Zionist Occupation/Occupied Government is commonly believed to be an anti-semitic conspiracy theory in which those who know it exists hold that the Jews control whatever country it is, with the United States being the top nation, followed to Great Britain, Germany, France, Canada and Australia among many others. In a way, it is true that there is a Zionist movement in most of these countries but I don’t wholly believe that the Jews have as much power in some as they do others. Unfortunately, ZOG really does exist as far as America is concerned and I will show you why I believe this is true.

First, there are many websites that expose the disease that is zionism including several that are maintained by…JEWS! Well, one of them is a former Jew so – anyway, these sites (Jeff RenseJew Watch, and Nathanael Kapner) to name but a few) reveal to anyone who visits the sites what a real menace that zionism truly is. I don’t know about you, but I find it extremely disturbing that Jews are in so much control in America. This is why Hollywood keeps churning out the Holocaust propaganda flicks; Jews control that industry and have since the Nazis ran them out of Europe!

Jewish Hollywood (Surprised? I sure as hell wasn’t.)

Jewish Entertainers (Michael Jackson on this list refers to the radio host, not the late singer!)

A large percentage of television shows are produced by Jews and many of these have a decidedly liberal slant – Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is a prime example. I have seen nearly every episode of this show and I can spot the messages in each one from a thousand miles. Why do I watch it? My fiance loves it, and I had to do some editing work on the episode entitled ‘Wet’ for film class so I kind of got hooked on it. Not to mention it’s funny as hell at times.

Every African American show from the 70s on through the 90s were mainly produced by Jews. It has only been since the millennium that Blacks have started producing their own shows. A lot of White separatists use this to show support for their belief that the Jews are behind race mixing. I wonder why Jews would promote miscegenation for others, yet sitshiva for their own children when they choose to marry no-Jews? However, I have seen where many marriages are between Jews and the dreaded Goyim, so apparently a lot of Jews – particularly of the ultra liberal Hollywood ilk – marry outside of their faith on a regular basis.

Jewish Media (A real eye opener this, and totally true. I research several sources before I list one.)

Jewish Leaders (Where are the leaders of African Americans, Latinos, and Asians?)

We may not have had a Jewish president yet – Barry Goldwater and John Kerry both had Jewish heritage and ran for the presidency, whilst Joseph Lieberman and Bernie Sanders probably have mostly Jewish blood and wanted to get into the White house more recently) – but there are dozens of Jews in government in highly powerful positions. This ensures that billions of taxpayer money will continue to go to aid the Terrorist State of Israel, and also to make sure that organizations such as the ADL and JDL, the latter of which is a racist group that always whines about everyone else being anti-semites. Both are blatantly pro-Israel.

Jewish Government (You may be shocked by this one but I wasn’t.)

Jewish Activists (I have seen many of these names on other sites.)

Anytime there is criticism of Israel or the Jews, you will be black-listed ASAP. Take Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Rob Schneider, John Cusak, Mia Farrow – and she was married to an ugly Jew! – and Anthony Bourdain, among others. Jews will crush your career should you dare to speak out against the racist state they so lovingly call Israel (and believe should be only for the Jewish people, based on a collection of writings from more than 2,000 years ago), as is probably the case with Gary Oldman, This very talented actor has never won an Oscar and never will since he has made negative comments on Jewish control of Hollywood.

Sheeple are blind and stupid. I am glad that my own eyes are open and I don’t take what I read or watch at face value. Even the Chinese believe that Jews control the US – and they are 100% correct. The German Weimar Republic was dominated by Jews – why do you think the Nazis wanted them out of Deutschland at any cost? It is not ‘racist’ to admit this. Jews are not a separate race. They are a semitic people – just like the Arabs whom the Sephardic type closely resemble – and are classified as Caucasian. They just have a somewhat different religion – rather than worshiping a Savior and believing in a Holy Trinity, they only follow G_d.

Jews run America. They control the United States. This is why I am damned glad ol’ Bernie is out of the race for the presidency. The last thing on earth America needs is a Jewish president, everything would really be shot to hell then!


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