Do you ever sit and just wonder why people do the things they do and why they are the way they are, why life is the way it is, and why shit happens?

I often do and here are some of the subjects I have ruminated on over the years. There’s a very strong possibility that I will never discover the answers to some of my most pressing questions because hey, people are a strange bunch of creatures. Who can honestly figure out why they’re the way they are?

  1. Why do some White guys wear bangs?
  2. Why do most people believe having an education will always get you somewhere?
  3. How come most pet commercials are aimed at dog parents?
  4. Why do the Jews run Hollywood?
  5. Why does religion even exist?
  6. Why is the Black race the only one with woolly hair?
  7. Why are Reality TV shows so popular?
  8. Why did MTV become less focused on music?
  9. Why is Fox News so conservative?
  10. Why are White women so obsessed with being skinny?

  11. Why are there still Communist countries?
  12. Who is really responsible for 9/11?
  13. How did rock music degenerate so badly?
  14. Is Death truly something to be feared?
  15. How did racism begin?
  16. Why is there so much hatred against women?
  17. How did abortion ever come about?
  18. Why do some Christians now embrace homosexuality?
  19. Are Black women considered the world’s least attractive?
  20. Is the transgender trend merely a lifestyle choice?

I know I am not the only one out here who thinks about such questions, pondering what the answers to them could be. I often watch TV and wonder why The First 48 & Crime 360 mostly show Blacks and Latinos as perps and victims…is this honestly how it is out there, or just how it is in the cities represented by that show?

Why does Redneck Reality intrigue people because frankly, I don’t see anything at all interesting about those people or their lives, and I don’t find them funny one bit. In fact, I see them as bigots and crude, ignorant asses…I don’t see what’s so great about them.

Do any of you cringe when you see White people on TV trying to dance? Unless they are trained professionals, White people appear stiff, unyielding, and look quite idiotic trying to dance. They should hire only pros for commercials where they need someone to dance.

Is it me, or are White comedians simply not funny? Tina Fey…ugh! And I cannot stand that pig Amy Schumer. Robin Williams, may he rest in peace, was better as a serious actor than he was a funny guy. Maybe it’s just me, but I think White comedians are merely stupid more so than hilarious.

Being a Woman of Color and proud of it – and glad to be as well, because who would choose to be White with that hideous badly aging skin, that limp hair that takes on odors so easily – I wonder why many non-White men prefer White women over their own, as if there are no attractive Black, Asian, or Mixed ladies out there (most Hispanics tend to be mixed). I find non-White the most attractive in fact and while I primarily date White guys, it is because of what they have more than who they are.

Some of you might say, ask God about all of this. I guess I should and would – if only I had such an imaginary friend!


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