The definition of a redneck according to Google is: a working-class White person, especially a politically reactionary one from a rural area. According to Wikipedia however, a redneck is: a derogatory term chiefly used for a rural poor White person of the Southern United States. Merriam Webster’s meaning is even better: a White person who lives in a small town or in the country especially in the Southern US, who typically has a working class job, and who is seen by others as being uneducated and having opinions and attitudes that are offensive. Whoa, what a definition that one is!

I beg to differ on the middle (and now we truly know why Wikipedia cannot be used as a reference) as it is (mostly) the former & latter meanings that are actually gospel because social media has proven that rednecks can live anywhere (but I already knew this before the Internet became so wildly popular). In my humble opinion, a redneck is: any narrow-minded White person with extreme conservative views and a prejudice against anyone who is not of his/her ilk. That’s about 95% of American Whites right there, folks, in a nutshell.

Rednecks don’t always hold working class positions either. Donald Trump and his klan are a prime example. I have worked around a lot of different kinds of people – Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, and even a few Asians – and there were plenty of Whites in upper management with hayseed accetns and yokel attitudes. Rednecks don’t always live in the South nor come from the area. Mid Westerners are the best example of this. Ohioans are another. They are generally known as Redneck Yankees. Most rednecks are into lowbrow entertainment like Duck Dynasty, anything on the CMT, NASCAR, and mudding, a form of playing that gets them very filthy and is something to sneer down one’s nose at.

There are even Black rednecks, if you can actually digest that nugget of truth. I have heard some Blacks here in North Carolina speak and you’d think they were some country ass Whitey if you heard them over the telephone. They have a drawl that won’t quit, especially those from the Swampland areas of my homestate. Charley Pride is a sort of redneck, after all he does sing country music. When he first came out, radio stations would not mention his race because of how things were back then – and many wouldn’t play his records, period! Country music is rife with rednecks – it isn’t surprising when you hear of a country music singer making a racist remark because that’s to be expected.

When I dated this Latino guy, he introduced me to some friends of his who lived out in the sticks, and their 2 young daughters both talked like hicks. I’m sure they probably grew up to marry White men,

particularly the older one because she had light eyes and even had her hair dyed blonde at one point, and their cousin – one of those brown Mexicans that have the typical look of a border jumper – had a Nordic-looking piece of ass who acted like she was so in love with Mexican culture and all, even though I had the vibe from her mother that this was not what mommy wanted for her little girl. I mean, the guy was an illegal alien, for Christs’ sake! Rednecks.

My boyfriend is a straight up redneck. His accent is abominable, he is certainly uneducated, and he works a blue collar job for sure though quite a noble one – he is a carpenter. He loves dogs and pick up trucks, is an unabashed flag-waving patriot, hates fags & dykes, has never been out of the USA and probably never will, and enjoys the hell out of fishing. He used to be a punk rocker at one time in his youth, which I find pretty damn hard to believe. I never thought I would one day be in a serious relationship with such a person because I have always been fairly snobby where my choice of a man is concerned but I guess I had to lower my standards once I got past the age of 40.

Rednecks are widely believed to be huge fans of Jeff Foxworthy and Larry The Cable Guy, live in trailer parks (manufactured homes), drive only domestic vehicles especially trucks, wear ugly ‘dos like Mullets and Beehives, and have a couple of teeth missing. They are quite the hilarious lot and if they did not exist, Hollywood would have to find other villains to use in their horror/thriller/suspense movies – such as New Yorkers or some other Yankee with a strong, despicable accent. Rednecks. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.



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