White European Beauty Standards have been forced upon us for centuries; therefore, it comes as no surprise that there are such products as ‘Fair & White’, Murad Rapid Lightening, Nadinola, Ambi, Perfect White, and Snowis Ex. Many of these products claim to lighten freckles, dark spots, and other skin discolorations but most of them are used to whiten the skin. I have read horror stories of women in African countries and the Caribbean, India, and other nations where the citizens are typically of a darker hue, where the women aren’t able to lighten their bodies all over, so they walk around with ‘Fanta Orange’ faces and ‘Coca Cola’ legs.

This is truly pathetic. Do they despise their brown skins so much that they would rather look like freaks than normal women? Do men really desire only those of us with fair complexions? I have read that in India, it is customary for ads to be placed for brides with light skin, and that parents do not wish for their sons to marry darker women. What is considered dark skin in India? I have seen a lot of Indians who are far more darker than I, and much darker than many other African Americans. What is the standard there for acceptable skin color? (More on the colorism of India in a forthcoming blog.)

There is a Dateline episode titled Justice for Sparkle where the parents of an Indian male had his wife murdered because they no longer wanted their son married to her (she was African American). They had been against the relationship from the start due to Sparkle being Black and their son Indian; they wanted him to marry an Indian bride, no doubt one with as pale a complexion as they could find. These bigots were darker than many Black Americans themselves – which is one reason I find Indian racism/colorism kind of funny, being that they are so dark – and actually employed Blacks to work in their businesses. So Blacks are good enough to work for them but not marry them! As it turned out, the father paid 2 African American men to kill Sparkle. So she was murdered by her own people for a couple of prejudiced foreigners who despised her and had nothing to do with their own grandchild just because she was half Black.

In Asia, skin bleaching is considered normal. While it isn’t as prevalent as it was once, skin whitening products are still in great demand there – for men as well as for women. East Asians are particularly into these products. With Asians, social status is a clear reason for wanting lighter complexions. Laborers & peasants, who toiled all day in the merciless sun, were broiled dark whilst the upper classes, who did not have to work outdoors, stayed in and remained light. Therefore, Asians look upon lighter skin as a status symbol and darker skin as something that a farm worker would have – and Asians put more value upon education than manual skills, not to mention they emphasize money.

This is why you see so many Asian women with White husbands, they apparently think all White men have good jobs and higher salaries than others. Southeast Asians are especially prone to glorifying Whiteness and will make no bones about their preference for White skin. This is seen in Asian advertising, Asian marriages with Whites, and Asian friendships (you don’t see very many hanging out with Blacks or Hispanics here in the US, at least not in my city).

Africans are just as obsessed as Asians are with lightening their skin. Michael Jackson may have suffered from vitiligo, but he had his skin lightened as well (Autopsy: The Last Hours of Michael Jackson), and those ‘children’ of his do not have a drop of Negro blood anywhere which clearly shows that MJ preferred Caucasian skin over those of his own race. In Africa, 77% of Nigerian women use skin bleaching products regularly, while in Togo it is 59%…and in South Africa 39%. One Congolese hair stylist had this to say: “I pray every day and I ask God, ‘God, why did you make me Black?’ I don’t like being Black. I don’t like Black skin.” This from an African man even – not a woman!

It is really sad that White European Colonialism and Global White Supremacy has brought this about. Look at all the celebrities who have gone from a Black appearance to a ‘Weird’ one – you can’t say with any honesty that they now look White. They will never, ever be White because that is an accident of birth. If you aren’t born a certain race, you aren’t going to become that race by bleaching your skin. You aren’t going to be more acceptable to Whites by doing this either, so I guess these idiots must be bleaching themselves stupid just for self-love. And that is a damned foolish reason.


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