This post will piss off a lot of people – who am I kidding, not very many people bother reading it, I get far more reblogs and comments on Tumblr – but what do I care, that’s why I’m the Queen of Mean. That’s why this blog is called The Daily Misanthropy. And I did call myself Shit Talker before I decided to revert to Queen of Mean, which was once my moniker on Twitter. At any rate, this post will be about the 20 biggest truths about Americans today, whether you are Gay, Straight, Asian, Black, White, Hispanic, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, or even Whatever. Here are the Truths in no particular order:

  • Americans are some of the most unappreciative people on earth
  • Most Hispanics living in this country have absolutely no right to be here
  • Black Americans are probably the most violent people in the US
  • Christians are the biggest hypocrites of all the religious groups
  • Jews in this country care more for Israel and Zionism than they do America

  • It was a White president that ruined this country financially – NOT Obama
  • Asians in the US are so White-washed that they appear to believe they are actually White
  • Middle Eastern Americans are not to be trusted, especially the men
  • Liberalism must be stopped but Trump is not the person for the job
  • Social media is a force that should be outlawed because it hurts more than it helps
  • White Americans are undoubtedly the most racist ignoramuses on the planet
  • Healthcare in this country is the world’s most expensive
  • American kids are some of the fattest and unhealthiest on earth
  • US citizens are by and large the greediest – more, more, more is all they want
  • Our Gestapo Government always butts in the business of other nations
  • America gives too much foreign aid to countries like Israel and Syria, etc
  • Companies cater to illegal aliens with dual language product containers
  • Modern American police are like the German SS of old
  • Soda companies use HFCS in products sold here but real sugar elsewhere
  • Patriotic Americans have the ‘USA is Best’ mentality that ticks off other nationalities

I don’t pretend to know why these truths exist about this country and the people that live in it but they do and I often wonder about them. Why would Coca-Cola and Pepsi put high fructose corn syrup in their products here, yet use real sugar in their products in other countries?  Why does Sierra Mist Twist contain HFCS when before the word Twist was added, it contained real sugar? I try to avoid drinking a lot of sodas and really, I have gotten much better this year than I was last year; when I do drink, I choose non-diet because diet sodas are actually worse for you than those containing HFCS or sugar. I’m already trying to lose 10 pounds, I don’t need sodas to prevent me from reaching my goal!

Black Americans are a violent group. I don’t need to watch such shows as the First 48 (which seems to glorify Black on Black violence more so than any I have ever seen) to know this, I can look at the murder rates for cities in my own state. Of the 15 murders in my hometown last year, 13 were Blacks and 12 of those were Black males! It is embarrassing to be part of a race of people that is vilified but let’s face it, a lot of that demonization came about because it is true that Black men are violent. One young guy was shot and killed – probably over drugs, money or because he was fooling around with another dude’s girlfriend – just the other week. Is it any reason police officers reach for their guns when they are faced with a Black male? This is not to say that police murdering citizens is justified, but you have got to look at the larger picture here.


How about the so-called Islamic War Against Christians? Hayseeds are shouting about this on social media, how there is a war on Christianity, that the Muslims are trying to kill us all. If that is so, then the Jews must be behind it as they were behind 9/11 and many other modern atrocities. Admit it, the Jews in this country pledge allegiance to Israel, they are only in this country because they know that they can run things in cognito, be in positions of power, and make millions of dollars to funnel to that racist state of Zionists. There are more than 2 billion Christians in the world, followed by more than a billion Muslims, a billion plus Catholics (they aren’t truly considered Christians as they worship the Pope rather than Jesus), nearly a billion Hindus, and more than half a billion Agnostics. There are only about 15 million followers of Judaism. The Jews are vastly outnumbered yet they hold more positions of power in America and Britain than most others. Why and how is that?

White Americans are the most racist on earth, bar none, though I’ll wager that Indians aren’t too far behind. Most would say that India is the most racist but how can that be when there aren’t as many ethnic groups in that country as there are in the US? Indians have a caste system and it is quite based on color – most lighter skinned Indians are of a higher caste than those with darker complexions. A lot of Indian guys have come on to me, in person or via social media, simply because I have light skin. In fact one of them actually told me that this is one reason I was so desirable as a potential wife!

White people in this country will pretend to like you but let them get angry with you and next thing you know, you are being called a ‘nigger’. I have witnessed this and that’s how I know not to trust any White person in America, no matter how liberal and loving they claim to be, or how many friends of color they claim to have.

Got any American Truths of your own that ought to be exposed?


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