Why do successful Blacks feel a need to have a White spouse? Is this because they sincerely love that person despite her/his skin color, or is it some deeper issue, such as a feeling of inferiority (thus, having a Caucasian spouse will make them more acceptable to Whites) or is it because they’ve made it so now they can marry what they have always desired, which is a White female/man?

Why is is that most Black males who have ‘made it’ have White wives? Is this due to the so-called ugliness of Black women and the supposedly angelic beauty of White women? Is this because Black men have always secretly lusted after White women, so when they can afford them – because White women are far more ‘high maintenance’ than any hood rat – they will go for the Caucasian over the Negro? Is it just because society makes it seem that White women are the best, the creme de la creme, so that every man, no matter what his race, background, religion, etc, is, pants after the Caucasian lady no matter the outer beauty of a Black woman or any other type?

Have you noticed how many successful Black women – particularly in the entertainment industry – have White boyfriends and husbands? Let one Black male mistreat them and they go White forever (that old cougar Tina Turner is a prime example).

What about all the Asian women with White husbands? How many Asian men do you know of or see with a White or non-Asian spouse? Hell, I’d take an Asian man any day over a Black man because Asian men are smarter (more so than Whites even), hard working, and while they are not my type as far as the looks go, the intellect alone would more than make up for that. Nearly all of my boyfriends have been butt ugly anyway. Not sure why, must be that Beauty & the Beast thing.

What is it about White women that makes the likes of Tiger Woods, Reggie Bush, John Legend, and even such “I love being Black” types as Kanye West go weak in the knees, cock, and head? I’m trying to figure it out even though I honestly could care less because to be truthful, Black men rarely do it for me. Most of them are fat, with pudgy faces, and have that thug mentality. Also, I am not attracted to guys with thick dark lips, who speak Ebonics, swag, and who call women hoes, thots, bitches, and sluts. So even when I meet a Black guy I find a turn on, he generally has a street thug manner that causes me to race in the opposite direction.

Personally, I prefer White or light-skinned Black guys (caramel-complected especially), Latinos and Native Americans too. I do not like very pale skin, I’m more of the tall, dark & handsome type (a cliche I know but who cares), and blonds don’t do a damn thing for me (neither do redheads, yuck). This is just my preference. I grew up watching certain shows and hearing certain things from my family (mainly, that Black men were no account which I saw within the culture I was raised in), and it’s hard to break away from that kind of conditioning. I hated Black baby dolls as a kid too because my own skin was light, and so I guess I associated the White baby dolls with myself.

Perhaps marrying out of their racial group is the preference of these individuals. However, I do believe with many of them that having a White spouse is like what Chester Himes felt back in 1940s/50s, as an expat writer of color living in Europe, that having a Caucasian wife was an asset. Maybe this is what Black men in America and other White-dominated nations believe; and the Black women probably feel the same as well.

People should marry who they all in love with, not what others (family, friends, society) say they should. Unless it is a matter of life and death that is. I could marry a man of any race – religion might be another story, as I am agnostic and undoubtedly would feel uncomfortable with someone of any belief system who could be called a zealot or  even fairly religious. My choices would be a White or light-brown Black male, followed by a Native American or Hispanic, and then an Asian. And no, I don’t find all White men attractive. Nordic types do leave me cold. I’ve never understood why some women are hot for Italian or French guys either, especially since I think they smell. German guys, on the other hand, are some of the best looking in Europe I have ever seen, and this includes the Blacks.


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