1. Party of the People

Democrats are willing to listen to citizens and try to help them to persevere.


2. The Rich are too Rich

Democrats hope that the richer American citizens can see fit to pay their fair share to help those who are not as fortunate. They fight for higher minimum wage and better health care.


3. ‘Fringe’ Demographics

Democrats are more open minded and accepting of special groups like minorities, poor and homosexuals. They are more willing to give the majority of Muslim citizens the benefit of the doubt and are not likely to demonize these groups.


4. Immigration

Democrats tend to use the words from the Statue of Liberty as a foundation for allowing all foreign citizens access to the United States, even if they have broken the law to come.



1. Socialism

The Democrat party welcomes using taxpayer funds to be used for social programs. They do not look past their hearts to see the destructive power of taking from some to pay for many.


2. Self-Policing

Democrats do not give the benefit of the doubt to citizens. They wish to remove the individual right to self protection, expecting law enforcement to protect, instead. Their thoughts on self-preservation do not provide for personal defense.


3. Political Ideology

There is a propensity for Democrats to expect all citizens to follow what they wish. For example, religion and guns. Atheist Democrats want all signs of religion gone and all Democrats who fear gun violence want to remove guns from all citizens, not just the criminals. Homosexuals are given the right to sue and win against religious organizations who refuse them service, which violates the religious person’s rights.

4. Aid for all Citizens

There is a belief that anyone who asks for help should get it. Criminals and immigrants who illegally enter the country are given aid at the expense of taxpayers.


5. Seeking to Blame Rather than Solve

The Democrat party is always seeking to find some person or event to blame. For example, guns are blamed for deaths caused by mentally ill citizens or those with dangerous ideology. Climate change has been blamed for many behavioral flaws and actions. Blaming other political parties for failed policies or corruption without having any of the facts.


6. Taxes

Democrats are continually looking for more ways to include citizens under the government. They tax the working citizens so that those without jobs can live off those monies. They find local and international causes that they wish to support, creating more tax requirements of working citizens.


7. Military

Although Democrats verbally support American warriors they do not give them appropriate support. They tend to remove protections and aid. Military members are restricted from personal protection against domestic threats, and their health and well being are at risk.


1. Bill of Rights

The Republican party holds the belief that the Bill of Rights are not up for debate. They are not to be taken away, as they are not man-gifted, but God-given.


2. Personal Responsibility

Republicans are willing to accept responsibility for their actions. They do not tend to blame objects, events, or climate for the personal actions of a person. Icons are not blamed for hate or violence.


3. Success, not Dependency

The Republican party is very interested in poor and lower middle class citizens. They wish to give them pathways toward success instead of free gifts of money. They wish to watch all Americans fulfill their own success, not depend on the government for their livelihood.


4. Choice

Republicans believe in personal choice. They do not wish to restrict all citizens based upon their own desires and opinions. Republicans believe if they do not want to view something they will turn their head; if they do not want to own something they do not purchase it. Instead of refusing all others these options, they allow each to decide for him/herself.


5. Economic Growth

Republicans believe that the pathway to success comes from a government that does not interfere in the operation of private businesses. They avoid company-strangling regulations and wish to reduce taxes to encourage business growth which will subsequently increase the employment of citizens.


6. Taxes

Republicans seek to lower the deficit and reduce spending, allowing citizens to keep more of their own money. They wish to reduce personal and corporate taxes to levels that are sustainable.


7. Military

Republicans are stalwart supporters of American warriors. They seek out ways to help provide protection and support for service members and veterans. They wish to include programs that aid veterans.


8. Immigration

Republicans believe that legal immigration helps with the strength of the nation. They do not believe free amnesty programs aid with legal immigration, and creates animosity in the legal citizens of America.



1. Religion

Even as Republicans agree that all religion should be honored and respected they also view Christianity as a dominant religion. Many consider other religions, like Wicca, and Islam, to be satanic and invalid.


2. Abortions

Many Republicans, using their religious convictions, are not willing to allow abortions of any kind, even if the woman has been raped or is the victim of incest.


3. Work for What you Want

Some of the laws that Republicans support restrict individuals who have come upon hard times. Unemployment laws, in many states, restrict individuals from collecting if there is a presumptive expectation that the person will soon be employed.

4. Immigration

Republicans do not see that there are problems with the current immigration laws. They do not wish to consider that the system needs to be streamlined and improved to make it less difficult for others to enter the country legally.


Thanks to Occupy Theory for this list. The Pros and Cons I agree with are underlined.


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