Asian people in general tend to be highly racist. They usually side with Caucasians (have you noticed that the word Caucasian has the word Asian in it) and model themselves after the White majority in most Western nations where there are sizable Asian populations. You see many White males with Asian brides, even very homely ones that other men typically would not find attractive. In my own experience, the Thai are particularly racist. There were 2 students from Thailand in my 4th grade class and they were extremely color-conscious for their age and only hung around the White kids, especially this blonde bitch named Tiffany. I think she egged their prejudice on and I never liked her after that – when she ran for president a year or so later, I did not vote for her and happily, she lost.

One reason Asians are in alliance with Whites is because they worship pale skin and money. Money is the Breath of Life for the Asian, and if you are rich they will treat you like a King/Queen. If you have light skin, that is even better. Asians are seen as submissive, usually have smaller builds, and are not a dominating force in the world today, other than China and, to a lesser extent, Japan and Korea. They have names for non-Asians such as White Devil or White Ghost, among others – and they hate it when foreigners invade their lands because they have a fear that the White man will take over just as he has other countries. However, Asians seem to feel the same about Blacks, and even consider dark skin to be ‘dirty’, ‘unclean’ – as seen in this blatantly racist Chinese laundry ad: Dirty Guy. Asians think all Whites love them but a great many do not and I have personally heard White people make negative remarks about Asian people.

In most Asian cultures, dark skin meant that the person was a day laborer out in the sun. This is the main reason pale skin is seen as a beauty ideal. Dark Indians are particularly conscious of this and will seek out lighter-skinned mates in order to have children that aren’t so black. Mississippi Masala is an excellent example of this type of thinking. Of course, Whites drum racism into the heads of most non-Blacks in order to have more support. They enjoy keeping non-Whites divided because this means that the other races won’t unite against their snobbery and prejudice. Latinos can be the same way, even against many Latinos who have darker skin though I find this to be not as extensive as the anti-Black bigotry of many Asians. This may be due to my light skin and hazel eyes however, and my appearance as well, which most Latinos seem to feel is ‘Spanish’.

Where I live, Asians usually choose to live around Whites, even those ‘Blacker than the Ace of Spades’ Indians. The only minority that lives around Blacks are Hispanics, and they are the only minority in my area that will side with Blacks because they tend to get discriminated against by Whitey and don’t trust them any more than does Blacky. I have seen one Asian family in an area that is probably 99% Black and I guess they moved there due to the cheap rent or because they own a business in that neighborhood. My own ‘hood is probably 40% Hispanic, 30% Black, and 30% White. There are no Asians because they are over in the exclusively White areas which I am certain must burn the Whites there up because they tend to be Republican country club members who don’t mix well. I have seen exactly 4 Blacks in one of those areas, and the couple were walking for exercise, probably didn’t even live there at all.

Asians are self-conscious about their appearance and will shamelessly have surgery to make their slanted eyes look round, bleach their brown skin till it’s orange (just as many dark-skinned African women do), and will bleach their hair light brown or blond or even auburn. Many wear blue, green, or gray contact lenses even. It is pitiful that so many races mistakenly believe that the White European Standard of Beauty is the best. There are handsome men and gorgeous women of all races! At any rate, I don’t see anti-Black racism ending for Asians any time soon. So long as they feel that the love of money isn’t the root of all evil, and pale skin is the most extraordinary trait ever, there will always be prejudice from that minority group towards the others.


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