America is one Melting Pot that never truly melted much despite what White Supremacists may think. Even today, with integration and Affirmative Action and all those other programs that Whites claim favor minorities, one rarely finds a lot of black pepper in the salt of affluent neighborhoods. Perhaps a bit of turmeric or ginger or curry, but definitely not cumin!

Asians of most skin tones are generally accepted by Whites over Blacks and Hispanics, even when the latter aren’t very brown. This is probably due to the reputation of Hispanics as a criminal element because, like Blacks and Native Americans, Hispanics tend to be demonized by the Media…unless they are half European like the murderer George Zimmerman. Of course, if George Z did not have a non-Latino name and his father wasn’t who he is, he wouldn’t be accepted by full Whites either.

Where I reside, one sees Black men with White women mostly, followed by White men (usually old and ugly) with Asian women (who are obviously their Mail Order Brides). It is not extremely common but more so than other interracial pairings. The Hispanics in my area do not mix much with non-Latinos but when they do, it is typically a Hispanic male with a White or Black female, though sometimes you will see Hispanic women with a Black or (less common) White male. You will see White men with Black women more commonly than the Latinos with a non-Hispanic. Rarely will you see an Asian male with a non-Asian female, and I’ve only seen it twice (both times the women were White) though once I was contacted by an Asian male on POF whose former wife was Black (they had a daughter together).

Surprisingly, there is an Asian family living in a Black area that I consider quite ghetto, but I never see them around Hispanics here. The Hispanics in my city tend to move around lower class Whites and working class Blacks; in fact, many Hispanics have been buried in the traditionally Black cemetery and even utilize the Black funeral homes, more so over the White. This is because a lot of Hispanics have been discriminated against by White Americans and sometimes believe – mistakenly – that Blacks will accept them better due to their own lowly status in this country.

However, Asians – particularly the Indians, whose caste system is as racist as any redneck bumpkin White – will move around Whites. They tend to emulate Whites as much as possible in their choice of clothing, careers, vehicles, speech patterns, children’s friends, and even marriage partners, especially if they are Korean, Japanese, Chinese, etc. At least the Indians will marry their own, no doubt due to arranged marriages and becoming engaged at the age of 9 or 11. Some Hispanics – if they are really Spanish, or come from White majority South American nations as Argentina, Colombia, Uruquay, Paraguay, Chile, and Caribbean islands like Cuba and the Dominican Republic – will be accepted. They must pass the skin tone test however – Sofia Vergara types over Rosie Perez for example!

As a Woman of Color, I don’t believe that I need to be accepted by American Whites and I would never choose to move into a predominantly White area where I would possibly be snubbed for not being one of the club, as a former classmate was when she and her husband bought a home in a subdivision that was exclusively Caucasian. (She was blatantly ignored by her White neighbors, so much so that she put the house up for sale and moved into an area that was mostly Black.) Whites may seem like liberal people – except for the conservatives of course – but when it comes down to being honestly PC, they will not hesitate to show their true colors where race is concerned. They are PC in word only and not in practice. How many of those liberal Whites do you know with a Black friend? Maybe an Asian friend, perhaps even a Hispanic friend – but rarely a Black friend. And it is usually the friendships that tell the frankness of the American soul, no matter the skin color.


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