Nearly half of American Blacks are obese. Around 37% of Black men and a whopping 57% of Black women in this country are medically obese. This compares with about 32% each of White men and White women. As far as being just overweight, Black males stand at 69%, Black women at a mind-numbing 82%, compared with close to 72% of White men and 63% of White women. See Obesity.

These studies usually conclude that Blacks tend to have a lower socio-economic status than Whites, which means that healthy food isn’t as affordable. This is utter rubbish! Fresh fruits and vegetables aren’t any more expensive than fast food, people are just too lazy to cook them. They’d rather go to the drive thru and buy Value Menu meals that pack on the pounds, to consume greedily while sitting in front of the TV with a remote in one hand and a greasy piece of fried chicken, a slice of meat-laden pizza, or a gooey cheeseburger in the other.

Where I live, Black women are definitely the fattest, followed by Hispanic women, Hispanic men, Black men, White women, and lastly, White men. You do see more White fatties in certain areas like the obvious ‘redneck’ counties, or shopping in Walmart – that bargain store seems to be a magnet for those in the oversize category – but when you see people out running, jogging, or walking, they are usually White, not Black or Hispanic.

My younger sisters both suffer from weight problems and they had these issues before they ever had children, though after my baby sis had her second child, her weight mushroomed into Seriously Fat Zone. My other sister is possibly medically obese – she has had to get a breast reduction already, and her weight goes up, then down, as she continues to diet and exercise (which lately she has given up, since it was her controlling, abusive boyfriend who was forcing her to lose weight). Both my sisters enjoy fast food meals on a regular basis and no they almost never exercise nor do they encourage their children to do so.

All the studies in the world are not going to change the facts: people are overweight because they are 1) lazy; 2) greedy; and most of all, 3) ignorant. I was at a job search seminar late last month and this obese Black woman, who in all likelihood suffers from diabetes and could barely walk due to her legs, which had the appearance of an elephant’s, brought in a bag lunch with at least 3 cans of Pepsi. (What the hell is it with Black people and Pepsi anyway?!?) And yes, it was regular not diet. Read the Atlanta Black Star? Well, here’s an article which blames racism for Black obesity. That’s right folks. Whitey is now the reason that Blacky is so damn fat. Gimme a fugging break!

Those fried chicken stereotypes are true, at least in my hometown. I see more Blacks going to fast food fried chicken places than I do others, and the only Church’s are in areas that are predominately Black. Same with KFC and Bojangle’s, though there are a few of the latter in areas that are mixed. But you rarely see fried chicken joints in largely White neighborhoods here and yes, White people do love some fried chicken as well but they are more into beef than poultry.

Soul food is typically heavy on the meat, greasy, and often not that appealing – to me, anyhow. While I love me some macaroni-n-cheese every now and then, I do not care for greens at all (prepared with pork normally but this isn’t why I avoid ’em, I just never liked greens), cornbread is usually too dry and heavy, dressing gives me heartburn these days though I always eat it at Thanksgiving, and I hate okra, though I used to eat it when I was a kid. Soul food, and Southern fare in general, can be full of fat but there are ways to lighten the load, if one is savvy enough. Many people just don’t want to; I know from my own experience with my family.

Until you make that change, you will be the Fat Black Man or Fat Black Woman in the mirror.


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