I love to eat. I could never be an anorexic – though I did suffer from bulimia at one time in my life – and veganism is, to me, a mortal sin. Forget a vegetarian diet. I want to savor the aroma and taste of chicken, beef, veal, fish, and lamb! Hell, I may even take up eating bacon again. Food is as important as breathing, as blood in the veins. How could anyone not wish to consume any food? Insanity.

There are many different world cuisines. Because I like to try different recipes due to finding typical American dishes tiresome, I have a whole lot of ethnic foods that have become favorites of mine. Here is a list of international cuisines, which may not be wholly inclusive:

  1. African
  2. American
  3. British & Irish
  4. Caribbean
  5. Chinese
  6. Eastern European
  7. French
  8. German & Central European
  9. Greek
  10. Indian
  11. Italian
  12. Japanese
  13. Mexican
  14. North African
  15. Portuguese
  16. Scandinavian
  17. South American
  18. Spanish
  19. Thai & Southeast Asian
  20. Turkish & Middle Eastern

I have tried recipes from every type of cuisine imaginable and have at least two dozen recipes that I like to eat on a regular basis – meaning monthly or every other month. Pizza is one food that I can eat once a week, and pasta at least twice. Hot dogs are a once every two or three months thing, though I can do burgers slightly more often so long as they are made with ground beef that is 90% or leaner. I don’t care for turkey burgers due to the dryness; those that aren’t as lean have a strange taste I do not like at all. In fact, I’d sooner eat a Boca Burger than one made from poultry.

Most Mexican food served in restaurants in America is sloppy, gloppy, and not really authentic. I’d rather have enchiladas, tostadas, tacos, and burritos made at home. As for South American, it is a bit more difficult for me to create homemade pupusas so I will have to keep going to the local pupuseria until I can get them right,

Greek food is ambrosia! I love it. There are so many Greek-run eateries in my city that to find one run by other kinds of people is pretty darn rare. They always have Greek food on the menu…however, I still like to make gyros and souvlakia at home. I have even made pastitsio on two occasions and my boyfriend raved about it. I want to tackle a moussaka soon as I’ve never made it. I’m sure it will turn out as delicious as the other foods I have successfully created.

I love to make Thai-style noodle & rice dishes, particularly with curry and peanut sauce. I have also made a Japanese style stir fry and my own Sesame Chicken which is far lower in fat than that oily, batter-laden stuff you get from a Chinese take out. I could eat soba noodles every week with any type of Asian-inspired sauce. Love em. I don’t even need to add veggies or meat, just the sauce & noodles are fine by me.

Wiener Schnitzel is delicious – oven fried. I’m not overly fond of German & Eastern European foods due to the heavy meat consumption of those nations; it’s rare to find a great recipe which isn’t full of fat. I am not much for sausage anyway and sauerkraut is not to my taste. On the other hand, Ritter bars, apfelstrudl, Sachertorte, and other sweet treats are another story entirely.

Indian curries are great. There is one excellent Indian restaurant here that I would love to visit, if I can ever pull my boyfriend away from Latin food, which is not in my top 5 list (maybe not even top 10). Latin food is really too ubiquitous in the US, like barbecue places here in the South. Same with Chinese. A few blocks away from my house are at least 3 Latin eateries and 2 Chinese. SMH.

Jerk dishes? Why not? I love me some Caribbean-style food but damn, those French people really know how to light up a kitchen. Some of the best meals I have ever consumed have been in France – Belgium doesn’t hold a candle to it and even Italy comes in second place. I don’t know about those escargots, but everything else looks and smells divine. I had to try the duck in orange sauce, and I even had quail in grape sauce one year while on tour.

I will try anything once outside of strange sea creatures – though I have tasted calamari – and should I ever win the lottery, I plan to take a world tour where I will be able to eat something from every culture on the planet. Wouldn’t that be fun?


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