I usually despise remakes and reboots. Take for example that awful Halloween reboot. I hope another is never made because the first 2 were damned terrible. Rob Zombie should go back to music or stick with directing his own films, many of which are so heavy on violence and cursing that there is little of any story or merit to them. He’s actually a pretty horrible filmmaker. There is also the dreadful Nightmare on Elm Street remake, one of the worst of any movie I’ve seen in recent memory.

However, there are some movies that scream for a remake and I have listed them below, with the reasons why I feel that they should be remade. Some of them have had prequels, TV remakes (which simply aren’t the same as those intended for the big screen), or plays/musicals done – but no great remakes. The Omen remake stayed faithful to the original – which is what a remake should do. That is why I liked it, though it will never have the power of the original. Remakes never do but that’s okay.

One film that was fine but not what I expected, and that I did not include in my list, is Rebecca. It is based upon the Daphne du Maurier novel of the same title and was made into a movie by the late great suspense/thriller director Alfred Hitchcock in 1940. It has already been remade twice – in the late 70s and then again in 1997 – and apparently, there is to be yet another remake (c’mon, guys)! The book is one of my absolute favorites.

  1. The Exorcist
  2. Audrey Rose
  3. To Kill a Mockingbird
  4. The Dark Secret of Harvest Home
  5. 1984

As long as the remake stays true to the original, The Exorcist would make for an excellent remake project for any filmmaker worth her/his salt. If I had the millions of dollars it would take to do the movie properly, I’d remake it. I’m not afraid of the so-called ‘Exorcist Curse’ that apparently is scaring off other filmmakers. The only change I would make with the film would be to add Karl & Willi’s clubfoot, heroin-addicted daughter Elvira – as the fact of her presence was an alibi for Karl when Detective Kinderman suspected him of having murdered Burke; after all, Burke hated Karl and was forever accusing him of being a ‘bloody, damned butchering nazi pig!’

Audrey Rose should also be remade without any changes, other to have it done in a modern setting. It terrified me as a young girl, perhaps because Ivy Templeton was a young girl too.

To Kill a Mockingbird and 1984 are 2 films that did not do the books they were adapted from any justice, though the former did more than the latter. Both should be redone with big budgets though 1984 may need to be retitled 2084 or even 2034. It is an underdog of a movie though the book is a classic on a par with Wuthering Heights and Great Expectations. I have read both novels dozens of times and never get tired of them, though it’s been a while since I last picked up George Orwell’s best.

The Dark Secret of Harvest Home was a film concerning the novel Harvest Home, also a sort of classic and one that I just finished re-reading last night. A TV movie, it hardly does the book justice and was rather a disappointment to me when I first saw it some years ago. You know how made-for-TV movies are. They actually are quite bad – take those Lifetime movies, for instance. Hor-ri-ble! I feel that this movie definitely should be remade, but it ought to be titled Harvest Home just like the novel and a very good actress should be chosen to portray the Widow Fortune. I don’t think Bette Davis was a proper fit for the character at all, and particularly with the way she played Mary Fortune. In fact, hardly any of the actors were good in their roles or maybe it was just how the movie was directed. Missy Penrose was 13 in the book, yet in the movie she was a much younger child. At any rate, it should be remade for the big screen and not for TV, which simply isn’t the same. It should be creepier, darker…in the manner of the novel.


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