I don’t believe in God. I used to many years ago, but I don’t now. Why? The main reason I don’t is I just don’t believe that some unseen force up in the vast skies actually created the earth in 6 days and then had to rest on the 7th. If God is really all powerful, he would never need to rest. Right? It is not logical that God would have a son born of an earthly woman to come into this world, die on a cross after being tortured and mocked, and then come back to life after a few days in the tomb, simply to save us.The entire story just doesn’t make much sense. Why couldn’t God save us on his own?

Why does God have to be a male entity anyway? Why are most deities in the various belief systems male? If you have half a brain, you’d question this fact and once you research it, you will discover that women were kept from being educated years ago. It wasn’t until the 1800s that Harvard became the first university to even admit women into its hallowed halls, and not until the 1980s that more women started going to college and getting an education, denied them for so long by the good ol’ boys club. Therefore, women were not educated enough to read or write, which is why male deities came into existence.Who else wrote the Bible, the Koran, and most of those other ‘holy’ books? Men.

Believers are a strange bunch. You will find well-educated people in churches, synagogues, mosques, and other houses of worship who will argue you down about the existence of God, Allah, Jehovah, etc, but they cannot offer any definite proof that such a being is really out there. But the real proof for them are the books themselves. How can anyone deny God’s or Allah’s or Whoever’s existence, if the Bible or the Koran or any other book, claims he exists?

These are the same types of people who will shake their heads and proclaim it to be ‘God’s Will’ (insert the name of any other title for the creator if you’d like) when a baby dies of SIDS, or a little girl is snatched by a pervert from the yard of her parent’s home, raped & killed…or when an elderly couple are beaten to death by a junkie who only receives 30 years in prison…the list could go on and on. Yet this same all-loving God allows bad people to have much luck and murderers to get away with their crimes for years, or to live long and happy lives in prison.

Don’t tell me that God does not do this, and that the earth is ruled by Satan and his minions. That is a cop out if ever I heard one. Just as God doesn’t exist, neither does Satan. The only devils I have ever known have been wicked people with evil intentions. There are no demons out there trying to make us do horrible things to one another. We do them because we want to! And no, it’s not because we are born in sin and all that, it’s just because we are humans and humans are not perfect creatures. Nothing is, not even your precious pets you consider members of the family.

God – and Satan – are both imaginary beings. There has never been nor ever will be, proof of either’s existence on this planet. Every deity in history has been a creation of humans. There is no physical evidence that Jesus existed, no proof of any of the miracles of the Bible or any other ‘holy’ book, and we damn sure don’t have evidence that Noah’s Ark was real, that the great flood ever happened, or that Jonah was ever actually in the belly of a whale, These are tales of morality, not meant to be taken literally. How any grown person can blindly believe in any of this stuff continues to amaze me.


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