Can anyone explain to me why Whites are so filled with hatred against Blacks that they must resort to using racial slurs on pro-White sites such as Christogenea, Chimpmania, Stormfront, and Solar General, among others? Are White people really that damn insecure that the only way they can feel good about themselves and revel in their Whiteness is to belittle others?

Oh really?

I truly believe that Caucasians are the worst people on the planet as far as bigotry goes, and this is mainly due to their insecurity and feelings of inferiority. When Whites use racial slurs to describe us and others, it is because they are not assured of their own dominance, especially now that a Black man has been President of the United States and hip hop has been the main form of music no matter what you may wish otherwise.

White men are particularly insecure. They are the chief perpetrators of racial prejudice, though White women aren’t very far behind them; gun-loving, Black-bashing, overly privileged honky asses all. I do not trust any White person and that goes for those that I have dated or befriended, if you can say that any Caucasian is your friend. (I don’t because White women are some spacey bitches.) You visit any White supremacist site and you will find scores of forum posts about Blacks, Jews, Arabs (who, I must point out straight away, are considered Caucasians), Hispanics, and to a lesser extent, Asians.

Why do the Whities not have sites such as KikeMania, SpicOut, ChinkMania, or WogOut for the others? Why are Blacks singled out for their vitriol? What is it about us that frightens them so that we are held in exclusive disdain by the United Racists of Amerikkka?

I live in the South and let me tell you, Whites here are exactly what they are stereotyped to be: ugly, ignorant, redneck sonsofbitches I wouldn’t trust as far as I can spit. There is a small town called Denton where Confederate flags fly proudly, trailer parks abound, pickups are the preferred mode of transportation, and Duck Dynasty rules the airwaves. A Black woman I worked with told me that when she and her family stopped at a convenience store in this pissant burg for drinks on their way home from the beach, they were ignored as they stood in line to pay and then, when her sister complained, was advised to get in the ‘back of the line’ behind the Whites. My co-worker walked out but her sister paid for her drink because she was thirsty. I would have rather choked to death than have bought a soda from those stupid yokels. Of course, there was one of ‘those flags’ flying in front of the store so they should have known better than to have stopped there for anything.

Whites even hide behind the Jewish religion of Christianity in order to further their racial cause, claiming that the true Hebrews of the Bible are actually the White race and not the Jews. Honestly? What educated person these days believes anything out of the Book of Lies? Only a fool, and a dumb bird turd who probably dropped out of HS in the 9th grade, is barely literate, sniffs meth, and drinks a case of beer every other day while remaining under-employed (but of course this is because wetbacks and coons have taken all the jobs).

Personally, I believe that Whites are a diffident bunch and this is one reason they must insult others all the time. It makes them feel big and bad and proud of their Whitehood when they call us niggers, coons, apes, jigs, monkeys, and bootlips. That is the only way Whitey can feel good about himself.


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