In all of my 46 years on this planet, living in a mostly racist society, I have come to the following conclusions about White Americans.

  1. They suffer from hereditary racism.
  2. They believe thoroughly in the mythology of White Supremacy.
  3. They fully accept Asians as Honorary Whites.
  4. They largely fear, envy, and detest the Black American.
  5. They lump most Hispanics – and possibly Native Americans – in the same lowly racial category as Blacks.

White people, can you please tell me why this is so? Why is it that you believe that Whites are superior to all others, with the possible exception of Orientals? What is it about Black people that you hate, fear, and envy so much?

(Don’t tell me you do not envy us because if you didn’t, White men wouldn’t feel so sexually inadequate and White women wouldn’t spend so much money on tanning, lip injections, and trying to obtain a fat bottom.)

There are lazy, drunken, criminal, ugly, and violent people in every racial group under the sun. But to hear the Whitewashed media, it’s always the Blacks. There are as many homicides committed by White males as Black, and probably more poor Whites receiving state aid than Blacks. Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Arkansas, and South Carolina, to name a few, are full of Whites beating the system. Yet to learn it from the media, it is the single Black mother who uses the system to death.

They say that we look like monkeys. Yet I have seen countless people of all ethnicities that do. Hell, the primate is what we evolved from, whether the Christian wants to believe that or not. We are also less intelligent, they say…but any uneducated person will come across as not very smart due to less book learning. Most poor people drop out of HS to go to work because they don’t think they can afford to attend college.

White folks love the N word. There is even a site devoted to jokes and ‘facts’ about us niggers. When a White person gets pissed at you, the first word they will call you is a nigger, and I speak from personal experience. In fact, when I was in grade school I heard little White kids – 6th & 7th graders – using the N word to describe their fellow students who were Black. Obviously, this is what they were taught from racist parents and grandparents, uncles and aunts and cousins but it still caused my flesh to crawl and hatred to creep into my heart.

Just what is it about us that freaks out the other races, especially Whites? Is it our color? Our lip size? Our hair texture? What exactly? You can’t claim criminality, work avoidance, or other types of behavior common to the human race as justification for your bigotry. So what the hell is the reason, or reasons? We weren’t the only people to be enslaved so it cannot be that. I know our natural hair must not be, the way White-run media tends to be prefer us in all our nappy-headed glory more so than the relaxed look. I just can’t figure it out.

Where I live, despite the fact that Jim Crow flew off decades ago, Whites and Blacks do not mingle much. When you see a Black-White pairing, it is usually a White woman with a Black man, or an ‘Oreo’ type Black with work colleagues. You simply don’t see interracial friendships much here. Oh in my barrio you might see Black and Hispanic and White kids hanging together, but I live in a low-income area and that”s a different reality than the Rich White Country Club neighborhoods, where you rarely see a non-White….unless it’s some Asian Mail Order Bride (and that isn’t common).

I try to understand why Asians and even some Hispanics are acceptable yet Blacks, unless they are biracial and look it or have been raised by Whites, just aren’t. Even many White Supremacists and Separatists will accept Asians and Hispanics over Blacks and Jews (and Jews are White people)! I am not very fond of Asians due to Thai refugees in my school not liking the Black kids, and so I wonder what makes Asian people so special. I am quite leery of them myself.

I’m not pushing for acceptance. I don’t care whether Whites like me or not, Asians accept me or not, Hispanics befriend me or not, Muslims, Hebrews, biracials, whomever and whatever. I am not here on this earth to please anyone but myself. Black Americans have the mistaken belief that Whites in other countries – Canada, Britain, parts of Europe, and ‘Down Under’ – are more accepting of Blacks.

I have even had some say to me that the ‘White people over there don’t hate us like they do here’. I am sad to report that this is not true. Hell, where do you think the ancestors of American Whites come from, Mars? There’s a little Canuck bigot who got banned from Youtube for posting anti-Black, anti-Jewish videos. British skinheads can be racist, same with those in Germany and other European nations. I’ve visited Europe several times and will be the first to tell you that if you have a certain look (I can appear to be various ethnicities and some might mistake me for Latino, others Muslim, and still others will just say I am mixed), you will get funny looks…but not as much as a person with darker skin. This is due to the influx of illegal aliens from Africa and Asia (yes, even there).

Can anyone truthfully state that they are free of bias of any type, towards any kind of person? I think not, I confess that I have prejudices against certain kinds of people, and my family definitely does. A lot of them do not trust White people at all, and they cannot stand the Hispanics. However, I believe that the most bigoted people in the United States are Whites, with Asians right behind them because they tend to move around Whites and take on the same despicable ways of White folks. Whites suffer from hereditary racism. Blacks, and many brown skinned non-Whites, have more of a problem with reactionary racism. Racism will always be here because ours is a racist society and a racist world.


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