What is it with White people and dogs? It seems to me that they care more about those damn canines than they do other people (especially minorities). I get sick and tired of all the time seeing those pathetic ASPCA commercials with the shivering, sad-eyed mutts gazing into the camera, and the White volunteers breaking out into tears over their abuse. What about starving children in 3rd world countries and America’s hungry & homeless? What about abused cats, birds, horses, rabbits, pigs, etc? You don’t see them on those ASPCA ads…and I feel that cats get abused more than dogs.

My boyfriend is White and his family is definitely dog crazy (rednecks tend to be more so than yuppies, they just don’t donate to organizations such as PETA or become raving vegetarians & vegans out of a misguided sense of loyalty to our furry little friends). His stepdad went apeshit when his chihuahua of 12 years, Coco, expired after a lengthy illness. This dog was allowed to sleep in the bed with him and his wife…can you believe that? What a hot mess. They feed their dogs – 2 chihuahuas and a miniature Spitz – pricey food from the pet store, as if Alpo or Mighty Dog isn’t good enough. My bf does the same with his extremely spoiled pitbull – he will only buy Rachael Ray dog food for this irritating mutt who wants to be petted all the damn time.

Typical kiss between a dog and a Caucasian

There are even racist Whites who train their dogs to not like certain minorities, namely Blacks and Hispanics. See the movie White Dog. My deceased aunt encountered a dog near her workplace back in the 80s that would not come to anyone of dark skin…he barked & growled at them. But he came to Whites. My bf has told me more than once that many of his dad’s dogs did not like Black people (his dad was kind of prejudiced but I’m not sure if he raised the dogs this way or not). Is this just an extension of dogs being so close to the White race that they have picked up the inherent racism in White people?

Racist dogs?

Dogs have been used by the police against African Americans since the days of Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movement. Many non-Whites do not have positive images of canines as a result. Besides, all of the Africans I have met (and even many Latins, particularly the kind who do not consider themselves White) just do not treat animals as part of the family – which they are not. Non-European cultures tend to view animals as farm workers, guard dogs or (for cats) mousers, as unclean, and even as meat.

White culture worships the dog. Go to France or Britain and you’ll witness canines being put on a pedestal (take the Queen of England and her Corgis, for instance, whom she treats better than she ever did her own children). White people open up salons for their pampered pets, and coddle the canines as though they are human babies. Look at the greedy celebrity chef Rachael Ray – on the dog food bags, she’s hugging a dog. Yet she’s alone on the cat food bags. I would never purchase her shitty food for my cats as it is way over priced and I’m certain she gets some type of money from having her name & likeness on the bags.

I think Caucasians have screwed up priorities. They surely do not have the same thought processes and behavior as other races…especially where dogs are concerned. I don’t hate canines but I am not about to baby them like they are children either.


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