My hometown is overrun with illegals. Most of them are from Mexico, but many come from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Nicaragua, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and several African nations. Some many come from Ecuador, Belize, Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay, Cuba, Brazil and the West Indies. There are even Haitians and Southeast Asians who get to the West Coast by boat and then make their way down South.

A lot of Americans – Bleeding Heart Liberals for the most part – feel sorry for these people and want to give them amnesty, even when they broke immigration laws coming to this country. These libs wear shirts with graphics depicting Native Americans, such as those pictured below, as if this makes illegally entering the country a valid excuse for criminals from 3rd world lands.


America was a different place then. Africans were imported as slaves into the country, their families ripped apart during a barbaric trade. Whites slaughtered the Natives and drove them off their lands onto ‘reservations’, which was how Europeans took over countries in the Old World – so why would they behave any differently in the New World?

However, this has nothing to do with the laws of today. Law breakers should not be given amnesty, they should not be allowed to have anchor babies who are automatically given citizenship, and they should definitely not be allowed to live off taxpayers, receiving welfare benefits that only Americans should receive. Nor should they be given preference as far as hiring – yet many employers will hire ‘them’ over ‘us’, claiming that illegals are hard workers. 

This is not wholly true. My boyfriend’s late father, who had a construction company down on the NC coast, hired lots of illegals, most of them Mexicans, and some of them were quite lazy. A lot of the females in my city lie to social workers in order to get food stamps, WIC, and Medicaid by saying they have no husbands, when they are actually living with their men (and sometimes with several other family members in a 4 room house).  I’m not saying I believe in entitlement programs but when a person needs help, it should be provided – and not to those who broke the laws entering this country illegally, nor for any children they bring with them or have as anchor babies.

Try going to any country and living life the way these illegals here do. I guarantee you will not get away with it. You will not be given the Red Carpet Treatment that America hands to the illegals here on a 24k gold platter. Try doing in Mexico what the Mexicans here do. Try it in any Latin American country, or the Caribbean, or Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe even…and see if you get away with it. See if you can get free government hand outs, health care, automatic citizenship for your anchor babies, and jobs over the natives. I’ll bet you can’t.

Hell, an American can’t even enter Britain without getting a stamp in the ol’ US passport: “Leave to enter for six months. Employment and recourse to public funds prohibited”.  Yet illegals can willfully jump our borders, which is breaking the law, and apply for welfare benefits for themselves and their equally illegal children – that’s right, they can receive aid even for the children that are not born in this country. When are the gullible taxpayers here going to wake up and smell the enchiladas?




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