America The Great. That is what the uber patriots believe – those annoying creatures that proudly fly the Stars & Stripes outside their homes, American flag bumper stickers on their vehicles, and celebrate the 4th of July as if the world is coming to an end. These are the same critters that proclaim the United States as the greatest nation on the planet. and get pissed whenever something or someone pops up to remind them that this is no longer the Gospel According to The USA as it once was, if ever. I daresay that the British are the same way, still stuck in that ‘Great’ Britain mode when it’s anything but…hell, the UK has got many of the same social ills as we do, they just don’t have a Black President whom 99% of the White citizens despise.

How can a country of overweight, religiously nutty, intolerant, gun crazy, militant, criminal minded, reality TV loving ignoramuses believe that this country is the best, paradise, heaven on earth…with all its prisons, social woes, and youth gone wild? Perhaps when you compare it with such hellholes as India, Mali, Honduras, and Haiti. But there are Western nations that are far nicer places in which to live, if one could afford it that is, and I should know because I have visited many countries in Europe and I can tell you now that most of them would make for a pleasant life measured against America.

Why don’t I move to one of these countries then, you want to know? How about you give me the funds and I will.

A lot of Americans are very provincial. Many of them look at other countries and think/say, “Now why the hell would I want to go there when I live in the greatest nation on earth?” That type of thinking is not progressive. I have dated Black guys, Latino guys, and White guys and it is always the White guys who feel that travel is a waste of time and money and that this country is the ‘bestest’. They think that money ‘wasted’ on travel abroad should be used for something else – such as a car, or starting one’s own business, or whatever. I say experiencing different cultures and being in places I’ve only read about or seen on TV is far more important to me than a fancy wardrobe or buying adult toys like overpriced Smart phones and speedboats. Hell, I can’t swim anyway.

One can love one’s country without yelling about it being the best in the world, the greatest nation ever…because it simply is not true. America isn’t great. It isn’t the best. It’s a nice place to live, if you can avoid crime-infested areas which mostly happen to be inner cities. I would state that most citizens of countries think their own nation is the greatest – and that wouldn’t be true either. Not one nation on earth is any better than the other, this goes for America, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Israel, Kenya, Japan, China, Mexico,..not a one.

I’m not saying that citizens of other countries aren’t as patriotic. I’m not stating here that America is a Big Bully to the rest of the world either – though it appears to be true, with our military always in the problems of other nations when we should mind our own business and let them take care of their issues themselves. Other Western nations are also guilty of this. America has her woes and they need to be addressed before trying to repair what ails those other countries, most of whom have loathing for the United States based on the government and military getting into their affairs all the damn time.


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