The Turner Diaries, also known as a Bible of the Racist Right by the the Southern Poverty Law Center as well as others, was published in 1978 by William L. Pierce, who was the founder of the National Alliance, a White Separatist/Supremacist organization. He published the book under the pseudonym Andrew MacDonald, though why he would do this if he were so proud to be a White man and racist boggles my mind, unless he had some reason(s) for doing so.

This political novel mostly concerned the diary of a man named Earl Turner – his name even sounds like a redneck racist! – who was a member of an Organization that is out to overthrow the US government (and other institutions) that are collectively known as the System. Turner became a martyr to the movement when he went up against the System to destroy ZOG and its supporters. Jews, the so-called ‘mud races’, and homosexuals are the main human targets of this Organization.

The Cohen Act is a fictional law put into effect by the Jews in control of America to take away the guns of White people. With no way to defend themselves, the Whites are at the mercy of roving gangs of Blacks and other ‘undesirables’ who pull home invasions on Whites suspected of having illegal arsenals and taking these weapons. More than 800,000 people are arrested during the Gun Raids. Puts one in mind of the infamous Kristallnacht, eh?

This racist garbage has an intro that is alarmingly familiar – a truck packed with dynamite, stuffed with ammonium nitrate fertilizer mixed with heating fuel, blows sky high right before a federal building. Hundreds of people are killed. This is the exact scenario which occurred in Oklahoma City in 1995 when Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, causing the deaths of 168 people and injuring hundreds more.

Turner and his cohorts bomb the FBI building in Washington DC, killing 700, after the start of a White revolution. As a result, he is eventually chosen to join the inner circle of elite killers called The Order. An actual gang of White Separatists calling themselves the Order were responsible for a slew of bank robberies, armored car heists, counterfeiting, and murder. Jewish talk show host Alan Berg was one of their victims. Leader Robert Mathews went down in flames – and martyrdom – during a shoot out with the FBI rather than give himself up.

Current events seem to prove that there may be a race war in the United States though not for the reasons Pierce wrote about, nor the reasons Charles Manson and his crazy cult followers believed. Is it so strange that there have been so many police murders of unarmed Black men since Obama became president, or is it all simply media hype? Let’s see how Clinton or Trump handle the crisis once s/he gets in the White House.

Robert Jay Mathews


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