TLC (formerly known as The Learning Channel) should be renamed Trannies, Lilliputians, and Caucasians because that is all their boring reality shows ever feature. How a channel that once promoted learning – I guess they did, I never really watched it because I prefer to stick my nose in a book – could sink so low as to advocate transgenderism, midget life, and White couples having far too many children to take care of (which is why they get reality shows, so they can be able to afford their large families at the expense of others) is beyond my comprehension. Who owns TLC? A Jew, of course. David Zaslav is president and CEO of Discovery Communications, and DC owns TLC.

Why is it that the Jewish-dominated media is so hell-bent on the destruction of a moral lifestyle for the majority of Americans (aside from the Zionists, that is)? They are out to rid the world of any and all Gentile influence once and for all. Jews are a despicable group of people whom I felt sorry when I was deluded and not operating at full mental capacity. The chains have been broken, and I am no longer in bondage to these villains who will stop at nothing until they have total control of the world.

There are several reasons I have discovered in my research that shows how Jewry is aiming for world power, not only in Israel but every Western nation on the globe and even the rest of the earth:

  1. Israel is the #1 reason (why I list it first) there will never be world peace.
  2. Jews are behind every effort to de-Christianize America. Hey, I’m an atheist and I still believe that this is wrong. After all, Israel is extremely Jewish and the Jews want it all for themselves which means no Muslims and no Christians.
  3. Jews push multiculturalism in every country but Israel.
  4. Jews don’t announce the fact that they participated in and profited from the African Slave Trade, the main reason they are against reparations for descendants of Black slaves.
  5. Jews promote such unnatural lifestyles as homosexuality, lesbianism, transexuality. swinging, cross-dressing, and every other form of lewd behavior short of bestiality.
  6. The Jewish form of feminism with Jewesses at the forefront have ruined the American family.
  7. Jews proclaim Open Borders for all other lands except Israel, which is for Jews Only.
  8. Jews promote filth and degradation in the form of porn, which is controlled mainly by Jews just as they hold sway over the rest of American entertainment.
  9. The world’s most powerful nations – especially the United States – are under Jewish dominance.
  10. Jews state that everybody is equal – however, they truly believe that the Jewish ‘race’ is actually superior to the rest, despite their supposed egalitarianism.

One only has to scroll through the various offerings on television and one’s local bookstore/library to discover the shocking truth about Jewish influence. Most film & tv producers, directors, and writers are Jewish. Many fiction authors are Jewish. How the Jews came over from Europe and simply took over is a mystery to me, it appears that they were allowed to but then, they tend to be a sneaky people and I don’t trust any as far as I can throw one. Any group of people that would, because of their weird religion, sit shiva for a Jew who marries a Goy should never be trusted by any self-respecting Gentile.

Jews attack anyone who dares to criticize them. You can’t say one bad word about the Jews out of fear of being labeled an ‘anti-semite’ or ‘racist’ or probably even a ‘nazi’. (Read Gary Oldman & Jewish Hollywood for a prime example). Yet Jews can declare their pride in being Jewish without having anyone come down on them, because they run things and that’s that. Jewish Media control. Therefore, they will continue to keep promoting perverted lifestyles, diversity, stereotypes of non-Jews, and other bullshit as what one sees on TLC, A&E, History Channel (more shows about other subjects than history), and all the rest of them except OWN.


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