I recently learned that David Yeagley, a member of the extreme right, political blogger/activist, and so-called Native American (his writings definitely come across as a White Supremacist) passed away. I cannot say that I am saddened by his death. I don’t pretend to be something I am not – I don’t claim to be a Black Separatist here on this blog or on my others. In fact, I admit to being a misanthrope and a misandrist and that is what I am. I probably do write more exposes on the inherited racism of the Caucasian race than any other, but I am pretty much an Equal Opportunity Hater.

Yeagley, on the other hand, staked a claim to Native blood as well as being the great-great-grandson of Comanche leader Bad Eagle. However, he wrote more like the great-great-grandson of Nathan Bedford Forest. Many Natives had their doubts that this bigot even had a smidgen of Indian blood. If he did, he definitely carried a lot of self-hate. I have a bit of Native blood myself, and I am proud of it. It’s the White in me that I am ashamed of. At any rate, while I am not rejoicing at the death of Yeagley, I am not sorry he’s gone either. You may visit his website here if you have the curiosity: Dead Eagle.

A second infamous person who’s in the grave is William Pierce, another White Supremacist  who ruled those idiots for 3 decades, and author of the very controversial Turner Diaries, published under the pseudonym Andrew MacDonald. Though this character died over 10 years ago, I did not know about it until after I’d started digging deeper into the psyche of the White Supremacist. This was after I came across ‘Bad Eagle’ and Yeagley’s racist vomit disguised as American Patriotism. When I learnt that Pierce was dead, I could only sigh and say, “Good riddance.”

Pierce also at one point owned Resistance Records, a label that puts out hate music by bands you will never hear on local radio – I hope. He was married more than once, 5 times in fact, and his last 3 wives were Eastern European, a fact that doesn’t surprise me a bit considering that many Eastern Europeans, Slavs though most of them are, have a fanaticism for anything to do with the Nazis. On Hitler’s birthday in Russia, skinheads actually celebrate the fact which makes me shake my head and chuckle at the stupidity o sheeple. The guy hated Slavic people, considered them ‘subhuman’ so why would these fools worship him? Such idiocy.

The last White Supremacist who should not slumber peacefully in his grave is David Lynch – not the filmmaker – who was found murdered in his home in Sacamento, CA a couple of years ago. His then-girlfriend, pregnant at the time, was also shot but wasn’t killed. Lynch was a well-known creature of the skinhead movement out West, in league with the late Pierce as well as Tom Metzger, another very popular figure in the White Racist movement with an organization known as WAR, White Aryan Resistance.

This guy was the leader of American Front, which he joined whilst still living in Florida, moving up the ranks quickly to eventually become ‘Eastern States Chairman’. Lynch was trying to unite all the White Supremacists together to fight for the common good, such as it is, and he well on his way to accomplishing his goal from the sources I have read. He was connected with a lot of powerful folks in the White Racist movement, and I’m sure all of those fools were shocked & saddened by his murder. I’m could care less which is why I included him on this blog.

Good riddance to bad rubbish, It’s too bad we can’t put all of these Haters with the assholes we taxpayers are taking care of who sit on Death Row. Let ’em duke it out with one another in a huge ring out in Death Valley, for all I care.


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