African Americans get really pissed off when non-Blacks comment on their culture, such as it is, here in these United States. I can understand why those of us who don’t engage in that behavior are insulted but the truth of the matter is, a great many Blacks do. The youth are so far gone, I often wonder if they can be saved. Drug dealing, misogyny, worship of guns, and wanton violence has caused the other races, generally non-Black and non-Hispanic, to be extremely wary of African Americans whether they are sagging, swagging, or appear so Oreo over the phone that you can only tell they are Black when you meet them in person.

I wholly believe that thug culture has ruined African American society because before that crap became the mainstay of airwaves & movies, Blacks in this country were much better off. You hardly heard of cops shooting us, Black neighborhoods were not as run down & ghettoized here in my hometown as they have become & more of us were interested in bettering ourselves via a good education/training. Now, all the youth glorify the thug life, regularly refer to women as ‘bitches & hoes’, believe in having guns even when they are convicted felons, and feel that only drug dealing can get you money when it gets you nowhere fast, or even dead.

If you don’t want any other ethnicity referring to you as a nigger, then why the hell do you call each other ‘niggas’? The N word is the N word, no matter who says it. I don’t want anyone calling me that, nor do I want to be called the B word or the W word (whore, Ebonicized as ‘hoe’). I have been in rows with guys and they would start to say the B word and I’d stop them right there. Go ahead and call me a Bitch, but I will call you a Prick right back and I just might slap the taste out of your mouth.

How African American women can listen to the drivel known as hip hop and still have any self respect is beyond my ken. I used to listen to hip hop around the millennium but lost interest after a year or two…and I got used to hearing it because of my baby sister, who was a young teenager at the time – and yes, she was allowed to listen to that stuff on the radio! Black men today who listen to gangsta rap and deal drugs have no respect for women at all, and even hold much hatred for them.  If you don’t believe that is true, you must have your head stuck in a hole like some idiot liberal ostrich.

Women are pimped out and treated like objects to be held in scorn, and they seem to desire it. I have relatives who will date nothing bu drug dealing scum, simply because these guys give them money and drugs and hard sex, as if these things are the best life has to offer and one should try to obtain them at any cost, even to the destruction of one’s morale and self esteem. Many non-Black men will not date Black women because they look upon them as ‘ghetto skanks’ and prostitutes and crackheads.

It’s not just the thick bodies, weaves, fake nails, and big lips – traits I have seen listed as reasons most non African American men will not date us, because that is not true. The voluptuous figures and fuller lips are the very reasons many White men fantasize about Black women, and I know this because I once worked with an undercover guy, who was the brother of a guy I was then dating, and I got to speak with the johns who went out cruising for paid sex. 

A lot of non-Black women find African American thugs sexy. They will give up their comfortable middle class lives just to have a relationship with a drug dealing, sagging, swagging street punk. This culture, if one can term it such, has become a widespread cancer that has made its way overseas to Europe, especially cities like London and Paris, and even Asia – yes, that continent of people who have traditionally held Blacks in contempt and worshiped the Caucasian! What is the world coming to? I don’t know, but as long as our youth are allowed to worship gun culture, violence, drug dealers, and misogyny rather than valuing an education, hard work, sacrifice, and keeping one’s morals right, there will be no hope for tomorrow.


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