I could not be a mother of Black children in Amerikkka. I would worry all the time about my son, if I had one. I fear for the future of my nephew as it is – it is tough enough being an African American woman in this country. Imagine living as an African American man! It is my hope that my nephew has a better future than what present Black men have. However, the way Whites are in this country I doubt that a better future exists, for my nephew or any other Black or Hispanic child.

Can you imagine being pulled over police and having this fear that you might get shot? Just because of your skin color? Can you imagine living in an area where gang violence is a daily fact? Can you imagine being discriminated as far as jobs due to having a ‘typical’ Black name? Can you imagine being demonized by others just because you are a Black male?

White Americans don’t have the same issues as Blacks or Hispanics or even Asians. Not in this country – maybe in Japan or Bahrain or Nicaragua. They simply don’t have to deal with the fear, the looks of apprehension, the intimidation by law enforcement, thinking that you might lose your life for no reason other than you are the ‘wrong’ color. Where else does this happen but in Amerikkka? Do you hear of these atrocities occurring in other nations where they have a sizable Black population? Does it happen in Canada or Great Britain or France or Holland or even Germany?

African Americans should have become fed up years ago. Don’t start a Black Lives Matter movement now. Where were you decades ago, when police attacked Blacks in the street with high-pressure water hoses and canine units and batons? I was not at all surprised to hear about the cop shootings in Dallas. Don’t be shocked if more cop killings occur. Black people are tired of being treated worse than dogs in this country by the White Establishment.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it was right to kill those officers – after all, they were out there to protect the Black Lives Matter contingent. They put their own lives on the line every day to protect us citizens. But there are some cops that are extremely bigoted, and there are cops that become trigger happy when they stop a citizen, particularly one that is male, for any type of infraction. I don’t know why police kill unarmed civilians on a regular basis, but it happens. It doesn’t always happen to Black men either – there are White men shot by police, Hispanics, Native Americans…you hear about the Blacks more due to media harping on race. Sometimes I think they truly want a race war. If that should ever happen, the Jews would definitely come out on top and then where will this nation be?

Personally, I do not trust any police officer not even the African Americans, and I don’t trust very many White people either. My boyfriend is White but that means little – I hardly trust him because he is a quite the redneck, and his family are very much so. He has Biracial cousins because an aunt dates only Black men, and she could never bring her boyfriends around her family due to their prejudice. I would never marry the guy because of this – not to mention a few other reasons. Sometimes I feel that interracial relationships should be outlawed again but that would probably make race relations in this country even worse than they are.

It is my deepest hope that peace will finally come to these United States by the time my nieces and nephews are adults, yet I doubt it. There is simply no hope for the racism in the White American soul.


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