President Obama will go down as the most despised president in American history bar none. It is obvious to any including the most simple minded, that the main reason why is he is not White. He’s part White, but he is not fully Caucasian. In this country and most majority White nations worldwide, when you have even a smidgen of African blood, that makes you wholly Black. Which is why Obama is known as the first African American President and not the first Biracial President, even though that’s what he is.

Michelle Obama, an elegant, highly intelligent lady with more class in her pinky than most Caucasian women have in their entire bodies, has been degraded, taunted, gossiped about, made fun of, and hated on since the Obamas entered that precious White House in 2009. No other First Lady has been so mocked, ill-treated, or loathed…even though Michelle Obama brought glamour to the presidency in much the same way as the late Jackie Kennedy did in the early 60s…she and her husband are vilified as apes and accused of taking the United States into a mindless war (which is actually the result of President Bush) and bringing forth financial ruin (also due to Bush).

But Blame the Black Man, right? We’re always responsible for every sickness of society, the high crime rate of most inner cities, illegitimacy, the drug crisis, Ebonics, miscegenation, and the global spread of hip hop culture. Oh my!

I don’t agree with every aspect of the Obama Administration. One of the worst things he did for America was trying to force healthcare down our throats when most working people cannot afford it. Unless one has a very high income, of course, and many people just don’t. How can you try to fix the system but instead of making healthcare more affordable for those who do not qualify for entitlement programs such as Medicaid (which incidentally, a great many Hispanic anchor children and their mothers receive), you punish them by taking a percentage of their hard-earned money during tax season? Does that make any goddang sense?

What is wrong with Socialized healthcare? Why are Republicans and their ditto-head followers so bent out of shape over that? Hell, it’s not hurting most European nations that offer healthcare to their citizens. In fact, it is a system that is far superior to any this country has ever seen or ever will. True, there are companies that offer healthcare benefits to their employees but this often does not include the spouse or children, and sometimes is the most basic of plans. Dental and vision are usually optional. I know, been there, done that. My boyfriend’s mom has to pay a $5,000 deductible should she need emergency services. You read it right. $5,000.

But I digress. A little.

The Obamas are privileged, their daughters attended the best private schools – no matter how often President Obama has been heard lauding the merits of public schools – and it’s evident they do not know the meaning of the word ‘suffer’ or the phrase ‘walk in my shoes’. They have never been there and ever will. I know that irks a lot of people, particularly Caucasians who cannot stand to see a mere minority, a nigger, with far more affluence, status, and power – yes, power – than they will ever have in their miserable, Walmart loving, trailer park lives. That is the bottom line right there. The most powerful seat in the United States and a Black man has occupied it for nearly 8 years.

That must really stick in the craws of you small-minded little racists out there, doesn’t it?


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