their doing so would save their Jewish and other family members.

Abraham Gancwajch

According to some sources, a number of these soldiers complained about Jewish persecution after they returned home from the Polish campaign, so were dismissed in 1940 by Hitler. Yet many stayed in the Wehrmacht even after their dismissal, mainly because it often took several weeks before discharge orders could reach the front or because they were awarded clemency for their dedication, or they concealed their Jewish backgrounds.

Ans van Dijk

“Not everybody who wore a uniform was a Nazi and not every person of Jewish descent was persecuted,” Bryan Mark Rigg, Professor of History at American Military University in Virginia, stated (Reuters). “Where do they belong? They served in the military but lost mum at Auschwitz.”

There were even Jews who collaborated with the Nazis in order to further their own self-interests or simply because they were evil people. Anna (Ans) van Dijk, Abraham Gancwajch, the beautiful Stella Kübler, Moniek Merin (also Moniek, Moszek or Mojżesz Israel Merin), Alfred Nossig, Calel (Calek) Perechodnik, Chaim Mordechaj Rumkowski, and Józef Szynkman are some of the most infamous of these traitors.

Stella Kübler

Many of them were executed as collaborators or killed by their fellow Jews; only Stella (also known as the Blonde Poison) managed to live to see the 1990s but she committed suicide so evidently, her guilt caught up with her. Her husband Rolf Isaaksohn was also a traitor to his own people, with a talent for forging documents – when fellow Jews came to him for these false papers, he would happily hand them over to the Gestapo. Adam Czerniakow was another collaborator who killed himself rather than go to the gallows, prison (as Stella did for 10 years) or die at the hands of his people like some of the others,

Adam Czerniakow

A prominent Nazi Mischling was Erhard Milch. Even though he had a Jewish father, Milch was in the Luftwaffe, holding key positions within that organization and the Armaments Ministry. Given a ‘Get out of jail free card’ by no other than Hermann Göring, Milch was lucky in that his mother signed a declaration that stated her husband was not Milch’s real father, though most believe this to be a lie. Thus Milch became an ‘Honorary Aryan’. Two others, a vice-admiral and a general, were treated in a similar manner.

Erhard Milch

You don’t hear about these guys – well, perhaps a few of them – in the Holocaust Museum or from Zionists either because they are ashamed to speak of them, refuse to acknowledge Jewish complicity with the Nazis, or just because they truly don’t know that these people existed. Now you do. Let’s see if Steven Spielberg or one of the other prominent Hollywood Jews will produce a feature film about the likes of these Jewish swine!

There were also soldiers of African-German descent but I’ll write about those guys in a future post.

Judicial Watch: Far Right Extremism at its Worst

Several months ago, I received a survey from an organization called Judicial Watch that concerned the use of the Death Penalty, which I am strongly in favor of; therefore, I filled out the survey and sent it back without thinking twice about it, nor did Judicial Watch even enter my mind once after. So yesterday, imagine my ire when I get another survey from Judicial Watch – this time with so much vitriol against former president Barack Obama – as well as his Administration, not to mention Hillary Clinton (and I’m no fan of hers) – that I sent the following letter from my iphone (I don’t normally use my phone for emails because it often too easy to ‘send’ the message without it being finished):

To whom it may concern,

I just received your survey today and was dismayed to learn that your organization has reduced itself to despicable name calling and playing the White Mans blame game (former President Obama’s administration being referred to as a ‘gang’). It is apparent that Judicial Watch is a right wing, ultra conservative organization and as a woman of color living in a country that suffers from institutional racism, I want no part of any research, polls, surveys or anything else from your organization so do not send me any more materials and remove me from your mailing list. I’m not a Trump zealot like the rest of you sheeple and proud of it; he’s not a god just a man with more money (and less sense) than most. I tore your survey to pieces and tossed it into the garbage where it belongs.

Ordinarily, I would have sent an email more along the lines of this:

To whom it may concern,

As a woman of color making do in Amerikkka, I do not appreciate your nasty name baiting of former President Obama and his Administration (lawless gang) nor your obvious veneration of President Trump and his Administration. It is evident that you people are damn glad to have the ‘nigger’ out of the White House and a man of your own skin hue back in there at last! I’m glad you’re happy about that because I am not, and if I get enough money to emigrate to another, more hospitable land than the US I will do so, because Whites here are really showing their ‘true colors’ as far as race relations go, and I’m beyond sick and tired of the racist bullshit that we non-Whites (especially Blacks and Hispanics) must face daily. Okay, you got your White bigot elected. Great. Stop your hating on Obama and move on. Oh wait, you can’t do that because Obama was president for 8 years and Trump will only be in there 4 years – if he even lives that long. What I really want to say is, go fuck yourselves…dipshits!

I decided to do further research on Judicial Watch and of course I learn that, like Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, Retardicans, and other Right-leaning types, the organization is totally Conservative and even reports fake news, utilizing emotion-laden words in order to inflame their narrow-minded fans. I participated in a poll that asked visitors to the website how they would rate Judicial Watch, and I gave it an ‘extreme right’ rating. Here are some links to ‘news’ as reported by Judicial Watch –

I don’t think I need to worry about receiving any more bullshit from this so-called ‘organization’. As far as I am concerned, Judicial Watch, its organizers and members can all kiss my non-flat, non-White ass and go rot in an eternal honky hellhole with all their fellow Republitards.

Slavery’s Legacy: Black Victimology

Black Americans do nothing but complain. They complain about White cops killing unarmed Blacks, the White Man and his racist agenda (i.e. – the White Establishment), Donald Trump and his oddly devoted, fanatical followers, and how European standards of beauty are forced upon us all here in the US. They complain that they can’t get ahead because of their color, they can’t get a good job – or any job at all – because of their race, and they blame the White race for every little bad thing that happens to them, even the crack cocaine epidemic, Black men going to prison for murder and drug dealing at higher rates than Whites, and how the White Elites of Hollywood ignore Black films and filmmakers as well as other talent when nominating producers, directors, actors, and so on for awards. Black people have been whining ever since I can remember, and that was way back in the 70s when I was just a little girl and didn’t understand anything about racism, discrimination, prejudice, and bigotry (though I was told about it all the time by my grandmother, mother, and other relatives).

Black Americans are very anti-intellectual (‘redneck’ and low-income Whites are the same, and I would not be surprised if Hispanics are  as well). When I was in school, Black kids picked on the students – all of them White (5th grade) except for one Black boy in the 6th grade – in the Gifted & Talented (GT) program, and made fun of the students who achieved Honor Roll status. They pinned all their misplaced glory on their athletes and musically inclined peers, and poked fun of us who preferred to stick our noses in a book. Of my entire family, there is one person with a Masters, and he has self-esteem issues, plays the Race Card more than anyone else in our clan, and can’t get a job (no doubt because he’s high and mighty, thinking he’s going to get some type of managerial position with little to zero experience). There is one other person with a 2 year degree, one with a 1 year diploma as well as various certifications (me), while the rest have only a high school diploma or GED or nothing.

Sounds like Jews as well. No wonder Whites hate us!

Black Americans cry ‘institutional racism‘ whenever anyone cites the poor academic performance of Black students, but the truth of the matter is, Blacks from non-American backgrounds (Africa, the Caribbean) almost always outperform American Blacks – and the sadder reality is that Whites from lower socio-economic backgrounds have SAT scores around the same levels as Blacks from middle and upper-income backgrounds. Can Blacks keep blaming White people for this? I don’t believe so, I know from my own awareness of this problem that many Black Americans just want to get by, to find a job, keep it, and become dependent on that weekly or bi-weekly paycheck. I know from working with them that they are simply content with that, harboring little if any aspirations to ascend into a supervisory or managerial position. My own family have never been supportive as far as a higher ed is concerned, which is probably why so many of my contemporaries within the clan have either not bothered with going to college, or dropped out within a year or two of studies. (I had to do so for financial reasons.)

Black Americans laugh and call you an ‘Oreo’, ‘Junior Mint’, or tell you that you’re ‘acting White’ or even that you ‘think you are White’ if you don’t speak Ebonics, act ignorant, or behave like a thug. If you are light-skinned, as I am, they tease you even more so – apparently out of jealousy and envy. I can’t recall how many times I was taunted by the Black kids while growing up, and I know that this bullying has had a lasting effect on me – to this day, I have no close Black friends, I rarely date Black guys, and I have a meanness in me towards Black Americans that I cannot rid myself of even though I know it’s wrong to be that way towards my own people. I would much rather be in an interracial group than one that is exclusively Black because eventually, one of the Blacks will make some damn remark about my light complexion, my hazel eyes, or the way I talk – which is decidedly not Black.

Black Americans need to learn how to get along within their own communities and stop the stupid in-fighting. Rather than down each other, we need to uplift our fellow Blacks whether their skin is pale or tan or brown or dark chocolate, no matter what our hair texture is, or how we speak. So what if one of us ‘sounds White’? That’s ignorant – do White people say such disparaging comments about Whites who ‘sound Black’ or whose skin tone is ‘light’ or ‘dark’ or whatever? Because not all Whites are the same shade despite what you may think. Italians, Greeks and other Mediterraneans tend to have dark (olive) skins, whilst those of Irish, British, and Nordic descent are typically paler (ivory). People from India run the gamut from very light skin to extremely dark. So what if your coworker has wavy hair? Are you going to spend your time and waste your emotions detesting her/him because of something that s/he cannot help? Come together as a people and stop all the useless hating. Grow up, damn it! Get educated.

Black Women: Unwanted, Unloved?

Yes, I have written about this before but it was in a different context than today’s post. There’s a blogger who calls himself Abagond, he’s always posting his opinions on interracial relations and relationships here in the US, and one of his favorite topics is Black women and whether or not White or other non-Black men see them as attractive, why Black men don’t want Black women, and whether or not Black women are viewed as ‘ugly’ by men. From these posts, it would seem that Abagond is the one who’s got issues with Black women, that he’s got more race hate than your typical White Supremacist/Separatist, and finally, that he’s got some type of yearning for White women because he loves to write about them as well – and they are usually blonde, Nordic types. Not sure if a White chick turned down his offer of a date or what, but this guy certainly has a weird obsession with racial matters – when he isn’t posting song lyrics and video links for the musical artists he admires, that is.

In one post on why ‘so few White men marry Black women’, Abagond even gives one reason as:

Lack of good looks in black women: Most white men think black women are not all that good looking when compared to white women. That comes across in their phrase “good-looking for a black girl”. And you see it in their lists of beautiful women on the Internet: they have few if any black women and those they do have tend to be light-skinned. An amazing-looking black woman can walk right by a white man without him batting an eye.

Abagond really has a lot of issues with Black women, not to mention people in general other than Black guys, whom he tends to defend more often than not (even though many Black men really are lazy, criminal-minded, drug dealing scumbags or they wouldn’t get into the situations they do; i.e. in prison or in the grave at a young age). I have been hit on by far more White men than Blacks, but that may be due to my light complexion, and I have also been called attractive by Hispanics and Asians, particularly guys from India, and Middle Eastern men are always sending me marriage proposals on Facebook. I know skin tone has a lot to do with things, but that’s not always true.

So Internet posts of Black women that White men find attractive is proof that White men only find light-skinned Black women comely? That is such bullshit and to post it without at least some type of poll to back it up is ignorant. I always maintain that my posts are my own opinions, and when they are partly based on fact, I always provide links to back up my statements. Not so Abagond, not all the time – and when he does provide statistics, they are usually his own – because I have Googled plenty of his alleged statistics and either cannot find them, or find different numbers than what he posted.

Below are his many links, not exclusive, on ‘ugly’ Black women and how we are so unwanted (instead of focusing on why many Black men run after White women like the dumb dogs they are):