How many of you are tired of hearing about Orenthal James “The Juice” Simpson and the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman? The media keeps carrying on about this case as if OJ had slain fifteen co-eds in one week! He allegedly murdered 2 people. Just 2. But they were White! We all know that if OJ had killed a Black woman and a Black man, we would have stopped hearing about this case back in the 90s. But because he murdered a blonde White woman and a White Jewish male, we will never hear the end of it. Should OJ die today, tomorrow, next month, or even next year, this case will forevermore be in the media precisely because of the racial dynamics.

I have read only 2 books on the case but those were enough to satisfy my curiosity. The first book was the one penned by Mark Fuhrman, the supposedly racist LAPD officer, now retired to Idaho (a bastion of White separatists, I might add); the second was Outrage, by Vincent Bugliosi and the book I prefer, mainly because I am probably a bit prejudiced towards Fuhrman due to his own racism. I have also watched countless documentaries and crime shows on TV that highlight the homicide case.

Nicole apparently was abused by OJ. Due to the police reports and witness statements, I can believe that this could possibly be true. Yet why did she stay? The money, of course! White women love money and they will do anything, marry any man even an ugly buffoon such as OJ, to get their greedy little pale hands on it. White women are also quite lazy, so any chance they can get not to have to work, they will take it. No matter what or who offers that chance. Nicole was willing to put up with OJ’s abuse to live that lavish lifestyle she would only have been able to dream of had she not ever gotten involved with him.

OJ was an Oreo, a Junior Mint, the House Negro that made good with the White folks he so admired and so longed to be accepted by. He was the first Black to join an exclusive WASP country club, he lived in Brentwood, an area that is nearly 70% Caucasian according to one published source, and he went out of his way to be with Whites whenever possible – yet when there were Black causes that could have benefited from his presence and even just his name, he lifted not one brown finger to help. He had no use for the Black community until the Whites turned against him for slaying 2 of their own, and then he hired his ‘dream team’ and tried to play the Race Card.

Even his good buddy Robert Kardashian apparently turned on The Juice after the verdict. That’s a White person for you, hey OJ? According to his former wife Kris, who cheated left and right on the guy, Robert refused a telephone call from OJ when he lay dying of cancer in the hospital. This is what Kris had to say in a recent documentary on the OJ murder case, at any rate. I’m not sure I’d trust the words of an admitted whore but heck, she might be telling the truth about it. But now there’s a special coming out that may reveal the complicity of Robert in getting rid of evidence for OJ so he probably was suffering from guilt over helping to dispose of items that would have sealed OJ’s doom.

Whatever may have happened back then and whether or not good friends of OJ knew that he had perpetrated the double homicide and even aided him in covering up, I am sick of hearing about it and wish the hell it would go away. Permanently. Likewise, the perpetual stories about Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Natalie Wood, Whitney Houston, and Biggie Smalls vs. Tupac. We are tired of hearing about those people – let them fucking rest and move on with it. There’s bigger and more recent news stories out there, damn it.


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