This topic has been blogged to death but I thought I’d write about it just the same. Is the Negro race cursed, and if so, who cursed us, how, where, and why?

According to most sources, the Bible – yes, that very tome most African Americans swear by – is the well from which the waters of this curse spring forth. Noah cursed Canaan after his son Ham committed a shameful act (seeing a very drunk Noah butt naked), and why this happened is beyond me because Noah was soused on wine and removed his clothing; why he should curse his son for seeing him in this state only proves the utter idiocy of the fables in the Bible, and also that blaming others for one’s own problems has been going on for centuries, not just in modern times.

At any rate, nowhere in the Biblical passages is race mentioned. Where the hell people came up with the notion that this curse had anything to do with Blacks and being slaves? It states that Ham, the father of Canaan, saw Noah in his birthday suit, and when old Noah found out, he growled: Cursed be Canaan, a servant of servant shall he be unto his brethren. Nothing at all about skin color, ethnicity, race, etc. Just a curse upon Canaan, even though he did not see Noah lolling about in the nude.

Yet this is The Curse that is used to justify slavery, the inferiority of the Negro race (and it is still the Negro race, despite African American being widely used in the USA), and the reason for our nappy hair. Even my own relatives have stated that we are cursed, and that it’s in the Bible…for years I totally believed in this curse and used it to justify my own racism, hatred, and bigotry towards others.

If Blacks as a race are truly cursed, then the curse has come from the hands of the Caucasian race foremost, and the Asian race secondly. Finally, we are also cursed by our own people. However, for many centuries it was a commonly held belief of Christians, Jews and Muslims, that Black people were cursed by God and this is still a common characteristic of the teachings of some sects today, such as the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Many Arabs hold Blacks in contempt and will disown a child who marries a Black person, due to their long-held belief that Blacks exist to be slaves to the ‘superior’ races, even though Islam strictly forbids this type of teaching. Judaism also forbids the belief in the so-called Curse of Ham. When a religion teaches people a certain way to believe, it takes generations before that belief is wholly gone. Look at the Mormon church, which held the stance for many years – up till the late 70s in fact – that Blacks had inherited this curse which meant that Black men could not be ordained into their Priesthood, nor could Black people engage in Temple ceremonies. I still have a bit of distaste for Mormons as a result, which is one reason I can’t stand Marie Osmond in those Nutri-System ads. The Osmonds are one of the most well-known families of Mormons outside of Warren Jeff’s clan.

Christian Identity is another cult that endorses the racist belief in a Biblical curse. In fact, this sect believes firmly that they, not the Jews, are the true Israelites and thus, God’s Chosen People. Jews, they proclaim, are the bastard offspring of a union between Satan and Eve, who beget the line of Cain. Therefore, the Curse of Cain is upon the Jew. The ‘mud races’ are here on earth to serve the White man, with the Jew being the demonic creature that is helping the ‘mud peoples’ to arise and take over from Whites, which will put the Jew in power. A really strange belief system but no odder than many others.

My conclusion is that there is no Biblical curse upon the Black race, or any other. The Bible is a collection of stories, fables, and myths that is taken far too seriously by way too many people. The only curse Blacks have is the one of racism, which is mainly a creation of the European in his quest for world domination – which they will never have, thanks to the Asian people. So long as we believe ourselves that we are cursed, and keep dredging up slavery, Jim Crow, the Civil Rights Movement, White Privilege, and institutional racism, we are never going to advance as a people. Same with the Jews harping on the Holocaust at every opportunity, which I will address in a later entry. Get over it!


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