100+ million Native Americans were murdered by the US Government whilst 10+ million Africans died as a direct result of the Atlanta Slave Trade.

Yet you don’t hear about this. All you hear about, on and on ad nauseam, are the supposed 6 million Jews who died during the Nazi era in Germany and other parts of Europe.

I am quite fed up with the constant harping on the Holocaust and quite sick of the whining of Jews, period. Every year, it seems, there is a movie made about 1) Auschwitz or some other ‘death camp’; 2) Hitler or some other Nazi; 3) Resistance fighters. Every year, there are books published on the same tired old subjects. With all these ‘death camp’ survivors penning memoirs left and right, I’m beginning to wonder if there are really any deaths connected with those places.

There have been more than 200 films on this topic, usually made by Jews and/or their supporters. I found less than 50 that concerned the subject of slavery, and less than that about Native American genocide (most movies ranked ‘Natives’ tend to be White-oriented, such as Legends of The Fall).

Jews keep using the Holocaust as an excuse to make money, which they are very good at doing. They stick together and are all for themselves and their beloved Israel, a country many American Jews visit faithfully at least once in their lives (usually when they reach the age of majority) though most visit several times, being that they can afford to do so. Germany, Austria & Switzerland are wealthy, clean European nations. Jews have been milking the Holocaust tit, taking money from these countries for the past 50 years. I don’t know why they allow it, but I guess it’s like with our government taking our tax money to fund that dusty, terrorist hellhole the Jews call their homeland.

Jews carry on as if they were the only group of people to die during the Nazi era but that is simply not true. The reason it seems so is because of their constant barrage of Holocaust-related material, throwing that exhausted old history in our faces over and over till our eyes are crossed from looking at it. As you can see yourself from the pie chart below, there were others who perished at the hands of the Nazis and their henchmen – not just the Jews.

I don’t ever see any reparations coming for us descendants of the Native American genocide or the African American genocide. Jews will argue till they are blue in their Semitic faces against it – I have read articles written by those with obvious Jewish surnames that claim reparations for slavery would do modern Blacks no good, there is no way to find out who is actually the descendant of slaves, etc – Jews want all the money for Israel and Jewish interests here in America. It might be also that a lot of Jews owned fantastic plantations and slaves themselves, and they don’t want to dish out money for reparations even though they are probably guilty of the same evils they blame Christian Whites for.

It’s time to put out some great, thought-provoking films on the Native American Holocaust because that is one truth which needs to be revealed, because a lot of people don’t know a thing about it. We also must never forget that there was a time when Blacks – still treated worse than dogs by many – were kept as chattel, beaten and starved and whipped and used, families torn apart, mothers separated from children, husbands ripped from their wives and turned into beasts of the field. White Americans hate to be reminded of this, and I suspect the Jews feel this way too because there is proof that some of them were slaveowners as well.

Never forget. More than 110+ million Native Americans and African Slaves murdered. This is YOUR history, White man – you created this monster, and we will NEVER allow you to forget that.


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