The Amityville Horror. Paranormal State’s I Am Six. The Patterson & Gimlin Bigfoot film. Ghost Hunters. Ed & Lorraine Warren. If you haven’t heard of any of these infamous ‘hauntings’, shows or people, then you must have spent the last 30-40 years living in Siberia or some other earthly hellhole.

Ronald DeFeo murdered his entire family in 1974, for which he was given several life sentences (he deserved the death penalty but at the time, that did not exist in NY or the rest of the US for that matter, having been overturned by the US Supreme Court in 1972). About a year later, the Lutz clan moved into the house – which they vacated barely a month later, claiming to have heard voices, seen apparitions, witnessed demonic infestations of other sort, and all kinds of eerie phenomena. A few years later, a book was published entitled The Amityville Horror and it was an immediate sensation. It speaks more for the gullibility of sheeple than anything that even after the DeFeo attorney, a William Weber, claimed that he, along with the Lutzes, had a wine drinking party where they came up with a story involving possible paranormal scenarios in an effort to aid Butch’s appeals, the story continued to garner attention from Hollywood in the form of a series of terrible sequels and a remake in 2005.

Paranormal State is a show that aired for more than 3 years (late 2007 to early 2011) on A&E. A ghost stalking band of students from Penn State, known as the Paranormal Research Society, led by Ryan Buell who supposedly had unusual experiences as a child, there were 2 episodes in which a young woman named Laura or Lara (her name has been spelled differently on various posts that concern the show) was featured. Apparently, this Laura/Lara woman was possessed by a demon who wrote I Am Six on her back (though no evidence was ever produced to back up the claim). It was a highly entertaining show, and the 2 episodes with Laura/Lara in them pretending to be possessed, are some of the best – I got a barrel of laughs out of these. For more details on how I Am Six became a money-maker for Ryan and his team of merry ghost stalkers, visit this blog: Eye on The Paranormal.

Another very well-known hoax is the Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin infamous Bigfoot film of 1967. For decades, Sasquatch enthusiasts like the idiots on the wildly popular Animal Planet show Finding Bigfoot have cited this grainy, shaky footage as definite proof that ol’ Bigfoot really does exist. Come on, sheeple! If there was any such creature, it would have been spotted and photographed extensively by thousands of people. There would have been outright proof, other than faked casts of the giant ape’s feet, or fur, forged video footage (like P&G’s) and pictures, skeletal remains, DNA evidence…something! The proof is that Bigfoot – nor any offspring – does/do not exist. Period.

Ghost Hunters is a totally fake show that was created more for entertainment – and ratings – than anything. Have a title with Paranormal, Death/Dead, Ghost, or Haunted in it, and people will watch it, Most of them will even believe that what they are watching is real. I used to be a fan of Ghost Hunters and kind of believed some of the footage – or at least, I wanted to. Badly. I mean, they used to want to debunk all that so-called paranormal goings on. However, it appears now that they are as caught up in proving that the spirit world does exist as the rest of those laughably funny shows (i.e. Ghost Adventures, The Dead Files, Ghost Brothers, Haunted Asylum, etc). EVPs abound – how can anyone believe all that static one hears on those recordings are the actual voices of spirits? Just a lot of trickery that ought to be removed from the air. I stopped watching this crap many seasons ago.

Last but least, Ed and Lorraine Warren. This couple – Ed passed away in 2006 but that hasn’t stopped his widow from continuing to cash in on the cases they investigated together over the years: that Amityville Horror hoax (which put them in the public eye, where they have remained ever since); the Poltergeist of Enfield, the Haunting of the Smurl Family; the Annabelle doll; the Perron family haunting that became the basis for the film The Conjuring; and the Snedeker case, turned into The Haunting in Connecticut. The Warrens never produced anything of evidential value other than some photographs (one that purportedly shows a demonic boy with glowing eyes actually turned out to be one of the team members) and interviews with the allegedly haunted and/or possessed people. I find the Warrens’ cases to be some of the most entertaining reads out there, and I highly recommend then. Just don’t take them too damn seriously!

Bill Ramsey, the ‘real’ Werewolf of London?


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