Why is it that every time there is a racial incident here in the United States, Black people use the Race Card to explain why it occurred? A Black criminal gets shot by White police while attempting to burglarize a home. It’s because he’s Black, not because he was a crook trying to take someone else’s property. A Black woman is 25, works in fast food, lives in public housing, gets public aid for her 5 children by 3 different guys, all of whom are either drug dealers or in jail or prison. Blame Whitey for discrimination that keeps Black single mothers impoverished!

Sorry losers, but you can’t keep blaming others for your own ills. You’ve put yourself in those same situations time and again, but rather than try to do something constructive with your life, you’d rather sit there and drink a 40 oz and smoke a blunt and say it’s because you are Black that such bad luck keeps happening, and it’s the fault of the White man and slavery and the Black Codes and Jim Crow.

According to African American scholars, it is not the White man or institutionalized racism or the legacy of slavery, Black codes, Jim Crow, or the Civil Rights movement that keeps Blacks down. It is all the Entitlement programs that came into being as a result of the Democratic Party’s turn for the worse during the 1960s. Google Thomas Sowell, an educated Black male, who will admit that the Welfare State is one of the worst things to happen to Blacks in America since slavery, Black Codes, and Jim Crow combined. Entitlement programs have made Blacks lazy, greedy for hand outs any place they can get them, and pissed off when they are told their Entitlement programs are being cut or taken away.

Before the 1960s, Black people did not riot so much, they worked more for the things they desired, and while there was rampant discrimination and White racism was blatant, there was hardly any Black violence of the type that we see today. Black people did not go around killing each other over $20 rocks (crack cocaine) or a pair of Air Jordans or a nickel bag of weed. And no, I do not blame the US government for ‘introducing’ drugs into Black communities. Drug pushers did that, and no one forces any person to take drugs. They do it to themselves. I don’t feel sorry for any addicted people but that’s a topic for a future blog post. Black families were 2 parent households before the 1970s but now the norm is the Black 1 parent home, and that parent nearly always the female.

If you will look at the underclass of any ‘civilized’ country, you will find that the poor – despite color – are kept in the throes of poverty as a result of the Welfare State. The lower class Whites of Britain are a prime example of this. Read “Life at The Bottom” by Theodore Dalrymple if you don’t believe me. Entitlement programs breed laziness and lawlessness, because people feel that they don’t need to work when they can get a check for money (with more money for each child they have), a benefits card that allows them to buy groceries tax-free, vouchers they can use to obtain very low cost housing (even if they are in projects or high-crime areas), and free formula for their fatherless babies. Rather than find legal employment, young men in ghettos prefer instead to live off their women in public housing and sell drugs for cash. I’ve seen this myself with family members and acquaintances and no, not all of them are Black.

Even Rush Limbaugh confessed, on his show in either 1993 or ’94, that there are far more Whites receiving Entitlement benefits than there are Blacks. This is because Blacks, despite what you may think if you live in a big city where there may seem to be hundreds of African Americans, only make up around 13% of the US population. Unfortunately, they make up about 38% of the prison pop and commit half of the homicides in this country. What about all the Black on Black crime? Almost every murder I see on such reality shows as The First 48 or Crime 360 are Black on Black, Hispanic on Hispanic, and White on White. I rarely see any interracial killings on such shows. I have seen a few on Forensic Files and Cold Case where a Black male raped & killed a White or Asian female, but that’s it. It is a terrible reality that more Black and Latino males rape White females than White males do non-White women.

Do you see the Black Lives Matter crowd yelling about any of that? Of course you don’t. They are only going to whine about when Blacks are killed by police, especially White or Latin police. It is only when they can play the Race Card that African Americans rally together to try to change things.


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