I’ve Googled this and read posts on various forums, and due to my own observations and experience, my opinion is that African Americans speak very loudly and will often use broad gestures while talking (same as the Italians and many other ethnic groups) more so than other races here in the US.

Sure, I have encountered Asian Indians, Hispanics, and Whites who were just as loud and obnoxious even, but you get the obnoxious types only when drunk. Blacks tend to be very noisy as a race, and this bothers me because I’m a quiet person. I do not like to draw attention to myself at all. Even educated Blacks can come across as loud and ignorant – believe me, I have been in the company of those with BA, BS, and even Master’s degrees and they still behave just as childishly ignorant and speak just as stridently as those with a mere GED or no HS diploma at all.

I know the Politically Correct will come up with varying apologetic reasons for why Black people are boisterous in public. I’ve read that the vociferousness of African Americans is due to the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow, eras when Blacks were by law supposed to keep quiet and meek; they are noisy because in the African savannahs, the clicking sounds made by many tribes had to be loud in order to be heard by others…

This has nothing to do with stereotypes – stereotypes exist because they are true! Yes, Mexicans eat a lot of beans (so do a great many other Latin peoples such as the El Salvadoreans, Cubans and Puerto Ricans), Asians consume a truckload of rice per family, a lot of White folks here in America hold racist beliefs, and most Jews, especially outside of Israel which is a relatively poor dustbowl, are well-to-do. I think people who are loud & silly acting publicly have an infantile need for attention and unfortunately, African Americans are this way. It is a definite racial character flaw that most of them share, whether they are from the projects, the upscale apartment complex, or the established middle class neighborhood.

Black people are just too damn loud. They cuss a lot, even the women, and I’m embarrassed to be around them or associate with them or be part of a group of them for these very reasons. I used to cringe when I had to take public transportation and put up with that low-class behavior. The bus drivers would have to tell them to tone it down, or not use that type of language, etc. Of course, they would have to make a smart remark, either loudly enough for the driver to hear or for the people around them. I would much rather be around people who are able to comport themselves in public and if this means staying away from a lot of Blacks, so be it.


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