Black people will do anything and go to extraordinary lengths to prove that they are not fully Black. I laugh at those people because here in the good ol’ US of A, that ‘one drop’ rule still matters for most, if not all, Whites. Sure, they might allow you to call yourself biracial – there are plenty that have termed President Obama such, probably because they cannot stomach the idea of a Black president – but generally, if you have even a Black great grandparent and you yourself appear White as the driven snow, you will be classified as African American.

Take Lezlie from the Ancestry DNA ad. Supposedly, people ask her several times a week, “What are you?” so she ordered the kit, sent in her sample, and got surprising results: she is a mixture of African, European, and Asian! Granted, the Asian part of her is only 2%…but never mind that, Lezlie has been vindicated because she just knew, deep down inside, that she was not 100% Negro. YES!

Now I wouldn’t mind doing the same thing, because the sperm donor was adopted. He never knew his father, who apparently was a White man. He never knew whether the guy was Italian, Jewish, Czech, Russian, Polish, German, French, Irish, or whatever. All he knew was that the man was Caucasian. It is for this reason, not knowing where one of my grandparents came from or truly what he was, that I would order this kit. I am genuinely curious. Besides, I have been told that I don’t ‘have the features of a Negro’, as one White woman put it. I have always known that I look mixed, even though I am not and I consider Black because those are the people who raised me, who I grew up around, and who I am most comfortable being with. Yet I long to know what my DNA would reveal about me.

However, should I get back a report that reveals some DNA that is less than 20% and especially fewer than 5%, I am not going to trumpet the results on national television and make myself look like a fool. Lezlie is not Asian, she might be mixed but that is it. In America, she is still a Black woman. She is darker than I am and looks more African, if that can be said, than I do. How she can glorify in 2% Asian DNA is beyond me but that’s a Black person for you. I have known plenty that went on and on about their Native American heritage, the fact that we Blacks ‘are all mixed up’, and so on. They brag about ‘good hair’, any eye color that is not brown, untypical facial features, and the all important skin tone. Blacks are probably more color-conscious than any group of people on Earth aside from the people of India, whose racist, colorist caste system has turned them into a nation of bigots.

It is sad that non-White people long to be anything but what and who they truly are, whilst fighting for acceptance from the White man that will never come. Just be who you are, what you are, and don’t try to say you are something you aren’t. Will White people love and accept you because you have a White mother and a Black father, or vice versa? Will they love you any more simply due to the fact you have 2% of some non-African DNA? I am as light as they come without being White, my natural eye color is hazel (which comes from my grandmother, who was also what Blacks call ‘high yellow’ or a ‘redbone’ – her mother was part White with blue-hazel eyes in fact)…yet I am not fully accepted by Caucasian society, nor do I care to be.

I am who I am, and if you don’t like it, fuck you.


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