I was doing research on race relations and due to my on mistrust of Caucasians, decided to Google ‘why White people can’t be trusted’. I came across a blog written be an African American female in which she states that she reason she does not trust Whites is due to ‘aversion racism’. In her article, she made it seem as if though only Whites suffer from this personality flaw. However, it can be applied to people of any race or ethnicity.

According to Wikipedia: Aversive Racism is a theory proposed by Samuel L. Gaertner & John F. Dovidio (1986), according to which negative evaluations of racial/ethnic minorities are realized by a persistent avoidance of interaction with other racial and ethnic groups.

Blacks suffer from it too. I should know, because I used to be one of these liberal types, believing I was not at all prejudiced yet suffering from unconscious bigotry just the same. I have been around others that share this identical character flaw – hell, I know people who were or are in interracial relationships, myself included, who proclaimed to be one way, while actually feeling, deep down inside, another way. Sometimes I feel that interracial relationships really bring out the worst in us.

Liberal Whites are the most guilty of harboring aversive racist feelings. These are the White people that march in protests like Black Lives Matter or Justice For Trayvon Martin, alongside Blacks and Browns, who laugh in your face at work but never invite you to their homes for dinner, who can count on one hand how many truly close non-White friends they have (and those few are undoubtedly Asian). These are the Whites that voted for Barack Obama, who marched for Civil Rights in the 1960s, who watch Black TV sitcoms, and who thought OJ Simpson was railroaded due to his race.

They seem like very nice people. But then, I have met Whites who were actually racist and they seemed like very nice people too – at least, in front of me! I once worked for a conservative lawyer who ran as a Republican in a district that was probably 100% African American. He lost horribly – not one person voted for him. What the hell did he think? I’m sure there are Black conservatives in my city, but evidently they don’t live in that area he was trying to win votes from.

White Americans aren’t the only White people on this planet guilty of racism. For some odd reason, African Americans tend to believe that in Europe, Whites ‘aren’t like that’ or ‘they love us over there’ and other misconceptions. I have been to Europe 4 times and I’m here to tell you, racism exists over there was surely as it does here. There are Skinhead groups, Nationalistic organizations, and other such factions in countries like Belgium, Spain, Russia, Britain, and of course, Germany. There are even hate groups in Canada, that 51st State where the people think they are so much different and better than Americans.

Just as no Gentile should ever trust a Jew – or a Muslim for that matter- a person of color should never, ever trust a White person. Get out your Ouija boards and ask the spirits of Carlos Stoner or Vernise Alford if they would ever trust another Caucasian, should they be allowed to come back to this earth again as Black people. I’ll bet you a million bucks they would tell you “HELL NO!”

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”


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