You can’t tell the truth without morons getting upset and throwing tantrums on the Internet – as if who cares really? And why the hell should it matter to you what I think and write and say and feel about a topic? Black people especially have thin skins when it comes to reading, hearing, or seeing a fact about their race that happens to be correct. Sure, Whites hate it when they get teased about Caucasian reality, but I think Blacks may hate it a little more.

Take Black on Black violence, for example. This is not a stereotype – a word I don’t like using – it is a fact. Besides, stereotypes happen to be accurate. There is a great deal of Black on Black violence, yet you don’t see Black Lives Matter parading in the streets about it. More Black men rape White women than White men do Black women, although that went on for years under slavery and even Jim Crow. Same with Hispanic women (I have not found any statistics on Asian women and sexual assault but I will keep searching). Who are the victims of Black male serial killers? Why, Black women of course! Except for Coral Eugene Watts, Kendall Francois, and a few others, Black male serial killers prey on women within their own race – same with White male serial killers, other than Gary Ridgway and a couple of others.

Other certitudes that Blacks won’t seem to accept are that:

  1. Black victims of cops often bring the results upon themselves by not complying with the law.
  2. Just because the Browns (Latinos) move around you does not mean they like you.
  3. Most non-Whites tend to emulate Whites and hold Blacks in contempt.
  4. You can’t keep playing the Race Card simply because you happen to be a loser.
  5. Speaking Ebonics sounds ignorant and only ghetto Black Americans talk that way.
  6. Just because Whites appear to like you at work doesn’t mean they’re inviting you to their homes.
  7. You can work rather than stand around on a street corner all day selling drugs.
  8. Black men are sorry as hell because they create babies, won’t take care of them, then sell dope & go to prison, which becomes a cycle until they are finally murdered or sent to prison for life.

  9. You can’t keep blaming the legacy of slavery for the ills of African Americans today. Certainly, slavery played a part in shaping modern Blacks but before the Civil Rights movement, Black kids were members of 2-parent families, Blacks worked, and while there were criminals, that element was nowhere near the large numbers it makes up today.
  10. Hood names will stamp your child as a product of thug culture faster than skin color.
  11. African Americans have fully embraced hip hop culture to the extent that most young boys dream of becoming rappers when they grow up. What happened to becoming doctors, lawyers, teachers, and scholars?
  12. Black girls have more out-of-wedlock babies than Whites, at least in my area. White men will usually step up and marry the mother of his child. Black men don’t typically do that.

Blacks do not care to believe any of it, they will cry racism every time a truth comes out about the African American community. They want to keep whining about the Race Card and moaning about slavery’s legacy and how Black men were emasculated under that system and Black families torn apart and Black women denigrated and…it goes on and on. I’m not saying it isn’t true, that those things did not take place. But are they taking place today? If they are, it is Blacks ourselves who are doing it. We only hurt ourselves when we bitch about events that happened dozens, hundreds of years before our own births. What can you or anyone else do about something that occurred in the 1700s?
Stop crying about all that sad history and get on with it. What do you think, just because you are the descendant of people brought over to work free labor for rich idle Whites that you are entitled to welfare, food stamps, WIC, and Section 8? We’re never going to get those trillions of reparations owed to us from the US government for working our ancestors to death, so you might as well beat Whitey at his/her own game. Get educated, get a career, and get to work. Future Blacks are depending on us.


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