The traditions of this country are under violent attack from the Bleeding Heart Liberal Faction. I never really understood how this could be true, back when I was suffering from the delusions of liberalism and all the insanity of being a holier-than-thou, self-righteous, love-everybody Christian.

I now realize that one cannot possibly love everybody, and that you can’t save the world when there are those in your own country who are suffering. Save yourself and yours first, then you can go out and help everyone else. But those misguided Liberals don’t seem to understand that, and if you tell them they are wrong, they call you 1) a racist, if you are White; 2) a victim of poverty/slavery/racism, if you are Black, Native American, Hispanic, or Asian; 3) a Right Wing Extremist, if you are a Republican and, usually, White on top of that.

I didn’t see the light much when the Clintons were in the White House – and that is one damn good reason to keep them out this time around (and the same goes for that Hebrew Bernie) – but I see it now with Obama. He is for everything that can possibly bring about the ruin of America, something I was blinded to before because all I could focus on was the fact we had ourselves a President of Color!

Since 2008, there was been a gradual but relentless:

  • weakening of the American military
  • tide of political correctness that threatens the First Amendment rights of US citizens
  • push towards more abortions and a pull away from the traditional family unit
  • promotion of all that is anti-American including funding of pro-Israel policies
  • wave of homosexual, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual agendas that these sexual deviants claim are rights that they deserve at the expense of all others, particularly heterosexuals
  • allowing of illegal aliens into the country to steal jobs, engage in rape & murder, and live off the taxpayers free and clear

The Obama Administration has done nothing to better the American way of life. If anything, he and his minions have brought about the destruction of our values and free living. Of course, Obama does not have the full power that many people believe he has. It is the power of ZOG that is really causing all of these mad changes and the dire situation we currently face is only going to get worse unless we elect a true Conservative into the White House who will turn this once-great nation around and make it the home of the free and the brave again. Get the Jews out of there; deport them all to Israel soon!

I hope that happens before it is much too late.


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