I am FED UP with Ebates and JustFab right now. Talk about undisguised misogyny! These two companies feature advertising that make women out to be the most materialistic creatures ever. I think women already have the reputation of being materialists, when compared with men especially, and the ads that these companies run make it even more so,

I am sure there must be thousands, if not millions of guys, who shop via Ebates. So why is the only man I see on their commercials in the company of his wife, and she’s the one doing all the bragging about how much money she’s made by utilizing Ebates? Who shops online like that anyway? You can often find cheaper bargains in local stores – at least, I can – and usually the shipping & handling costs offset any savings one would get by shopping online. Unless it’s free, and then you might save a bit of chump change. I’ve been buying stuff online since 2001 and there are times when I could have kicked myself after I’d find a similar or the same item in a local store – and for a lesser price.

Then there is JustFab. These ads are more glaringly sexist than Ebates. Who has more than 100 pairs of shoes, other than greedy celebrities who feel they can’t wear the same pair twice in a given year, or Imelda Marcos, who supposedly owned more than 3,000 pairs? JustFab had one commercial featuring an overly made up ditzy blonde who pretended to be sorry for her man when he got ticked off at seeing how many more shoes she’d ordered…who then said for the camera, “Not sorry!”. This is probably worse than the African American woman who stopped counting at 126 or so.

Are women more materialistic? I have found this to be true when I look at the women in my own family, in my fiance’s family, and those that I have lived around or was acquainted with. As a woman who doesn’t care about jewelry, expensive clothing, brand name shoes, or being wined & dine on a regular basis, I find the materialism of most of my peers to be rather a turn off; as it is, I do not get on with many women and prefer the company of guys over gals any day. Women are overly bitchy as a rule, and with you combine greed with that…HOLY SHYTE!

Then you’ve got skinny ass Kate Hudson hawking her ‘affordable’ line of athletic wear. Fabletics and JustFab (Fabletics is actually owned by JustFab so beware) both will charge you for a monthly VIP membership, meaning you pay a certain amount to join, and then you can get the discounted item…I have read on the Internet where customers were charged every month for this subscription, which they then had a difficult time trying to cancel. At least Ebates rewards you for shopping through them and is fairly legit. I’ve received 2 admittedly small checks from Ebates, and a gift card to use online at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Better a check than a charge on your credit card!

Remember Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ video? That song pissed me off even though by the end she was singing about how experience had made her rich and now the guys were after her. It’s just like “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’. Sorry, but I never cared for diamonds even before I watched the movie Blood Diamond. I have worked with women so I know how my gender is (and many flaming gay men are the same…probably worse because they always exaggerate their femininity to make up for the fact that they were born with penises). However, I am still highly pissed off at commercials like those by JustFab and Ebates. Men spend money too, and a lot of it goes towards ‘adult toys’ such as fancy cars, boats, and trucks, among other goods. People of both sexes can be guilty of greed.


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