The Roma – also known as Romany/i, Kale, Gitanos, Sinti, and (as a sort of racial slur) Gypsies – are a little understood people, persecuted and driven out of many countries that they migrated to, treated in Europe almost the same as the Blacks here in Amerikkka. In some ways they actually had it worse.

Ethnically and linguistically, the Roma are a Hindi people. Thousands of years ago, they left Northern India to travel to other countries within Asia and the Middle East, eventually finding themselves in Europe where they are loathed even to this day – same as the Jews, I should add. However, while the Jews eventually assimilated and became somewhat accepted – enough to where they could attend schools, obtain good careers, and even marry Christians – the Roma rarely did or do. Maybe because their skins are usually too dark for the Europeans?

Worldwide, there are more than 12 million Roma – 1 million live in the US, and over half a million are in Brazil. There are also Romani groups in the rest of Latin America and even Down Under. Yet the largest population reside in European countries such as Romania, Bulgaria, France, Spain, and Hungary, among several others, where they are despised and maligned.

Romani in Europe have been enslaved, sterilized to prevent population growth (as recently as the 1980s in the Czechoslovakia; it did not become the Czech Republic and Slovakia until 1993, had their children taken from them, branded with hot irons, and driven out of many nations. They were not allowed to speak their native tongue nor marry within their own group in many countries. During World War Two, at least 2 million Roma perished as a result of Nazi experimentation and cruelty. (This was known as porajmos, or the Great Devouring.) You don’t hear about this holocaust though, do you? All you ever hear about is the Jews and that’s the way they wish to keep it.

Because of this history of persecution, the Roma people avoid being around non-Romany (known as Gadja for a group, Gadjo (male) or Gadji (female) as much as possible. Part of this avoidance is a ritual belief that if they do associate with people who aren’t Roma, they will themselves become dirty, which is generally called marime). The Roma do not send their children to schools to be educated around the Gadja, they mostly marry within their own ethnic group – even the Roma have groups in their own race such as the Kalderash, the Machvaya, and the Romanichals.  While many Roma tend to marry their daughters off as young as age 12, this usually occurs in such countries as Bulgaria and Romania and is yet another cultural tradition that the Roma brought with them out of India.

Italian authorities have denied housing to even Roma born in Italy, while France expelled more than 10,000 Roma from that nation after the demolition of their camps – maybe the French should have deported the Muslims that have been bombing and running trucks into people, thus creating more havoc and destruction and murder than any Rom has in recent memory, if ever. In 2008, Cristina and Violetta Djeordsevic, 2 Romani children, drowned while Italian beachgoers sat unruffled, not caring. Children! This goes without saying that Europeans can be far more racist than any Southern redneck. Particularly if certain minorities, especially the Roma, are concerned. I recall being in Venice when a clerk in a shop refused the service of an Asian tourist and her daughter. If you do not have a White appearance in Europe, you will often get many stares – this is distinctly true outside of large cities.

In fiction as well as film, the Roma are often portrayed in a bad light. Hollywood is extremely well known for this device. Watch such bigoted movies as Drag Me To Hell and Thinner (the book too, which also featured a tongue that is not anything like the Romany language). They show the Roma as thieves, palm & Tarot card readers, odd people possessed of strange, occult powers. If this were at all true, would the Romani be the oppressed, mainly poor – very much so in Europe – and despised minority group that they are today? If they had such knowledge of magic would they not use it to better their positions on this planet? This is like with Haiti and Voodoo. If the Haitians had such dark powers, that country would not be the world’s poorest nation and everyone there would be rich!


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