Red areas show where the most racist Tweets come from

The Kumhead Keyboard Kowards aren’t content with simply being racists and letting it lie at that. They want to spread the hate via the Web, and they are doing so at an alarming rate specially with Donald Trump campaigning for President as a Retardican. Of course, it really started in earnest with President Obama’s campaign and got worse once he was elected – TWICE.

White people are at the top of the racist ladder again – of course, who is shocked by that fact? – and Blacks are behind them, though most of the racism from African Americans is reactionary rather than the heredity type those European Americans suffer from. Whites have a firm belief that they are the Chosen Few, the Superior Race, and that all others were put on this earth only to serve them.

White people are cowards at heart. They will write things online that they would never dare say to your face just as it takes them being in a group of other hooded creeps to act out their ‘nigger hating’ fantasies. I have learned that about them over the years and no, I do not trust those people one bit even though my current partner is a White guy. Hell, I don’t really trust his pale flat ass either.

Donald Trump is the biggest idiot to ever run for the presidency. Much as I dislike the thought of another Clinton in the White House, it may be a better option than actually having the lying sack of bird turds which is DT. Social media has exploded with politi-bashing from both sides, with rednecks living in trailer parks, from paycheck to paycheck, driving domestic vehicles and pretending to like it because that’s all they can afford, shouting the loudest about their loyalty to the Trump War Machine. Then there are those they call the ‘libtards’ (my oh my, grown people can be so childish) with their constant pushing for Hillary…not to mention the diehard Bernie fans, who seem to think that he will be the Dark Horse candidate who saves the day by actually winning the coveted presidency this year!

How about the vitriol shown to Ms. Leslie Jones via Twitter, calling this woman every vile name in the book that ol’ Blue Eyed Charlie can throw at us? Why is such hatred directed at the only Black female on the new Ghostbusters team but not any of the White women? Why is all this disgusting name calling for Leslie only, and not anyone else? Why are Blacks always ‘apes’ and ‘monkeys’ and ‘chimps’? Have you noticed the pale skin of chimpanzees and most other primates or can you even see with those pale eyes that always require shades because light-colored eyes are easily damaged by the rays of the sun?

I had one ‘friend’ on Facebook who was always sharing and posting vile memes, most of it racist. I am quite sure that this dickhead knew I was a Woman of Color and not a Caucasian…he probably got a kick out of my nasty, smart-aleck comments regarding the posts. At any rate, he finally pissed me off for good when he posted some meme about White women having the best pussy. Yep, he used that word – or rather, the meme creator did because I doubt that this redneck fool could even dream up anything to create a meme. All he did was share what others posted. I unfriended & blocked him after posting a wisecrack so I haven’t had to see that shit ever since. Except with the Trump supporters.

Social Media has become another platform for Whites to unleash their racism. Get used to it.


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