I am dating a White guy and let me tell you, he gets his drawers in a knot every time he sees a post by one of his Black (biracial) cousins, who is always putting pro-Black/anti-White memes, quotes, etc, on Facebook – even though her mother is White! My boyfriend told me not long after we began dating that he has mixed race cousins, that his aunt had always dated Black men, and that the family never accepted this about her. She could never bring her boyfriends home, for example, simply because they were not welcome. His late father was the type of White person who would buy sexual services from a Black hooker, work with Blacks, maybe even go out drinking with them – but he drew the line at more interpersonal relationships. This not only went for Blacks, but Asians, Natives, and Hispanics (especially) too.

I’m sure that J’s cousin feels a lot of resentment at how her mom was treated by her own family, and this is the main reason she posts all that race stuff. White people hate it when you point out that racism yet exists, and that they are the main perpetrators of it. Just as I cringe when I see White folks dancing on TV commercials, Whites cringe whenever something pops up to remind them of their racist heritage as Americans.

Mention slavery, the Black Codes, Jim Crow, the Civil Rights Movement, Affirmative Action, the Million Man March, Black Lives Matter, the Race Card, or anyone involved with African Americans, and you will see the racism in the eyes of Whites – even those you may consider friends. How many liberal Whites do you think actually like to listen to the speeches of Louis Farrakhan, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr, or read about Ida B. Wells, Medgar Evers, Emmett Till, Rosa Parks or Marcus Garvey? I am surprised that there are actually White people who are Rastafarians considering that it started out as a Black Supremacy movement.

Here follows my list of shit that Caucasians really hate – mind you, it is my opinion and your own thoughts may differ:

  1. Being reminded of their virulently racist past via movies, shows, music, etc.
  2. Owning up to the racism that still exists in Amerikkka.
  3. Having to pretend being ‘proud’ racists in order to feel superior to other races, particularly the Brown and the Black.
  4. When non-Whites don’t celebrate the 4th of July.
  5. Having a biracial President married to a Black woman with gorgeous, well-mannered Black children.
  6. Seeing non-Whites, specially Blacks, with more than they have.

  7. Knowing that ‘their’ precious Amerikkka is being overrun by the Brown People from South of the Border.
  8. Being reminded that their beloved pale skin wrinkles quite fast.
  9. When people tell them their beloved hair stinks like animal fur when it’s wet.
  10. That many White men still lust after Black beauty, probably because so many White women look like hags at age 35 and beyond.
  11. That Botox was invented for White skin mostly, as Blacks rarely wrinkle so badly unless they have too much Caucasian blood.
  12. That if they should ever need a blood transfusion, they might wind up with the blood from one of us ‘mud race monkeys’.

There are many other things that can be added to the list above, but I intend to keep it short and sweet for now – as I can always add more later. White people are truly a race of people to be pitied more than admired, envied, feared, or despised though I’m sure a lot of people feel a mixture of these emotions when they think about White people. It’s not something I stew over every day, but I can’t help thinking about it whenever my boyfriend makes a comment about his cousin’s racial postings. I cannot see any bad deal that White people have gotten as far as Affirmative Action is concerned, and I just don’t get it when White people complain, whine, bitch, moan, and cry over Black activism and being called out whenever something horrifically racist does occur.
White people are secure and smug in their Whiteness. They cannot and will not empathize with non-Whites over anything. Either there is racism – and they claim that it’s not like that anymore, whatever the hell that means – or there isn’t. White people state that racism in the US, for the most part, is no longer a problem. I say White Americans have their heads stuck in the mud. There is racism in this country and there always will be racism. There is White privilege in this country and there will always be White privilege. Get your heads out of the damn mud and realize that it’s still here, Whites.

But it happens to be true!


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