There have been studies shown that reveal there is a bias against those with unusually spelled names. According to many sites – and these are not tabloid crapola such as TMZ or the Washington Post – resumes with what are called ‘ghetto’ African American names are tossed more often than those with traditional names. This means that Laquiesha, D’Antwon, and Vernarius are less likely to be hired for the position than are Emily, Justin, and Taylor.

I believe that a lot of it has to do with racism, just as the studies imply. The employer knows that Brodnick is Black and Mandy is White, so they are definitely going to consider her over him. Black men are particularly at a disadvantage, for they are generally looked upon as lazier, crime-prone, and less intelligent than Black women, so when they have an oddball name, it’s doubly hard on them.

When I was a child attending grade school, my Black peers had names like Samuel, Jennifer, Walter, Marjorie, Andrew, Teresa, Carlos, Monte, and Mary. Nowadays, parents name their children such awful honorifics as LaQuita, Duquan, Trayvon (I was in culinary class with guys by these names) and Beyonce – yes, that is a very ghetto name but then, she is a very ghetto person, by her speech and classless behavior.

Names like Courtney (an old English male name), Brittany, Crystal, and Shawn don’t even enter into the equation, people. These are not ghetto names, Ghetto names are those that sound totally made up, and usually are. I’m not talking Champagne, Mercedes, Baroque, or Sterling. I’m talking Shaniquia, L’Vontae, Oczaveone, and Kyesha. Not Tequila, Rambo, Lexus, and Hezekiah – though these names can be quite difficult for the child in question.

I am sooo damn glad that I do not have one of these typical names. None of my relatives in my generation have such names, which is good for them because employers can’t tell by the resume what race they are. Hispanics can’t blend in as easily, same with Asians who have Asian surnames. No one can say that Asians and Hispanics don’t face discrimination because they do. A White racist is a White racist, they don’t usually accept anyone but other Whites. How many Asians and Hispanics can you name that are CEOs of American corporations?

Probably not his real name – at least I hope not!

Sure, there are some Whites out there with ‘ratchet’ names, same with Hispanics. But most of the craziest names I have ever heard of tend to be bestowed upon Blacks. Aren’t we stigmatized enough? Black people have a hard enough life in Amerikkka. Why make things more difficult by saddling them with a name that is both hard to spell and pronounce and proclaims a rather ghetto background?


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