I hate fast food. I really do. I admit that when I was much younger, under the age of 25, I enjoyed eating such junk. In fact, when I was a teenager, I preferred anything processed over natural foods. I have never been a huge fan of vegetables other than raw carrots and cooked peas, corn, or green beans, although I will eat tossed salads and certain grilled veggies which I wouldn’t touch even 10 years ago. I don’t understand vegetarians and vegans are impossible as those products created from soy and other stuff that doesn’t even sound edible simply do not cut it for me – except the flame grilled Boca Burger which tastes pretty good when you add tomato and onion and honey mustard – how those weirdos can consume seitan, tofu, and other fake foods on a regular basis is beyond me.

To be honest, the only time I eat fast food is when I am too lazy to make my own pizza. Then off to Domino’s or Little Caesar’s or Pizza Hut I go. As for burger joints…detest ’em. I try to avoid eating a lot of red meat unless it is very lean, and that means shopping at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods for extra lean ground beef which costs a little more, but is oh so worth it. Sometimes you just have to get that red meat taste, and those imitation burgers in your grocer’s freezer just will not do. I confess, the only item on the menu at McDonald’s I will ever eat is the fruit-n-yogurt parfait. Other than that, I only buy coffee or other drinks from fast food places. I don’t even get salads because they are usually overpriced and the dressings on offer are never health or diet conscious.

Taco Hell and Booger King are two of the worst places to dine at for any individual who wants to cut fat and calories. I have stopped eating at either, because Mexican-style fast food tastes better when you make it at home. True, it’s no longer ‘fast food’ then but at least you know what’s in it. Besides, that shit they serve at the Bell isn’t anywhere near being actual Mexican fast food or Mexican at all, other than the tacos, and tacos have become too common in this country. Bo-ring! As for burritos, I was never into those things much because I am not much of a bean eater.

Subway can be great – if you like cold cuts that is. Personally, I’d rather make my own subs at home but there are lazy people in this world who claim to be in such a hurry or too busy or simply so rushed in their yuppie lifestyles…well, that is why fast food was created (as well as to make money off of these lazy folks). Arby’s is one of the worst of the worst, there is nothing even remotely healthy about their menu – it is all crap meant to give you high cholesterol and a heart attack at 50, if the 40+ hour work week and the cigarettes and alcohol don’t kill you first. Same with Hardee’s – I worked at that place very briefly and everything they served was stroke on a bun or biscuit. Vile, nasty stuff.

Fast food is awful and should be avoided if one wishes to maintain one’s health and a decent weight.


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