You’ve all heard them. You may even have said something yourself about a different racial or ethnic group that could be termed a stereotypical remark. You may have made a comment on someone based upon their gender. Who hasn’t? However, I don’t believe the definition according to Google is correct:

A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular person or thing.

Well, not wholly true anyway. Stereotypes exist because they really are based upon fact. Why would people believe such things if they weren’t? Yes, it is true that Jews tend to be affluent. Whether or not this means that they are greedy and love money, I don’t know, but they are usually well off people. One reason is because most Jews are educated and tend to go into careers that pay very well – again, I don’t know if they choose such careers because they pay well or simply because they are drawn to them. I would hope that those in the medical profession go into it because they have a desire to help others and not just for the sake of big dollars. But people are people, and capitalism rules in America.

The British have bad teeth. The Irish are drunks. The Russians are drunks. The French are rude, The Dutch are tolerant, The Swiss are reserved. The Germans are racist. The Italians are greasy. I could go on and on…there are many more of these stereotypes and yes, for the most part, they happen to be quite true. But I wouldn’t say that only the Irish and Russians are big drinkers, because when I was in the Czech Republic, I saw inebriated Czechs on the streets of Prague and it wasn’t even 8 in the morning! I also went to a cafe in Cesky Krumlov where I ordered a cup of coffee, and two Czech ladies were sitting at a nearby table having half liter steins of beer – at 10 in the am!

I don’t know where it came from that the Brits have bad teeth, but it happens to be true. Not that they have more cavities or rotten teeth, but they do tend to have more crooked and yellowed teeth than us tooth whitening crazed Americans. It could also be that dental care in the UK isn’t what it is in the US or maybe that National Health Care isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The French can be rude especially with people who assume that ‘English is Spoken Here’ and don’t even try to use any French phrases when dealing with the French. They love their language and are put off when English-speaking tourists come to their country and don’t even try to communicate with the natives in their own tongue. Hell, I’d be rude to such ignoramuses too.

Italian men are very greasy. I think they oil their hair – and they definitely don’t care for deodorant, same as the French guys. You can smell ’em several kilometers away it seems at times. I noticed that a lot of Italian women don’t shave their underarms and they already have that reputation (stereotype) of being hairy. Ditto the Greeks though I have yet to visit that country.

As for the Germans, I don’t think they are any more racist than any other European ethnicity. True, they have that Nazi past but then so does Austria, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and other nations that fell quickly to Hitler & his henchmen, many of whom actually had leaders who aligned themselves with Der Fuhrer. I was treated more politely by White Germans than I have been by most White Americans, though that may have been due to my light complexion and habit of attempting to use German phrases (after inquiring, in German, if they spoke English).


Swiss people are very reserved. I think they would be difficult to get to befriend as they are nothing like us Southern folk, who tend to be some of the friendliest – racist rednecks notwithstanding – people in the US. An Aussie tourist actually said so to me, though she did add that the Whites also had a lot of prejudice in them, which she was wholly against. I’ve never been to Australia but a lot of the Aussies I met had a hatred for racism and weren’t shy about admitting it, though I know that there is bigotry Down Under just like anyplace else.

Blacks being more athletic is another stereotype that is very true. There are basketball and football teams that are comprised mainly of African Americans. Blacks also tend to talk more loudly in public, to dance well – though these stereotypes certainly do not apply to me – and have more ‘soul’ in their voices, which are often deeper than the voices of other races, even in Black women. There is just that ‘something’ about us Blacks that mark us as being quite different from other races, and I don’t think it’s just our kinky hair!

I think Blacks drink far more Pepsi than Kool Aid!

Asians are another group of people who put a strong emphasis on being educated and successful. That is not a stereotype, they are committed to excellence and I must admire them for it. Too many people don’t put any value at all on education, they use excuses like ‘I’m not college material’, among others…then they are jealous and envious of others who have better positions, higher salaries, etc. All of us weren’t meant to become successful actors, rappers, musicians, or comedians. Only around 1% of actors actually make it big in Hollywood and the older you are, the less likely it is you’ll become famous. Entertainment is one field in which it pays to start young.

Americans have a global reputation for being gun crazy. Unfortunately, this is one of the truest stereotypes ever and one that has hurt the image of US citizens. Loudmouth NRA supporters such as that washed up Ted Nugent, Glock-toting gang members killing each other off in cities like Chicago, and other violence only makes us appear to the rest of the world like the most bloodthirsty savages ever. And no, police continually murdering unarmed people only makes matters even worse.


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