I am confused about the whole movement. I visited the site and learned that it came about as a result of the acquittal of mixed breed Hispanic murderer George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin, whose life was practically vilified by the White racist media. GZ got away with murder, but the cops that have been killing people left and right and only being suspended without pay (and I am certain that some still get paid) are much worse because these are people who have sworn to protect and to serve.

It appears that Black Lives Matter only when they are taken by Whites (police officers mainly) and others. But what about the thousands of Blacks murdered by their own people? African American serial slayers such as Lonnie “Grim Sleeper” Franklin Jr, Anthony Sowell, Maury Travis, Lorenzo Gilyard, Wayne Williams – still protesting his innocence from prison – Andre Crawford, and Chester Turner took the lives of more than 75 Blacks combined, yet where is the outcry?

Is it because most, if not all, of the victims were drug addicted prostitutes whose lives are considered throwaway by the mainstream media? It is it because even Black people have their prejudices, so when it comes down to justice for Black women selling their bodies for illegal substances versus Black males with criminal histories a mile long, they will side with the ex-felon over the drug addled street walker?

I feel for the families of those who have been killed by the cops, most of whom I am firmly convinced are card carrying members of White Power organizations like the Brotherhood of Klans and League of The South. However, I also believe that many of the victims of police murder have brought it on themselves. What fool is going to reach into his pocket when a cop tells him to put his hands up? That cop is carrying weapons, and he will not hesitate to use them whether it’s the gun in that holster, the mace, or the billy club. Hell, these days they probably carry something else, perhaps a sword with Blut Und Ehre inscribed on it for all I know.

According to the site Killed By Police, there have been a lot of non-Blacks slain by the good ol’ boys in blue as well. Don’t their lives matter too? I counted more than a dozen White men this year alone, as well as several Hispanics and Native Americans including 27 year old Loreal Barnell-Tsingine. I don’t know if it’s the Liberal media carrying on as if only African American males are being targeted, but that is definitely not true. I have a feeling that police simply like to kill people because they know they will get away with it. There are a lot of psychopaths out there – why would law enforcement be any different from the civilian population?

Americans are living in a Police State, true enough. But it isn’t only Blacks that are targeted. It may seem that way because 1) most Blacks live in low income areas; 2) Blacks tend to have the lowest incomes of any race in this country; and 3) Poor people tend to commit more crime in an effort to get by, such as drug dealing, when they cannot find regular employment. When you are in a ghetto where most Black men are seen as lazy, living off their women who receive state benefits while living in rent-subsidized housing, the police will demonize you more than they would a college grad who has his own place, own car, and a job. It doesn’t matter if that college grad is Black either, you and he will be compared and you, the hood rat bum, will be the one the cops look down on every time.

Black lives matter, and they should. But so should all the Blacks that have been killed by other Blacks. That is why I wrote this, and I will probably write more about the subject in the future.


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