This country is too far gone down the road of moral bankruptcy from any type of salvation. Only a very strong power could help America now. Mass shootings, rampant violence, police brutality, in-your-face sexuality, blatant racism, strange reality TV shows, celebrity worship, and other weirdness has pickled the minds of Americans to the point of numbness. What the hell is wrong with the people of this country? What is the disease that has America in such a downward spiral, a rapid decline?

The United States is no longer the super power it was once. Unemployment remains high because cheap companies prefer to outsource jobs to citizens of countries like India, China, and Malaysia rather than pay decent wages to Americans. Equal pay for equal work remains an unattainable goal. The costs of health care are still exorbitant, ObamaCare notwithstanding. It does not help matters that the 1% enjoy a lavish lifestyle, the true American Dream, while other citizens barely make ends meet.

It’s scary to be an American these days. You can’t tell if you are going to be shot while standing in line at the local supermarket, or knifed in the restroom of a Walmart, or attacked in the parking lot of your favorite restaurant. Terrorists can be Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or otherwise. You just can’t tell these days. Growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, I could play on the street without fear of a stray bullet piercing my brain. Now children can’t even ride their bikes without being shot by thugs in a turf war. America is a really sick country now.

American churches fund the relocation to this country of thousands of refugees from such war-torn nations as Syria, Somalia, and many others. I know that a great many churches tend to charitable, but charity should begin at home. I see so many homeless people out on the streets – a lot of them are veterans and proud to tell you so – and it shouldn’t have to be that way. Why should America continue to take on the world’s woes when we can’t even fix our own social ills?

Every day on the news, there is something about a shooting. It is usually an unarmed Black man killed by trigger-happy cops but sometimes it’s a murder-suicide, typically perpetrated by the male of the couple/family. On this day, it is the sniper-murders of several police officers in Dallas. Not only must we dread terrorism from abroad, but in our country as well. It’s been this way since the KKK rode their horses into the night, frightening the freed slaves and bringing fear into the hearts of many.

Don’t ask me what can be done to repair what ails this nation. Some people would say God. Others would say the government. Still most would probably declare that it is the American citizens who ought to be responsible for rectifying the broken down system here. That might be what this country needs. Strong-willed, intelligent, goal-oriented people who aren’t afraid of hard work. Unfortunately, that does not sound like even half of the millennials that make up today’s young adults.


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