Have you ever noticed how many White individuals and families are seen on paranormal shows versus Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, etc? Is this because the producers will choose Caucasians any day over a minority, or is it a fact that Whites are actually being haunted/possessed in droves?

If such phenomena as ghosts, demons, evil spirits, and poltergeists exist and one sees mainly Whites being harassed by these entities, then the conclusion one must come to is: Whites draw evil to them because they are inherently an iniquitous race of people. You will also notice that nearly all ghost hunters are Caucasian. Is this because it is mostly White people that are haunted, or because reality show producers, being White and suffering from hereditary racism, prefer to use Whites in their silly, usually over-the-top paranormal shows?

A great many of these reality shows will mention a Native American curse. Whites definitely ought to be the recipients of such, just from what their ancestors perpetrated against the Natives from the time they stepped their white feet on American soil until even today. (Police officers, notoriously racist creatures, have been killing Natives by the dozen, as if they intend to rid this earth of them once and for all, finish the job that wicked Andrew Jackson – whose ugly visage shouldn’t be on any legal tender – started back in the 1800s.)

Then there are the slave curses – usually done using Hoodoo, a Southern Black form of Voodoo that is mainly for cursing and jinxing.

Don’t believe me? Head to Daily Motion and watch any The Dead Files episode, especially the one about this White couple in Virginia who are living on land where a plantation once stood. I don’t recall the exact title but you’ll know it when you hear the story, because Amy Allen talks about how this Black woman, and other Black spirits she encounters, hate White people. The slave woman worked a Hoodoo jinx on the property and pretty much it was haunted to the point where Amy felt it would be difficult to get rid of all the spirits, most of whom were former slaves. The current owner, who had the appearance of a typical White racist, vowed to fight for ‘his’ land. White people are such funny critters at times. How can you fight for something that never, ever belonged to you in the first damn place? Laughable notion.

How many non-Whites have you ever seen on any of these paranormal shows: The Dead Files, Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, My Ghost Story, Paranormal Witness, and even A Haunting? Not very many. I remember one Black guy who was with some Whites, a part-Black, part-Vietnamese woman married to a White, a Hispanic family, a Hispanic couple (and Hispanics can be of any race – in fact, about half of them in the US identify as White), a Black guy dating a White girl, and an older Black man with his White wife. In most of these cases, it was the Caucasian half of the couple that drew the spirits, except with the Blasian woman and her daughter, who both had very odd experiences.

I honestly believe that because of the evil their ancestors have committed against others, and also of the hatred they hold in their own hearts, modern Whites are haunted/cursed/possessed by ‘demons’ – which I feel is simply the malevolent energy they have expended over the years coming back on them. This is why we will continue to see more paranormal shows featuring Whites in bondage to the nefarious darkness until the end of time, as those people will never change their abominable ways.


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