I believe that the Holocaust occurred; I do not presume that it was a hoax at all. Why would anyone make up something like that? No, I don’t hold the opinion that ZOG created the Holocaust in an effort to drum up financial and military support for Israel. That is simply preposterous. Only the losers that are involved in racist, anti-semitic, and sexist movements like the Neo Nazis, KKK, and Christian Identity would believe in Holocaust denial claptrap.

I have been to Europe several times – 1999, 2000, 2001 (a month after 9/11 in fact), and the last time in 2010. I have visited the former concentration camps of Mauthausen and Sachsenhausen – I was unable to get to Dachau due to time constraints – and I have read dozens of books on World War II, Adolf Hitler, and the Third Reich.

I have watched countless movies and documentaries on the subjects. The Germans themselves in these films never denied the Holocaust, and it was not a crime then to do so. Sure, I feel that many Jews bilk the Holocaust for all it’s worth – look how much money Steven Spielberg has made off of the sufferings of his own people! – but I would never say that the Holocaust did not happen. It did, and here are my reasons for believing why.

  1. The Nazis kept extensive records of everything they did, from production to files on ordinary citizens to the numbers of prisons in camps to how many Jews were gassed. This is undeniable and was even attested to by many Nazis during the Nuremberg Trials
  1. While there are an estimated 16 million Jews in the world today, had there been no Holocaust, the number would have been at least double that. Keep in mind that a lot of Jews marry out of their religion, and many of the offspring undoubtedly do not consider themselves Jewish. Also, Jewish lines are matrilineal meaning that if your mother is Jewish, then you are considered to be as well. This is the same as with the Romanies.
  1. Where did all those people go if they weren’t shot or gassed to death? What happened to them? Were they kidnapped by aliens and taken away to Mercury? 

According to Ynet News:

In 1933, approximately 9.5 million Jews lived in Europe, comprising 1.7% of the total European population. This number represented more than 60 percent of the world’s Jewish population at that time, estimated at 15.3 million. The majority of Jews in prewar Europe resided in Eastern Europe.

Holocaust deniers tend to repeat themselves when claiming that this enormous event never occurred. I have read the blogs, the ‘scientific evidence’ presented on various sites, and even part of a book online once. They put forth nothing that to me has proved their claims of a gigantic hoax. What would be the point of hoaxing the world anyway? One could never get away with that – even the sheeple who don’t bother researching things for themselves aren’t that damn stupid. 

We already know that the starving creatures seen in newsreel footage of the time, and in photographs galore, are actually dying from hunger, disease, abuse, and malnutrition. Those that had been gassed were dead by the time salvation came in the form of the Russian, American, British & French armies.

One denier states that only 270,000 people died in concentration camps in Germany. Yet there were such camps all over Eastern Europe, and Austria as well. I didn’t find his numbers for those nations. 

I may not always agree with Jewish opinion and I am definitely anti-Zionist; any Jew living in this country who loves Israel so much ought to go live there – and I’d never, ever marry a Jew unless he was an atheist or Wiccan, but I also do not believe that the Holocaust was a lie. I guess those Neo Nazis that say it was a hoax must assume as well that there were no lynchings of African Americans or US government-sanctioned extermination of Native Americans.


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