It is unfortunate that so many people hold the belief that society owes them something. Check out the above definitions, particularly the last. That is the one definition of entitlement most people believe in. They deserve free money from the government, they deserve vouchers for free food, housing, medical services, and dairy products for their children. They deserve free Methadone from the drug clinics around America, they deserve gas vouchers to get and forth to said clinics, and they deserve free gifts for their children at Christmas because they barely make minimum wage as cashiers, burger flippers, and janitors.

Where I live, illegals are allowed to receive WIC, welfare benefits, Medicaid and food stamps for their anchor babies. These are people who do not pay taxes, yet obtain services from the state & local governments that only citizens should be allowed to receive. I don’t care how many anchor babies you’ve got, if you are illegal, you should not be able to obtain any kind of government aid for you and your children. Stay in your own countries and live a life of luxury, don’t come here running after it.

Same goes for American citizens who are simply too lazy and too addicted to substances to work. I used to live a few blocks from the drug clinic where they give out Methadone every morning. These are people who, through their own addictive personality disorders, became strung out on heroin, pain pills, cocaine, speed, and other drugs…now getting a free handout every day courtesy of the taxpayer. They are supposed to pay, but many of them owe thousands of dollars for the treatment because they will not hold a job or they simply do not pay. How do I know? My housemate is on Methadone and owes more than 6 grand…he has paid less than $200 for his treatment since getting on it 2 years ago.

When President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law in 1935, he probably had no idea that it would spawn such a drain on the system because it was originally intended as relief for children and physically/mentally challenged persons due to the ravages of the Great Depression. It was not intended to be a permanent solution to poverty, but rather a temporary one that would not be needed once the economy recovered. It was the responsibility of the American government for more than 60 years, until President Clinton and Congress gave most of the responsibility back to the states.

It is sad that the states have only mangled their control, allowing non-citizens access to benefits that should rightly go to those unable to care for themselves, the elderly, and disabled. Welfare reform is desperately needed just as much as government funding of corporations should be stopped ASAP.


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