Vegans and vegetarians are some of the most annoying people on the planet. They think that they are superior to anyone who eats meat simply because they consume only plants. You can honestly say that these people kill planets, which are living, breathing creatures too, when you look at it that way. Plants reproduce, require oxygen and food, respond to external stimuli…same as with any other form of life on the earth.

So why then do vegans and vegetarians think they aren’t harming plants when they eat them? Why do they look down their green noses at meat eaters for consuming the corpses of animals, when they eat dead plants on a daily basis? How the heck does using honey hurt the bee? Who cares about bees anyway, other than Morgan Freeman and the other tree hugging do gooders out there?

Vegans and vegetarians claim that humans commit murder, violence, etc, when they slaughter animals for food. What do these herbivores call it when they do the same to plants? Don’t plants die when they are picked? Who’s to say the plant doesn’t feel any pain from this? Vegans, who won’t even allow honey to touch their lips because it is cruel to the bee? Vegetarians, who are at least a tad bit less insane than the vegans they are in partnership with?

Whites make up a large proportion of these misguided folks. Seriously, you cannot help animal rights any by being a vegan or vegetarian because, according to the vegan, if you are a vegetarian, you’re still hurting the animal by your consumption of honey and dairy products. The vegetarian finds the vegan diet extreme. It is like the raw diet, or being a fruitarian. None of these diets are very sound, either nutritionally or morally, despite what the adherents may think. I have tried veganism, raw (only for a weekend), vegetarianism several times, and even fruitarianism (for about 24 hours).

I was very hungry eating only fresh fruits. I also starved on my short raw detox. That is why I did not buy a food dehydrator, which many raw diet enthusiasts swear by for creating ‘baked’ goods. But to me that is cheating, because any time you heat a food product, it is cooked. I don’t care what those raw foodie fanatics claim about dehydrating foods. I had a difficult time with the vegan diet because I like my cheese and I love my honey. I managed to exist on this strange diet for one month before deciding it was definitely not for me.

The vegetarian lifestyle was easier but every time I drove past a fast food outlet, I craved chicken nuggets, pepperoni pizza, tuna subs, and even red meat, which I rarely ate back then because, to be honest, I could not afford it. I eat at fast food places maybe 5 times a year, if that, so my cravings were something I could not understand. I bought a lot of fake meat from grocery stores but these did not help because 1) they do not taste anything like meat; 2) they do not have the texture of meat; 3) they simply are not as satisfying as meat. I still eat Boca burgers (flame grilled, not the vegan) from time to time, because red meat burgers are just too fattening and unhealthy. I’d rather save my fat grams for something really tasty…like cheesecake!

At any rate, I understand the need to cater to people with special diets. Legitimate special diets, that is. Therefore, if I were to open a bakery next week, I would offer sugar-free treats for diabetics, gluten free for those suffering from celiac disease…but I would not have any vegan goods for sale because that is not a special needs diet. That is a choice people make thinking that it is healthier (same reason why people who don’t have celiac disease want to eat gluten free), is better for animals, and will help them live forever (which did not happen for Prince, may he requiescat in pace). I like to bake and many bakeries here in my hometown don’t cater to special needs diets, except maybe 1 or 2 gluten free items, or a sugar free item or 2. I’d offer goodies for people on real diets, that is, eating because the food tastes good, is full of valued and required nutrients without the need for supplements, and that’s that.


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