Social media tells it all. Two African American males were recently murdered by cops. Where was the outcry from White America? Yet when five cops are killed by a sniper, apparently because the sniper was in a rage over the police killings of unarmed Blacks and wanted to murder Whites in retaliation, there was an immediate roar of anger, disapproval, sorrow, despair, and all the emotions in between. From Whites anyhow. I did not see much about the Dallas shootings from Black Facebook ‘friends’ and Twitter followers.

Until today that is. What the Black people are upset about is that cops continue to get away with killing us, shooting us when we are unarmed – yet the Whites want to bitch about how African American ‘criminals’ are memorialized by Black Lives Matter, who they say only care about the lives of Black people. How many Whites stood up to speak out against the taking of Black lives by cops before the movement started?

How many Whites on the jury that acquitted the murderers of young Emmett Till in 1955 believed that J. W. Milam and Roy Bryant had not carried out the nefarious kidnapping and torture-killing enough to stand up to his fellow jurors and vote for a conviction?

How many Whites led the fight against the lynching of African Americans in the years following the end of the Civil War and the demise of American slavery? Not very many, and the few that did probably lived in states where not a great many lynchings even took place, if ever.

Even my boyfriend, who is White, stated that ‘White people have no heart’ and he’s correct. I know for a fact that his own family are racist people who care more about their dogs than they do people. His mother doesn’t even have photos of people on the walls of her house, and only her grandchildren are on the refrigerator, along with a photo of two dogs that are no longer with them. Touching. White people are pretty heartless, they barely show emotion unless it concerns…what else…DOGS. That is the sorry truth. Remember how the Whites became so enraged over Michael Vick and dog fights? They sent that Black man to prison for it – at least they didn’t try to kill him because I’m sure if the same thing happened today, he would be shot dead.

When it comes to the lives of animals, White people become overly emotional and quite indignant. There are organizations galore that cater to mistreated animals – yet how many are out there that are for people that just as abused? It is true that most animals are defenseless creatures but had dogs, cats, and other furry critters not been domesticated, there would not be the issue of animal abuse – would there? They were not put here on this earth to be companions to people. Humans were put here to be companions to one another.

At any rate, I am tired of seeing all the PETA and ASPCA and the Human Society ads on TV when there are problems much bigger than maltreated animals. Why are there dozens of such organizations around the world, almost as many for animals as there are organizations for human beings? My heart bleeds for animals that have been cruelly handled but it gets old fast, especially when you realize that most Whites would rather donate their precious money to such charities than those that help people.

Where are our fellow White Americans in this crusade against police brutality and rampant murder?


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