I have never been one to worship celebrities. Even as a child and teenager, I did not have much passion for singers, musicians, or actors the way other kids normally do. I simply did not have the interest in them beyond watching a movie, listening to the music, or viewing a TV show. I did not want to learn more about them, to know their favorite foods, colors, or songs, or when they were born, or how many siblings they had. I never admired any celebrities nor had any serious crushes on any and I have never been able to understand those fanatics who go apeshit over a beloved idol.

Celebrity Worship Syndrome is a mental illness that affects many people of all ages, races, creeds, etc. It is not just a disorder of adolescents. Apparently, the term was coined during the early part of the millennium by Dr. Lyn McCutcheon, when lionizing celebrities began to show signs of negative impact in the lives of the fixated fans. British psychologists at the University of Leicester estimate that 36% of people suffer from CWS to such an extent that it has affected their lives in an unhealthy manner.

When one’s total being, all the one’s energy and thoughts, feelings and emotions, evolve around the life of a celebrity, it can bring about higher levels of anxiety, stress, depression, lower self esteem and negative self image, as well as OCD. This is all for someone who does not even know that you exist, and probably wouldn’t care very much if they did.

I went to school with a guy who was obsessed with Michael Jackson, He had a Jheri curl because MJ had one. I’m sure he must have dabbled in vegetarianism as well as the Jehovah’s Witnesses since it was widely known at the time that MJ was a fervent JW and veggie head. This fanatic wore a ‘Beat It’ jacket, patterned himself closely after MJ as far as singing and dancing, and when the album Bad was released, he wore a weird get-up comprised of a black leather-like jacket with studded belts wrapped around his arms and torso. I often wonder what became of him after MJ passed away so abruptly.

I felt sorry for him, and I kind of feel sorry for people today who lionize celebrities. They obviously have boring lives, very low self esteem, and no close friends if they have to pretend that a celebrity they will never meet is, in their own minds at least, a good buddy of theirs. I can understand teens going through such a phase – they already experience a maelstrom of hormonal impulses that cause them to act out in ways that may seem maniacal to others, or the people themselves when they look back on their younger years as adults.

Maybe if people started idolizing those that really do good for society, like scientists researching cures for the various cancers, AIDS, diabetes, and other diseases; teachers and professors, who give their all to educate the increasingly stupid youth of today; law enforcement, who put their lives on the line for us (this excludes the ones that are Blue by day and White by night, of course); and all the people who work hard to make this planet a better place for others.

Celebrities don’t do that. They live off of their fans. They glorify themselves and laugh as the fools with CWS only idolize them more. They demand more and it’s given to them. They have a love for self that is matched only by the selfishness of children. They are spoiled, bratty, willful, and not worthy of anyone’s respect the way that those who save lives are. If you have got CWS, do yourself a favor and get help. ASAP.

Typical self-absorbed celebrity


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